Best Trampoline For Snowboard Training: (Top 3)

Best Trampoline For Snowboard Training

It’s almost impossible to simulate the sensation and experience of hurtling downhill in the snow with your board on your feet and performing tricks, but you can come close with a trampoline.

You can practice flips, spins, jumps, and take a practice board for more authentic practice. What is the best trampoline for snowboard training?

The best trampoline for snowboard training is the JUMPZYLLA Trampoline because it comes with a safety net and rails that curve out of the way to prevent impact. Trampoline training for snowboarders is very energetic, and it’s easy to put your board, head, or arm outside the range of the bouncing surface at high speeds.

Does Trampoline Help Snowboarding

Not only does a trampoline help with snowboarding, but it’s often recommended that new learners work on mastering tricks there before ever testing them in the snow.

Anyone who plans to learn stunts should own a large trampoline. Like the safety nets used by tightrope walkers, these soft, bouncy surfaces help hone skills and prevent many injuries.

There are only a few tricks you cannot learn on a trampoline first. Presses and slides that use objects aren’t plausible on a trampoline.

Fortunately, all the other stunts involving jumps, flips and spins work just fine, and you don’t need to wait for winter to practice.

There are some downsides to trampoline training or at least some significant differences. When you learn on the trampoline, you aren’t moving downhill.

There’s no speed to contend with. Nevertheless, you can learn a lot before hitting the powder.

Do Snowboarders Train On Trampolines

Snowboarders do train on trampolines. All the professionals use them, even when they have access to snow year-round, and you’ll find trampolines at extreme sports camps and training centers.

A good foam board or taped snowboard works wonders on a trampoline and activates our core and other muscles to help provide strength training and muscle memory you need for those wintertime tricks.

According to NBC Olympics, “Several snowboarders keep trampolines at home to practice flips, spins and jumps. Norwegian snowboarder Marcus Kleveland installed a large trampoline outside of his house and can be found bouncing on it during the summer.”

In this videofrom his Youtube channel, you can see a young, 10-year-old Marcus working on his moves.

It’s not hard to see how the motion and practice pay off and translate well into flips and jumps on the snow.

Top 3 Best Trampolines For Snowboard Training

There are 100s of trampolines from dozens of companies, and all of them are large enough for snowboard training.

However, that doesn’t mean they are all reasonable options. Many trampolines are made with kids in mind, and they don’t handle adult weight well or lack safety nets.

The top 3 best trampolines for snowboard training hold at least 400+ lbs and have safety nets and other beneficial features.

1 – JUMPZYLLA Trampoline

JUMPZYLLA Trampoline
  • Your kid's fun and safety - Our Responsibility! For your family's safety we innovated our trampolines for kids and adults with next gen curved poles designed to protect your children from accidents or injury. Jumpzylla trampolines comply with ASTM F381-16 Standard Safety Specification. We never compromise on safety, or quality, our mission is to deliver a heavy duty trampoline for endless hours of fun with zero worries.
  • Our New Patented Design - One Trampoline for Kids, Two Colors. We don't want our trampoline for kids and adults to be just fun and safe, we want it to look absolutely great too. So you never get bored, our designers have innovated the best solution for the coolest addition to your yard - your new big trampoline comes with the Patented (no: 635690635) double sided spring cover: black and the color of your choice. It's like having two different trampoline outdoor!
  • Quick & Easy to Install.You have everything you need in your Jumpzylla package: coherent, easy to read and follow installation guide, and design innovations to simplify everything. The Jumpzylla backyard kids trampoline net installation has been perfected to take only a few minutes and our Patented, double sided spring cover pads only take a minute to install or flip thanks to the velcro and intuitive system. You won't be keeping the kids waiting! 🙂
  • Kids just wanna have fun - for a long time! We want your Jumpzylla super trampoline to look good as new for as long as possible! The frame is galvanized inside-out and the legs are powder coated for extra protection against rust, the thick foam is waterproof, so your new trampoline has a longer product life. And because we want to go the extra mile, we added the luxury plastic covered ladder for easy access and a comfortable use of your in kids trampoline for toddlers and older kids.
  • The Jumpzylla New Generation Super Trampoline – We never stop innovating. Be the first to have the Jumpzylla patented, exclusive double sided spring pad - black & your favorite color added to all sizes trampoline with net! You don't have to worry about all the usual trampolines with safety enclosure issues. Relax while the kids are having fun. The design team came together to create a product that solves all the safety and, practical issues of other types of trampoline for kids and adults.

