Can You Sell An Above Ground Pool

Can You Sell An Above Ground Pool

Did you know that pool water is safer to drink than tap water in some areas? Due to groundwater contamination and aging underground plumbing fixtures, all sorts of contaminants can get inside.

It might be more sterile depending on what the pool water is treated with and where you live. Can you sell your above-ground pool?

You can sell an above-ground pool as long as the pool was well cared for.  If it’s cracked, broken, or highly weathered, a new liner will need to be installed before selling. Liners usually last around 5 to 7 years. If damaged, the pump, ladder, heater and cover that is in good condition, may be sold for scrap.

Can You Sell A Used Above Ground Pool

You can sell used above-ground pools. There’s no legal limitation on them. However, it is vital to understand that a resold above-ground pool will need a new liner.

Unless the pool is in pristine condition and was never set up or used, an above-ground pool of any age requires a new liner.

The liners shrink and tend to crack once they dry out. Since you’re not going to sell a filled above-ground pool, that means you’ll be taking it down and drying it out.

Plus, the liners for above-ground pools need to be replaced every six to ten years anyhow.

Where Can I Sell My Above Ground Pool

You could try selling an above-ground pool in the local newspaper or even at a swap meet. However, most people find more success online.

I’ve listed a handful of helpful resale website options below to help you get rid of your above-ground pool for extra cash.

  • Craigslist – Selling on Craigslist has become an American pass time. You can find almost anything there, and you can sell most things as well.
  • eBay – If you need to reach a wider audience, selling on eBay might be your best bet. Offer local pickup and shipping options for the best results.
  • Facebook – Not only can you list on Facebook Marketplace, but you can also join pool-related groups and attempt to resell your pool there.
  • Local Classified Pages – While these are not a single website, you will undoubtedly find people in your community more quickly if you advertise on your local classifieds. Type your city and state and ‘classified ads’ into a google search bar to find nearby options.
  • Offerup – This is another resale and give-away site that lets people buy, sell and trade unwanted goods.

If your community has a library with a public bulletin board, that’s another place to find a buyer. You can also try listing it on local farmers’ groups.

Used above-ground pools, especially those made from stock tanks, are beneficial for small farming and other clever projects.

Best Way To Sell An Above Ground Pool

The best way to sell an above-ground pool is on a website that offers people the chance to find local goods. Letgo is probably the top choice, but there are others. Recycler, OLX, Oodle, and Letgo are all very similar.

If you can find someone nearby who will pick up the pool, that will save you gas or time in packing things up.

Moreover, collecting cash in person avoids problems like canceled credit card transactions and other similar payment reversals.

There’s an opportunity for the buyer to get a look at your pool, so they’re sure they want to take it off your hands as well.

How Much Can You Sell A Used Above Ground Pool For

Typically, people are willing to pay roughly half of the cost for a new above-ground pool when buying used.

According to Realhomes, the average price for an above-ground pool is between seven hundred dollars and over four thousand.

Depending on what condition your pool is in and what it’s made from, you can make a few hundred to a thousand dollars.

Selling Above Ground Pool For Scrap

Some above-ground pools aren’t scrap-worthy, but you can usually salvage at least a few pieces. The pump, ladder, and heater, along with a cover that is in good condition, may net you a few dollars either as resale items or scrap.

You certainly won’t make the purchase price, but you could come away with enough to buy dinner at least.

If your above-ground pool is a stock tank or made of aluminum that is in good condition, then there’s some chance you can make a little more for the metal parts.

Used stock tanks are the most profitable. Other materials like plastics and even steel aren’t worth much.

How Much Is An Above Ground Pool Worth In Scrap Metal

Before you can calculate what your scrap is worth, it’s essential to understand that you will have to find a place that takes it. Additionally, you may need to pay a removal fee, which can cost $50 or more. However, the current price of aluminum is around fifty-nine cents per pound.

Stainless steel, by comparison, is only around 20 to 40 cents per pound. The prices for scrap change daily, but you can find a current estimate by clicking here.

Pro Tip: You can use a magnet to check what type of metal your pool is made from. Aluminum is not magnetic, but steel is.

Helpful Tips To Know About Selling An Above Ground Pool

Selling an above-ground pool is not the most straightforward task. Many pool owners mistakenly believe that these pools hold value well or that they are ‘so fun’ that someone will want to pay for them.

You can generally resell above-ground pools only when they are in excellent condition, but scrapping some parts is also worth looking in to.

Here are some other helpful tips to know about selling an above-ground pool.

  • Ask for more than the pool is worth, just not by too much. Especially when dealing with people on resale websites, you need to have a firm price in mind and be able to come down a few bucks, so bargain hunters feel like they got a good deal.
  • The copper wires inside an above-ground pool heater engine are generally worth more than the aluminum sides. Copper is a much more valuable metal, so it’s worth bringing used engines with you to scrap even if you resell them because they’re broken.
  • If you can’t sell your above-ground pool, or it is too damaged for sale, consider recycling the parts or even reusing them. Unless you desperately need the yard space, that above-ground pool frame is an excellent base for a gardening project or even a DIY gazebo-style shady spot to lounge and enjoy being outdoors.
  • Decide in advance whether you are willing to accept a lowball offer to get the pool out of your yard. Also, be firm about whether you are willing to transport it yourself and be extremely honest about the condition of the pool to avoid last-minute haggling and buyers who change their minds.

Final Thoughts

Recycling is always the best option for use goods. You can sell your above-ground pool easily if you’ve taken good care of it.

While there’s not much market for pool parts, you might get lucky on eBay. Moreover, if your pool was metal, selling the scrap is often possible even if the pool itself is useless because of weathering and damages.

You won’t make the original value back, but it will still help you buy your next pool or another outdoor accessory.

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