Can I Lock My Backyard Gate

Can I Lock My Backyard Gate

There are around 2.5 million burglaries each year, and an alarming 66% of those are home invasions, so taking steps to keep people out of your backyard by locking the gate makes sense. Unfortunately, not all gates come with locks or even latches.

However, there’s a solution for every style of gate. Can you lock your backyard gate? Read on to find out how and why you should always lock your gate.

You can lock your backyard gate. You should lock up at night, so you’re safe in your sleep, but it’s also essential during the day when you’re away because not all burglaries happen under cover of darkness. More homes and apartments get broken into while the owner or renter is away at work than at night.

Can You Put A Lock On A Fence Gate

Any fence gate can have a lock on it. Some locks fit through holes in the latch, or they are integrated into an existing lock.

You can use a chain and padlock setup in most cases, even if you don’t have another way to lock your back gate.

Homeowners can add any lock they like to their back gates in most cases.

However, if you live in an area with a Homeowners Association (HOA), there may be limits to what you can display because it helps keep property values consistent in the area, and you agreed to abide by those rules when you moved there.

For renters, the situation is a little different.

A renter can lock their back gate, but the landlord may prevent them from adding new locks if the lease has a provision against it.

In most cases, it’s OK to do upgrades so long as you leave them in place when you move, but you have to check your lease and local renters laws and ask the landlord’s permission first.

Additionally, you must provide the landlord or property rental company with a copy of the keys to any locks you add.

Should I Lock My Backyard Gate

It would be best to lock your backyard gate unless you are currently passing through it. It’s one thing to leave it open when you’re moving things in or out of the yard, but in general, leave it locked up.

Locks are an excellent deterrent for numerous people and creatures you don’t want in the yard.

1 – Burglars

The main reason to lock your backyard gate is to help keep out burglars. While this alone won’t prevent every incident, it is a step in the right direction and one that is sorely needed.

A stunning 75% of homeowners have no security system, making homes a much easier target.

If you think being burglarized is terrible, then think twice because the chances of a second break-in just went up.

According to Forbes, “Living through a home burglary is bad enough, but statistics indicate that a staggering 51% of homes will be burglarized again within just six weeks of the original incident. For savvy burglars, six weeks is typically the period of time that it takes to successfully file an insurance claim and replace some of the homeowner’s stolen items.”

2 – Preventing Theft From Yard

The backyard is where most people store some of their more expensive ‘toys’ like lawnmowers and bicycles.

Even large children’s toys like plastic houses and little kitchen sets get stolen from people’s yards. Anything portable is fair game.

It takes a lot more work to break in than pull up in a back alley, grab a few valuables, and resell them.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult for police to track down stolen items, especially in large cities.

Because things are mass-manufactured, it’s almost impossible to tell one blue Schwinn bicycle or red push mower from every other similar item, making it a waste of time and human resources as well.

Smaller items like tools and kids’ playsets can easily be resold online or even at a yard sale on the other side of town.

Unfortunately, a single toolbox or outdoor kids toy often costs well over $100, and they have fair resale value if they’re in good condition.

3 – Vandals

Not every invasion is about taking something. From neighborhood kids to gangs, vandalism is a significant issue.

Sadly, arson is one of the more common forms of vandalism, and fire can very quickly destroy an entire home.

As Policy Advice explains, “7.2 million property crimes were reported in the US in 2018… Just one third (34%) of property crimes are reported to the police, according to recent theft statistics.”

4 – Wild Animals

If you have a fence gate, you have a fence around your yard. There are some animals you can’t keep out, like birds or adult moose who can jump over most 10-foot walls.

However, for the average wild dog, coyote, or casually passing creature, a closed and locked gate is more than sufficient to send the message that you don’t want them there.

5 – Unexpected Guests

Perhaps you are lucky enough to have only good friends and close family who are always welcome at your home.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for most people. From annoying siblings and unwelcome in-laws to old friends who you prefer to call before they show up, most of us have someone they’d rather not have show up at the back door simply because we didn’t answer the front.

I strongly recommend locking your back gate to keep these undesirables out.

6 – Pools

Swimming is a lot of fun, but no one wants to risk their loved ones drowning. Keeping people, pets, and children out of backyard pools is another smart reason to lock your backyard gate.

A simple latch isn’t enough. Get a sturdy lock.

How To Lock Fence Gate

Locking a fence gate is usually simple. Many gates already have a lockable flip-latch installed.

The round hole at the bottom of this latch is the right size for a padlock, which is all you need. You can always trade out a non-lockable latch for an easy-to-use version if necessary.

Best Outdoor Gate Locks

D&D Technologies ML3TPKA MagnaLatches
  • POOL SAFETY FOR CHILDREN - For over 30 years MagnaLatch has set the standard for safety gates near swimming pools and childcare centers; this top pull latch is out of reach for young kids
  • MAGNETIC LATCHING TECHNOLOGY - The powerful magnets behind this industry leading technology are fully sealed internally to protect from the elements
  • ADJUSTABILITY - Vertically and horizontally adjustable with alignment markers for simple installation and enables you to adjust for ground shift or gate sag
  • REKEYABLE SECURITY LOCK - The visible lock indicator shows when the latch is locked, and the 6-pin lock can be rekeyed to match other locks around the home
  • LOW MAINTENANCE - These latches are made of industrial strength "metal replacement" polymer and stainless steel components; will never rust

Last update on 2024-07-19 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Technology is constantly changing, and there are some incredible locks available. If you’re not comfortable with a basic padlock, it’s time to upgrade.

The best outdoor gate locks are the slender D&D Technologies ML3TPKA MagnaLatches from Amazon.

These sleek, narrow locks fit on most gates, especially square styles. Using powerful magnets, this industry-leading technology locks down so no one can open the gate without a key.

Plus, they are fully sealed and weatherproof.

Find out more about the ML3TPKA MagnaLatch by clicking right here.

Helpful Tips To Know About Locking Your Backyard Gate

A gate lock can prevent a plethora of problems. From keeping you safe to preventing drowning, a good lock is always there even when you’re not at home.

Here are a few helpful tips to know about locking your backyard gate.

  • Most home invasions happen earlier than you might expect. The typical burglary happens between 10 am and 3 pm.
  • Don’t use the miniature ‘locker’ versions of padlocks and combination locks on your backyard fence. These are easily cut or picked. Instead, upgrade to a better lock style or buy the hardened, theft-proof versions that are readily available.
  • Typically thefts and break-ins are not done by professionals. A simple lock can make your home less attractive to thieves.

Final Thoughts

We all think about locking the door when we leave the house but remembering to lock your backyard fence isn’t as obvious.

Whether you’re concerned about theft, trying to prevent unwanted guests, or you need to keep the neighborhood kids out of your pool, a lock is a simple, secure solution.

Always leave your backyard gate locked when it’s not in use.

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