Can You Use Baseball Cleats For Football

Can You Use Baseball Cleats For Football

The first cleats were invented by Shoemaker Cornelius Johnson around 1525 for King Henry VIII to play soccer. By 1860 cleats were often attached to shoes in the US. However, it was Reebok that put out the first commercially available spike-bottomed shoes three decades later.

These days cleats are used in many sports, including baseball and football. Can you use baseball cleats for football? I explain the similarities, differences, and uses of both.

Baseball cleats shouldn’t be used for football because the two styles of cleats are constructed differently. Both cleats grip the ground well, however the spikes and studs on the bottom of the cleats are different. Football cleats are made for flexible movement and durability on grass, while baseball cleats have unique toe spikes that are designed to aid in bating and throwing.

Will Baseball Cleats Work For Football

Baseball cleats will not work for football. This applies to both US football and soccer, which is called football in the rest of the world.

In fact, soccer cleats are closer to football cleats than baseball cleats. However, I’ll be covering the differences between baseball cleats and US football cleats for this article.

Can Youth Wear Baseball Cleats For Football

Children and youths should not wear baseball cleats for football. Because they are young and their feet are still developing, wearing the proper protective equipment is essential. Football cleats offer more support and protection to the foot.

Proper padding and protection are essential for football, where players may kick the ball. In baseball, the only time a player’s foot comes in contact with a baseball is likely a rare accident and could result in broken toes.

Meanwhile, punting a football too enthusiastically with baseball cleats could have the same result. Still, in this case, it would be due to improper equipment rather than a bizarre and unlikely mistake.

According to Stanwood Youth Football, “Many youth football leagues require players to wear molded cleats, an all-around cleat suitable for most grass fields…Most are designed for a specific purpose, like playing on grass or turf or a combination of both. The type of field you will usually be playing on may influence what type of cleat you choose.”

Can You Use Baseball Cleats For Flag Football

Most flag football games are more informal than their competitive cousins. As a result, there are often no particular rules forbidding you from using baseball cleats for flag football. However, this doesn’t make it a good idea.

Like standard football, flag football is typically played on a grass or astroturf field. Meanwhile, baseball is played on a dirt lot or field where only the outside of the diamond has grass if there is any at all.

The differences in play style, body and foot movements, and the ground you are walking on affect the best type of shoe for each sport.

If you are looking for a pair of high-quality shoes with baseball cleats, I recommend the New Balance Men’s 4040 V5 Metal Baseball Shoe from Amazon.

Not only are these available in fifteen colors and numerous sizes, but they have exceptional metal cleats. You’ll appreciate the full-length REVlite midsole and kinetic stitch synthetic upper on these hundred percent synthetic shoes.

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  • Traction You Can Trust: These New Balance baseball cleats are equipped with a flexible-yet-supportive 8-spike metal plate outsole for impressive traction on the field
  • Technology Underfoot: These lightweight running shoes feature a Ground Contact EVA outsole with rubber pods to further increase your underfoot comfort without adding any extra weight
  • Breathable and Supportive Upper: The lightweight synthetic upper on these fitness shoes includes engineered mesh for amazing breathability, and no-sew overlays for a sleek fit and feel
  • Forefoot Comfort Pad: Taking your comfort even further, these cushioned running shoes feature a comfort pad in the forefoot, offering a soft landing to help support you through many miles
  • All-Day Shoes: The perfect combination of form and function, these comfortable running shoes are the definition of all-day wear, able to go from morning jogs to running errands without missing a beat

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Can You Use Plastic Baseball Cleats For Football

One of the concerns with some baseball cleats are the metal parts. Since this could be dangerous for the more acrobatic sport of football, wearing baseball cleats is never recommended.

What about plastic baseball cleats for football, though? Surely removing the metal makes a difference.

Sadly, though plastic is less likely to harm other players, a plastic baseball cleat is still a terrible idea for most football games.

If you are playing around in your yard with friends and family, you could get away with it. Plastic may be the better option if you are an enthusiastic player.

If you plan on wearing plastic baseball cleats for home football, then you should check out Under Armour Men’s Leadoff Mid Rm Baseball Shoe from Amazon.

These rubber-soled shoes have more flexible cleats. You’ll appreciate the durability and traction provided by these shoes. Plus, the EVA midsole offers cushioning that evenly distributes cleat pressure underfoot.

Under Armour Men's Leadoff Mid Rm Baseball Shoe
  • Synthetic upper is lightweight & Durable with perforations in the toe box for added breathability
  • Durable overlay on toe cap for added protection
  • Padded collar & heel construction for ultimate step-in comfort
  • Full-length EVA midsole for added comfort, cushioning that evenly distributes cleat pressure underfoot
  • Rubber molded cleats provide optimal traction & durability on all field surfaces

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Difference Between Football And Baseball Cleats

The differences between football and baseball cleats are readily apparent when you look at them. For example, a baseball cleat has a spike on the toe to dig in as you swing and assist with a solid running start.

Meanwhile, football cleats are heavier, made to protect the foot while kicking, and do minor damage if you step on someone.

What Do Baseball Cleats Look Like

Baseball cleats typically have a pattern of three studs in the heel. The forward part of the sole has five studs, with one at the toe.

However, modern brands may vary the numbers slightly. The toe stud is a significant tip-off that you’re looking at baseball shoes.

While some baseball shoes have rubber or plastic bottom studs, others have metal. The metal provides good traction on a dry, dirt baseball diamond.

However, metal studs have been banned in almost all forms of football for their ability to injure players.

What Do Football Cleats Look Like On The Bottom

American football cleats usually have plastic or rubber studs on the bottom. In high school, some players may have partially metal cleats, but they always have plastic or rubber on them as well.

One of the easiest ways to ensure the shoe is a football cleat is when the studs are detachable. Though not all football shoes come with this feature, many do because the game is played in diverse conditions.

A football shoe with detachable studs often comes with both long and short options. The longer studs are for wet weather.

In dry conditions, a shorter stud will do a better job because it doesn’t need to dig in so far to provide traction, and it allows the player to move and turn quickly. Footwork is a big deal in football.

Helpful Tips To Know About Using Baseball Cleat For Football

You should never wear baseball cleats to play football. Even when the studs are plastic instead of metal, the style is wrong for the type of movement.

Here are more helpful tips to know about using a baseball cleat for football.

  • According to a 2011 SportsRec report, “High school football rules allow cleats to be metal-tipped, but they cannot be all-metal spikes similar to those on a baseball shoe…The metal tip helps to prolong the life of the cleat by reducing wear.”
  • If you are uncertain what type of cleats to buy for a football player, the best place to ask questions is their coach or a shop specializing in football cleats.
  • For children in sports, foot growth is a big deal. It would be best if you had shoes with some room in them, but too much is a bad idea. According to Podiatry Today, you “…should not buy cleats with a toe box space any larger than an adult thumb width beyond the child’s big toe. This will ensure that the child’s feet will have room to grow without the cleat being too large…” Meanwhile, fully grown adults should buy shoes that fit correctly without ‘room to grow.’

Final Thoughts

It’s essential to invest in the correct type of equipment for the sport you are playing. Just as you wouldn’t buy boxing gloves to play baseball, you should not purchase baseball cleats to play football.

Additionally, most sports teams specifically ban using the wrong footwear and limit what is acceptable. Doing this helps preserve the player’s feet and ankles as well as the playing field.

You cannot wear baseball cleats to play football, so grab your bat and play nine innings in them instead.

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