10 Best Soccer Training YouTube Channels

Best Soccer Training YouTube Channels

Not every soccer player has easy access to professional coaches, but many would still like to significantly improve their game skills when they aren’t on the field. YouTube soccer training channels can help.

Living in the information age has its benefits and learning new skills at home with online professional-level coaching and drills is one of those perks. What is the best soccer training YouTube channel?

The best soccer training YouTube channel is Unisport. Players who need to improve specific areas of their play or learn a new technique will find a wealth of information and easy-to-follow instructions on every aspect of soccer from experienced players and famous pros. There are also interviews, lifestyle tips, gear recommendations, and inspirational stories for soccer lovers of all ages.

Top 10 Best Soccer Training Youtube Channels

The top 10 best soccer training YouTube channels are an eclectic collection. Some of these channels are very serious, and others take a silly approach.

Likewise, there are personal channels run by individuals and those from larger organizations, but they all have one thing in common, they teach you how to play better soccer.

No matter your style or goals, you’ll find a channel here for you.

10 Best Soccer Training Youtube Channels:

1 – Unisport (3.42M subscribers)


Unisport is the best soccer training YouTube channel. Here you can learn skills directly from professional players and find tons of drills on everything soccer related.

However, there’s plenty more available when you’re looking for inspiration, gear tips, or interviews with the pros.

You can get tips on which shoes to buy and how to keep them stink-free or grab some drills for improving a particular area of your game.

If you want to train and seek an all-purpose soccer lover’s channel, this is the one.

2 – F2Freestylers – Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel (13.9M subscribers)


F2Freestylers is a fun, lighthearted, and adventurous soccer channel. Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch teach you about trick shots, offer match tutorials, and interview players.

They also pull pranks on each other and travel the world. You’ll hear from soccer stars and other celebrities and learn some unique techniques here.

3 – AllAttack (2.25M subscribers)


All Attack is a fantastic channel to build your skills with new and exciting drills.

This channel is invested in teaching strategy and tactics for the field in addition to offering exercises that will help you get better at soccer rapidly.

All attack is a serious channel that focuses on enjoying soccer while also outthinking and outmaneuvering your opponents.

4 – 7mlc (1.06M subscribers)


7mlc is the passion project of coach and excellent footballer Michael Lweis Cunningham.

Players of any skill level who want access to a highly skilled professional coach but can get one in their area or budget will benefit from 7mlc.

Michael offers match analysis, exercise ideas, and drills for varying skill levels so you can start from wherever you are comfortable and build up your game.

5 – Will John (825K subscribers)


Will John is taking the game to you wherever you are. Do you want to run faster or find a full-body workout for soccer that requires no gym equipment?

Will can show you how. He also provides drills and an entire training regimen playlist.

6 – Progressive Soccer (482K subscribers)


If your goal is to be the best and give soccer 100% of your energy, I recommend Progressive Soccer.

As the description says, “Use the best online soccer training system to take control of your soccer future and improve faster.”

This channel doesn’t have any interviews or uplifting stories to distract from the pure focus on getting better at soccer.

7 – Become Elite (483K subscribers)


Matt Sheldon’s Become Elite channel provides aspiring players a rare glimpse into the behind-the-scenes aspects of his life as an amateur, Pro, and semi-pro footballer.

This channel is the perfect, relatable, accessible look at drills, diet, exercise, and other aspects of what it truly means to be a professional soccer player.

Whether you want to work for a pro coach someday like Matt or are just curious about how he does it all, this channel is a more personal, inviting look at soccer, with lots of helpful how-to’s thrown in.

8 – SimplySoccer (400K subscribers)


From kids who are only now beginning their soccer journey to older payers who want to elevate their game so they can go pro, Simply Soccer has the information you need.

This channel is packed with drills and tips to make you play better, faster, smarter, and more skillfully.

Better still, Simply Soccer is an incredibly active channel with new videos 3 to 7 times a week.

9 – Online Soccer Academy (284K subscribers)


Online Soccer Academy aims to teach people soccer at home just like they would learn it on the field.

If you’re new, check out the Beginner Soccer Skills and Drills. For more advanced players, there’s an advanced playlist as well.

You can also do 30-minute training sessions, see vids of live-streamed training, or get your head in the game with the Mental Soccer playlist.

Everything you’d get from a great coach is right here in an easy-to-use format.

10 – Joner Football (224K subscribers)


Sydney-based Joner Football is one of the most recognized brand name YouTube channels on this list.

Here you can focus on individual techniques or do drills designed for a small group if you play with friends or teammates.

Joner aims to provide constant challenge and help all players improve their game. You’ll also find members-only content you can unlock by subscribing.

Helpful Tips To Know About The Best Soccer Training YouTube Channels

Now that you know where to find the best soccer training videos, I recommend subscribing to all of these channels.

You will be able to learn everything you need to know at home by simply following along and doing what the pros, coaches, and other elite players do.

Here are more helpful tips to know about the best soccer training YouTube channels.

  • If you are looking for more channels that can help you learn soccer, try looking it up as ‘football.’ You’ll have to sort through quite a few American football channels and videos too, but the sport isn’t called soccer in the rest of the world.
  • Not every channel will work for every player. While every channel here has lots to teach, you may find one or two don’t suit you. Skip those and use the channels you find helpful.
  • Are you looking for tips on a particular aspect of soccer? Instead of searching through channels, type what you want to learn into the search bar and watch tailored videos that can teach you anything.
  • A channel doesn’t have to be in the top ten best to have the best video about a certain move. Don’t be afraid to explore more videos. Even if the production values aren’t as good as these elite channels, you can still find impressive, specific, and unique help vids from other players and coaches.

Final Thoughts

You should join a great live team if you can, but you’ll still need to practice at home.

However, for those who can’t find the right team, need to work on their skills, or don’t have access to good coaches, using the top 10 best YouTube soccer training channels can help.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an elementary school kid who wants to play a little better, a young adult who aims to go pro, or an older player who enjoys skill-building and good soccer-related content; it’s all here on the list.

Whatever your skill level, position or needs, you’ll find the videos to help on one of these 10 channels.

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