Can Baseball Gloves Be Used For Football

Can Baseball Gloves Be Used For Football

Surprisingly, though they’d been around for a while, football players in the National Football League didn’t start wearing sticky football gloves for better grip until 1999. That’s not very long, considering this year marks the hundred and first birthday of the NFL.

Meanwhile, baseball gloves have been worn since around eighteen seventy. Can baseball gloves be used for football? I’ll teach you the secrets behind these unique accessories and how players use them for better grip so you can decide how to play.

Baseball gloves can be used for football however baseball gloves are generally more textured which limit your range of motion and don’t have the same stickiness in the grip. For professional football, the glove must be marked with “Meets NOCSAE Standard” logo in order to be compliant however any glove can be used in youth football.

Can You Use Baseball Gloves For Football

Baseball gloves and football gloves are surprisingly similar. These sensible hand coverings offer players a better grip. In the case of football, this prevents fumbling.

Meanwhile, baseball is usually about catching the ball, so the hitter is out or holding it tightly so a player can throw with ease. The best baseball gloves for football are the style made for batting.

As a result of these similarities, you can use a pair of baseball gloves for football. The reverse is also true.

Ultimately, catching a ball with a textured or sticky palmed glove is very similar regardless of what ball shape, size, or material you are using. However, there are some notable pros and cons.


If you lay two sports, opting for baseball gloves will give you the best versatility. A sticky grip, like football gloves, possess isn’t as excellent for baseball.

Additionally, using a baseball glove is typically superior to going barehanded, as the textured grip will give you more traction on a football while also preventing sweaty palms.


A baseball glove is generally more textured, but it doesn’t have stickiness, and they limit your range of motion. These gloves are often meant for gripping a bat instead of, or in addition to, a ball.

Resultantly, using baseball gloves when your companions have genuine football gloves can become a distinct disadvantage, though it’s still often better than nothing.

Can Youth Wear Baseball Gloves For Football

Youths can probably get away with wearing baseball gloves for football. However, using football gloves is still the better option.

I didn’t find any rules that expressly forbid the practice. However, it’s best to question your coach and ask the officials if you plan to play with non-football gloves in a league game.

Baseball Gloves vs Football Gloves

Both baseball and football gloves are made to fit the player’s hands and give them an advantage in the sport. In general, football gloves are made to provide the player with ‘sticky’ hands that hold onto the ball better.

Meanwhile, baseball gloves are used primarily as padding that offers protection against reverberation and harder hitting, smaller balls.

According to Baseball Savings, Baseball gloves are “…made from a variety of leathers, but most can be separated into four major categories: full-grain, kip (or kipskin), premium steerhide, and cowhide. Leather type affects the look, feel, durability break-in time, and price of your glove.”

A batting glove has a thickened palm that helps the player feel less of the strike on the bat. Sadly, this offers only a slight advantage in catching, especially for a larger ball like a football.

The lack of stickiness may even impede you from holding onto the ball.

The palms of football gloves are ‘sticky,’ though not the same way as honey or glue. The plans of these gloves are made from a synthetic rubber-like substance.

The palms grip and hold the ball by forming around it and creating a lot of friction on the surface.

According to Street Dictionary, “Generally, football glove palms are either made of latex or Cabatta leather. Cabatta leather is a thin material treated with chemicals that increase tackiness and provide a better ball grip.”

The leather is known for its durability and flexibility.

3 Best Baseball Gloves That Can Be Used For Football

Although many baseball gloves are an awful idea for football, you can get some high-quality sets that serve both purposes.

I’ve searched through hundreds of pairs to curate a list of some of the best dual-purpose gloves around. Here are my top three best baseball gloves that can be used for football.

1 – Best Overall – Seibertron S.P.B.G. 2.0 Baseball Gloves

The best baseball gloves to use for football are the Seibertron S.P.B.G 2.0 Baseball/Softball Batting Super Grip and Protective Gloves from Amazon.

These gloves have a textured finger pattern that offers a good grip.

Made from faux leather, polyvinyl chloride, rubber, and silicone, with a hook and loop closure for a superior fit, these are more multipurpose than most purely baseball-style batting gloves.

Better still, these are available in multiple sizes for both youths and adults.