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The best trampoline for snowboard training is the JUMPZYLLA Trampoline from Amazon because it can handle the pressure.

More importantly, the net rails curve outward to prevent accidental injuries. JUMPZYLLAs also have four legs for added stability instead of the usual three.

Plus, these trampolines come in three colors and five different sizes to choose from.

The foam and steel construction of these top-quality trampolines makes them sturdy. Meanwhile, the galvanized anti-rust coating means you can practice for years to come.

This outstanding trampoline can be shipped to your door when you order right here.

2 – ORCC Trampoline

ORCC Trampoline
  • 【Safety is Top Priority】Experience peace of mind with the ORCC Trampoline, now boasting CPC certification in the USA, rigorously tested under CPSIA guidelines. Meanwhile, our trampoline, tested to ASTM F381-16 specifications, ensures a structure that excels in firmness, corrosion resistance, and UV protection, exceeding industry standards and providing a safe, durable option for endless fun.
  • 【Longer Durability Frame】Constructed with hot-dip galvanized steel, the ORCC trampoline features a robust frame that boasts a dual-layer protective coating of iron-zinc alloy and zinc. This advanced technology ensures exceptional durability, granting the trampoline over a decade of rust resistance—even in coastal environments prone to harsh weather.
  • 【High Weight Capacity】Constructed with premium Q195 steel known for its superior strength, our trampoline ensures exceptional sturdiness. We employ reinforced T-joints, surpassing industry norms in both length and thickness, to connect the frame's steel tubing securely, preventing any deformation or bending. High strength steel and sturdy structural design grants our trampoline an impressive static weight capacity of up to 1,200 lbs and a dynamic weight limit of up to 450 lbs!
  • 【Elevated Net and Frame】Elevate your peace of mind with our 6FT safety net, higher than standard 5.5FT nets on the market. This extra height grants children the liberty to jump within the trampoline's embrace. Coupled with our elevated frame , it ensures an exhilarating bounce , effectively eliminating the hazard of foot contact ground.
  • 【Great Bounce Trampoline】The ORCC trampoline's jumping mat features advanced weaving technology with a unique three-warp and four-weft technology, ensuring appropriate air permeability and superior load-bearing performance for the ultimate bouncing. Engineered with 7-inch galvanized springs, rigorously lab-tested for over 100,000 bounces, our springs maintain perfect integrity and exceptional elasticity. All springs are securely covered with a dense, 15mm-thick foam pad for superior protection

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The ORCC Trampoline from Amazon is a fantastic option for snowboard training on a trampoline, and it comes with a rain cover.

An alloy steel frame provides a rugged, durable base for the bounce surface and safety net. Better still, the at is UV and fade-resistant, and waterproof.

You’ll love the 7″ heavy gauge springs. However, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to set up even more since ORCC provides two sets of gloves and two tools so a pair of adults can efficiently work together and get you jumping faster.

Get an ORCC Trampoline for your training by clicking here.

3 – CalmMax Trampoline

CalmMax Trampoline
  • 【Safety is NO.1】CalmMax's design philosophy is : Trampolines must be safer. CalmMax trampolines comply with ASTM F381-16 Standard Safety Specification for Components, Assembly, Use, and Labeling of Consumer Trampolines. You can rest assured that our safety materials are among the best on the market for your family.
  • 【A Safe Enclosure for Safe Play】Safety and quality in backyard play is at the heart of everything we do. We have created a 6FT high and 360-degree net safety enclosure that is UV, fade resistant and resistant to tearing. Family fun and enjoying all that a CalmMax Trampoline has to offer.
  • 【Big Bounce Science】 Manufactured with EU standard Polypropylene bounce surface provides unmatched rebounding force. Our 12ft trampoline has been tested for 20,000 jumps. Mats are tested up to 5,000 hrs and can hold up to 400lbs.
  • 【Built With Durability in Mind】CalmMax trampoline heavy-duty steel frame components undergo a 3-layer rust-proofing and durability process. All metal trampoline components are galvanised inside and out with a hard-wearing zinc coating. Visible sections are finished with a UV-resistant coating to protect your trampoline from the sun and premature material fading for a longer life.
  • 【CalmMax stability Trampoline】The heavy galvanized springs provide superior bounce and rust resistance. All the springs are covered with thick and durable Blue PE+PVC foam pad, to protect your child from injury. 4 U-shaped big legs with 8 balanced contact points for better stability and safety.

