Best Used Snowmobile Under $1000

Best Used Snowmobile Under $1000

The best used snowmobile under $1,000 depends on your riding needs and preferences, but many brands and models exist that can be fun and safe to ride for years to come.

Brand reputation, value for cost, and performance specifications in used machines can be found within this budget if you know how to shop in the used market.

The 1984 Yamaha Phazer is the best used snowmobile under $1,000. It became the top-selling model in 1984 with innovative technologies that improved quality, traction, power delivery, steering control, and rider comfort. Yamaha is a high-quality brand that retains its value with used models that deliver on performance and value for the cost.

Best Used Snowmobile Under $1000


The 1984 Yamaha Phazer debuted the same year and was ranked the number-one best-selling snowmobile in the world.

Yamaha is a trusted name, known for reliability, affordability, and high performance. the Phazer remained in production from 1984 through 2002, when it lived out its life cycle and was replaced with mountain sled editions.

The original version is a model you’re the most likely to find for a price of $1,000 or less as Yamaha snowmobiles retain their value in the market.

The lightweight sled was stylish, high-tech for its day, and provides performance for casual riding with modifications to a racing machine in the 1980s and 1990s.

It’s best for snowmobilers searching for a reliable performance machine under $1,000.

Outstanding Features

  • Yamaha Energy Induction System – The YEIS adds horsepower to the Phazer, and gives it an extra boost of power, helping engines to run cooler, improving the overall performance of the high-power engine with an output of 53 PS.
  • Yamaha-Original TSS Suspension – The Telescopic Strut Suspension enhances floatation and traction with the ability to tow heavy loads across wilderness trails, also equipped with an anti-sway bar system. The rear slide=rail suspension produces premium ride comfort.
  • 485cc Engine – The 485cc twin cylinder engine features oil injection and fan cooling for power in deep snow.
  • Enhanced Positioning – The Yamaha Phazer’s aerodynamic design features slim rails and an improved compact feel in the design for an improved posture with a comfortable grip on the handlebars.
  • Adaptive Headlights – The pivoting headlight illuminates the path when making turns. This feature was a notable innovation in 1984 and it continues to add convenience and safety for riders.
  • Lightweight Chassis – The 1984 Yamaha Phazer’s chassis is made of lightweight illumination for improved performance and handling with less machine weight for improved float across snowy and icy trails and less bog down. Combined with the powerful engine, it achieved remarkable balance for its time that is still a beneficial feature today, for trail running. The Phazer is known for light handling, pushing through turns, and a more upright position, compared to competitors of its day.

User Experience and Reviews

Snow Goer’s review lauds the design of the 1984 Yamaha Phazer with its redirection of the power-to-weight ratios for balance and control.

The ‘sophisticated” design features for its era, include high-tech suspension with a long-travel rear, and independent front suspension for razor-sharp handling and maneuverability.

The aerodynamics were new for the era with tapered tunnel/running boards for rider comfort and balance, and its lightweight enhanced the power for pulling steep grades.

The YEIS propelled the performance of the engine to new heights while helping the engine to run cooler. reviews praise the 1984 Phazer for its innovative suspension with its ability to plow through deep snow and traverse moguls with ease, thanks to the upgrades over conventional leaf spring suspensions.

The TSS system underwent refinements that placed it at the top of the pack in front-end performance.

The strut design was placed within the bulkhead with a clean profile for powering through deep snow.

This model has become a legend in trail prowess for overall handling.

Pricing Comparisons

The 1984 Yamaha Phaser has an average value of $2,100, but we found two private parties that sold the used machines in running condition for a price range between $599 to $800.

It’s one of the best values for the cost of used snowmobiles as Yamaha power sports products are well-built, and when proper maintenance, they retain value over most other brands.

The 1984 Yamaha Phazer we chose is available for a price of $800 or the best offer.

What I Like About The Phazer

  • Reasonably priced between $599 to $800 with models up to $2,100 at the dealership.
  • Innovative design for its time that is still relevant for riders today
  • Trusted brand that holds its value
  • Lightweight and compact feeling with benefits of full-sized snowmobile
  • Powerful engine with numerous premium features

What I Dislike About the Phazer

  • Some features are outdated and have been improved in later updates.