Seibertron S.P.B.G 2.0 Baseball/Softball Batting Super Grip and Protective Gloves (Adult and Youth)
  • Method for choosing the size,According to palm circumference not including thumb,refer to left size chart.
  • XS(6.7"-7.1",17cm-18cm) S(7.1"-7.7",18cm-19.5cm) M(7.7"-8.3",19.5cm-21cm); L(8.3"-8.9",21cm-22.5cm) XL(8.9"-9.5",22.5cm-24cm)XXL(9.5"-10",24cm-25.5cm)
  • DURABILITY: Constructed with a top grade Synthetic leather and super grip print process to ensure durability
  • PERFECT FIT: TPR technology provides excellent metacarpal and knuckle protection and allows gloves to maintain their flexible and snug fit.
  • ALL SIZES: These gloves come in all youth and adult sizes so that you can pick the perfect fit for you

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2 – Runner Up – Clutch Sports Baseball Gloves

The grip style on these Clutch Sports Apparel Baseball and Softball Batting Gloves from Amazon are a different style but a close runner-up to the Seibertrons.

The palms are covered in tiny, evenly spaced spots designed to give you a better grip overall. Moreover, these are more breathable and less bulky than most batting gloves.

Best of all, Clutch Sports offers a one-hundred-percent satisfaction guarantee so you can try them out worry-free.

Clutch Sports Apparel Baseball and Softball Batting Gloves
  • ✅ SHEEPSKIN LEATHER BATTING GLOVES: One-piece perforated Sheepskin leather palms promotes exceptional feel, greater grip, durability, breathability, and moisture management.
  • ✅ PERFECT FIT: Our gloves come with pre-curved finger pattern construction for a natural fit. It allows these gloves to maintain their shape while flexibly hugging the hand, providing the perfect snug fit.
  • ✅ CLUTCH INTERLOCKING & SUPERIOR GRIP: Anti slip superior grip velcro closure cuff design makes gloves easy to wear and take off. The original interlocking design feature aligns when you put your hands together in your batting stance.
  • ✅ SUBLIMATION PRINTING ON GLOVES: All our gloves are printed using a sublimation printing process, which means the effects are permanent and less prone to fading, as the ink is embedded in the fabric or substrate rather than simply laying on top like a normal print.
  • ✅ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Buy with Confidence. We've got you covered with our hassle-free MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If for any reason you are not satisfied, contact us for a full refund or replacement.

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3 – Budget – Franklin Sports Baseball Gloves

Franklin Sports MLB Batting Gloves are the official batting gloves of Major League Baseball. The micro-waffle pattern on the palms of these gloves provides grip without stickiness.

However, there’s more bulk to this style than a traditional football glove. Nevertheless, they are an excellent cost-effective option if you need gloves for both sports.

Franklin Sports MLB Batting Gloves - Digitek Camo Baseball + Softball Batting Gloves
  • OFFICIAL BATTING GLOVE OF THE MLB: Confidently step up to the plate with the Franklin Sports Digitek Batting Gloves. Our flexible, sturdy, multi-functional gloves offer an athletic feel, fit, and look with a patch of camo print for style.
  • LEATHER HEEL PATCH: Our MLB Digitek Series features a top-grade genuine leather heel patch to cushion the hand while batting. Its durable stitching means it will last through endless innings.
  • MICROFIBER MATERIAL: The durable palm provides a superior grip, giving your young MVPs a grasp on the bat that's sure to deliver results. The palm grips are tear-resistant and maintain their gripping ability over time.
  • PERFECT FIT: Our Tri-Curve technology allows these gloves to maintain their shape while flexibly hugging the hand, providing the perfect snug fit. Our wide variety of available sizes means that you’re sure to find the ideal fit for your player.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE COLORS: The Digitek Batting Gloves stand out from the crowd thanks to a small patch of camo design on the side of each glove. Multiple color options let you make your personality known out on the field.

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Bonus – Best Football Gloves

Grip Boost Peace, Shaka, and Hook ‘Em Football Gloves Pro Elite are outstanding football gloves. Not only can you choose from nine different colors to suit your uniform, but they’re made for all types of weather.

Most importantly, the proprietary formula on the palms, derived from crab shells, helps you get the ball and keep it, even in the rain.

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Helpful Tips To Know About Using Baseball Gloves For Football

Choosing the right gloves for football means shopping for football gloves. Instead of using baseball gloves to try and catch a football, opt for a more fitted glove with a palm made to hold tightly on the ball.

Here are more helpful tips to know about using baseball gloves for football.

  • Baseball gloves for football players may protect the hands from impact, but they are generally not the best choice for holding the ball, which is essential.
  • While rules may permit you to wear the gloves from a different sport, it’s usually a much better idea to opt for a pair that is made specifically for the intended purpose.
  • Choosing football gloves for baseball is also a sub-par option. Since football gloves have a rubberized palm, they can impede your ability to let go of your bat when it’s time to throw it aside and run.

Final Thoughts

Choosing baseball gloves to play football is usually not the best plan. If you have a lot of trouble with the impact of gloves on your hands, then batting gloves can help with that while you build up resistance.

However, it’s a better idea to use sticky football gloves for playing football because they will help you actually grip the ball.

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