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If you’re looking for safety features and extras, I recommend the CalmMax Trampoline from Amazon.

All CalmMax trampolines comply with ASTM F381-16 Standard Safety Specification for Components, Assembly, Use, and Labeling of Consumer Trampolines.

The metal components on this amazingly well-made trampoline are galvanized on every exposed surface and coated with a 3-layer rust-proof hard-wearing zinc coating.

The visible sections are finished with a UV-resistant coating as well.

You can get a CalmMax Trampoline from Amazon in 6 different sizes.

However, the four-legged design, 6 ft tall tear and fade resistant safety net, and heavy-duty steel frame are even more impressive than the variety. So is the best in the industry warranty.

To learn more about the CalmMax Trampoline, click here.

Best Trampoline For Snowboard Training Buyers Guide

Choosing the right trampoline for snowboard training shouldn’t be a hassle.

However, there are some significant factors to consider for practical reasons and safety, so I’ve put together the best trampoline for snowboard training buyers’ guide to make it simple.

Below you will find all the crucial features to get the most out of your training trampoline.

1 – Safety Nets

You need a rip-resistant, high-quality safety net when you start out. Though you may eventually reach a proficiency level where it’s no longer critical, starting with one can save you a lot of injuries.

No one starts out looking or jumping like a pro. Higher is better since you will start to get significant height pretty quickly as you train.

2 – Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is simple enough. You need a trampoline that can handle about twice your current weight.

It’s essential always to jump alone, especially if you have a board strapped to your feet, but a surface that can handle you 2x over, or more, will help you stay safer.

3 – Stability

Watch out for excessively tall trampolines with spindly legs and ladders. While these are fine for a few little kids to goof around on, they aren’t made for serious training exercises.

Opt for a heavy, durable base like a steel frame and four large legs or more whenever possible.

4 – Rust Resistance

The only thing worse than getting injured on the frame or springs of your trampoline is getting cut by a rusty piece of metal.

No one wants to get tetanus shots and throw away a practically-new trampoline. Always double-check for a rust-resistant coating on your frame and read the reviews to ensure it will last.

5 – Springs & Bounce

Not all trampoline manufacturers offer information about their springs and bouncing surface.

You can ask their customer service directly, but sometimes it’s better to see what the people using it in the real world have to say.

Reviews will tell you a lot about how high you can jump and how good the springs are, even if they don’t offer precise specs.

6 – UV & Fade Resistance

It’s easy to get distracted with lights, misters, basketball hoops, and other fun features.

However, the feature you need most is durability. Look for trampolines that have both UV and fade-resistant coatings.

Preventing wear on the fabric of nets, padding covers, and bounce mats will help them last longer and indicates that the manufacturer is building a product that is well designed.

Helpful Tips To Know About The Best Trampoline For Snowboard Training

You need a large trampoline for snowboard training, but there’s a little more to it. Use the tips above to find the trampoline you need.

Once you have a place to jump, these helpful tips about the best trampoline for snowboarding will give you even more of an edge.

  • Speaking of edges, you need to tape yours off if you plan to bring a snowboard on a trampoline. Otherwise, you run the risk of ripping right through the fabric. However, you can also opt for a foam trampoline board instead.
  • Jumping on a trampoline isn’t enough. Set up your phone or another video camera on a tripod and film your practice. Afterward, stop and look over the footage with a critical eye. See where you were off and work on correcting your form to get the perfect jumps and spins every time.
  • Beware of overly padded edges on your trampoline. Although most modern trampolines come with more padding than ever, they can hinder the way the springy surface moves. Find a balance between safety and a better bounce that works for you.

Final Thoughts

Using the best high-quality trampolines for snowboard training is necessary if you’re a professional or want to be one someday.

The exercise, muscle memory, and airtime will help you improve your form for most snowboarding activities.

Although there are some key differences, you can still get a lot out of bouncing around when you do it right.

Use a taped snowboard or a foam bouncing board and a camera to practice your favorite moves before trying them on the slopes. Soon you’ll look like you were born to go snowboarding.

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