Product Updates

The Yamaha Phazer ushered in a new era in snowmobiling with a lighter comparable weight, a fan-cooled engine, unprecedented aerodynamics, and a fairing mounted on the handlebar.

The 1984 version is significant in the history of snowmobile design as a cutting-edge with high-technology advances that made it the predecessor of various follow-up models offering more features and upgraded technologies.

New models of the Phazer followed in its Phazer II, Phazer Mountain Lite, Phazer Deluxe, Phazer GT, and Phazer FX until discontinued in 2002.

The 1984 Phazer marked an updated ride compared with other brands and models with small features like the pivoting headlight and tapered running boards.

The details were in the small things that combined to an overall outstanding design over previous snowmobile options.

How To Choose The Best Used Snowmobile Under $1000

Choosing a used snowmobile requires all of the steps involved in buying a new one, with added considerations.

It’s a process that often involves setting the criteria for what you want and can afford and go from there.

Here are the five most important considerations before deciding on a used snowmobile.

1 – Determine Your Budget

Know what you can afford or are willing to spend before you start your search. It will narrow the field and make the task easier to accomplish.

For example, if you have $1,000 to spend, you know that you have up to this amount to work with, and you can look for all snowmobile types for under that price.

You can simplify the process with online searches through dealerships, forums, and third-party seller venues such as Craigslist, Facebook, and other used marketplaces.

2 – Know What You Will Use The Snowmobile For To Find The Right Model

All types of snowmobiles are available as used machines, but there are a lot of different brands, models, types, and sizes.

If you’re planning to trail ride, ice fish, hunt, trap, or do other activities, make sure that the sled you buy can accommodate the requirements.

For example, hunting, trapping, and fishing, are activities that require the capacity to carry extra weight for gear and to pull a sled that might be heavy.

If you plan to go solo, a one-seater is plenty, but if you’ll have a second rider along, choose a model that has two seats.

Consider all the possible scenarios and plan from a list of your preferred configurations.

3 – Look For The Optimal Track Configuration

Snowmobiles come with seven different options for tracks. Longer tracks are the best for taking on deep soft snow, while shorter tracks give more agility and control for trail riding.

Do your research to determine which track size is the best option for you, then look for a machine that has that feature.

4 – Assess The Condition Of The Snowmobile

Before you buy a used snowmobile, learn what you can about its history.

Ask about any repairs, maintenance schedule, how it’s been stored, and any known issues. Look for cosmetic signs of damage, corrosion, or general disrepair.

Check to see if the seat is deteriorating, if the headlight and taillight work, and if the metal and nonmetal parts are in good repair and functional.

5 – Test Drive For Performance Assessment

The final consideration is to take the machine for a test run if possible. Does the ignition work properly, and does the engine turn over?

Listen to the idle. Is it smooth, or are there problems in the engine when idling?

Sometimes failure to idle means it needs a few easy adjustments, but it could also indicate more serious problems in the fuel delivery system.

Take the machine out and bring it up to speed to assess its overall running condition and performance.

Assess the power levels, throttle responsiveness, and ability of the machine to pull hills, powdery snow, and other wintry conditions.

Also assess the performance of the transmission, braking system, and suspension with handlebar turning.

Keep your eyes out for any possible mechanical performance issues before you buy.

Helpful Tips To Know About The Best Used Snowmobile Under $1000

The best snowmobile for under $1,000 is the mode that comes the closest to meeting your riding needs safely and efficiently.

The budget restriction limits your choices to older models in running condition, but there are plenty out there that have years of life to offer if you know what to look for.

Here are a few tips to help you make the best choice for a used snowmobile under $1000:

  • Top brands known for high quality and longevity offer the best options. Look for older models with high consumer reviews.
  • Choose the machine that is the right size for the rider, with the proper seat configuration for comfort, control, and additional passenger space if applicable.
  • Compare up to 10 available used snowmobiles within your budget and narrow the choices to include the features that are the closest fit for your needs and preferences.

Final Thoughts

The best used snowmobile under $1,000 may not have the latest features of the newer models, but you can find one that is fun and safe to ride.

Decide what you’ll use it for, then look for a machine that offers the features best suited for that type of riding within your budget.

Compare several offers to find the one that comes closest that represents the best value for the price.

If it’s less than your budget, consider looking for a newer model that may have more features.

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