12 Best Soccer Shin Guards: Ultimate Beginners Guide

Best Soccer Shin Guards

Soccer is definitely a contact sport, so you want to have the best soccer shin guards when you play. Whatever your age or skill level, this guide will help you stay safe in the game.

There is a lot of contact in soccer, so injuries are common. You can play as a hobby or more serious, but you need to keep your legs protected. The best way to prevent injuries that can take you out of the game is by investing in the best soccer shin guards. 

There are many styles, sizes, and brands to choose from, but this guide will take you through it all to find the best for you.

This comprehensive buying guide and reviews takes care of the hard work for you. You don’t have to worry about hours of online research. 

In this guide you will find the best soccer shin guards for adults and youth players. All the brands and styles are covered. You can even get the best shin guards for your position. 

Shin guards are essential for any soccer player, so your search for the best should start here, so you can play without fear of injury getting in your way.

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Best Overall Adult Soccer Shin GuardsNike Mercurial Lite Shin Guards
Runner Up Adult Soccer Shin GuardsDiadora Uragano Shin Guards
Best Overall Girls Soccer Shin GuardsVizari Malaga Shin Guards
Runner Up Girls Soccer Shin GuardsNike Youth Charge 2.0
Best Overall Boys Soccer Shin GuardsAdidas Ghost Pro Shin Guards
Runner Up Boys Soccer Shin GuardsDashSport Soccer Shin Guards
Best Overall Kids Soccer Shin GuardsFranklin Sports Superlight
Runner Up Kids Soccer Shin GuardsActionEliters Youth Soccer Shin Guards
Best Overall Soccer Shin Guards For DefendersStorelli Protective Soccer Shin Guards
Runner Up Soccer Shin Guards For DefendersDiadora Gamma Carbinio Shin Guards
Best Overall Shin Guards For GoalkeepersUnder Armour Men’s Armour Flex Pro Shin Guards
Runner Up Shin Guards For GoalkeepersSportout Soccer Shin Guards

How Do I Choose Shin Guards

The shin is the part of the body most likely to get injured during soccer. The wrong tackle, slide, or dive can take a player out of the game. 

Some leg injuries have been serious enough to end careers. Whether you play for fun or competitively, having the best soccer shin guards is a necessary part of the uniform.

Shin guards are more than accessories. They are important for safety and equipment no player should step on the field without. There are so many choices available when it comes to soccer shin guards. 

If you are looking for the best protection, there are several important features to consider when shopping for shin guards.


There are several brands for soccer shin guards. The most well-known brands in the industry will be Nike and Adidas but these are not always going to be the best. 

While they have great shin guards, you have to look at more than just brand to get the right fit for your game. In addition to these brands, Under Armour offers great products at a more affordable price.

There are also international brands that dominate the world of soccer across the globe such as Vizari and Storelli. Brand names may matter to you, but they are not the most important feature when it comes to quality shin guards.

Yes, these top names will use high-quality products which will give long-lasting shin guards, but there is more to it than name. 

Some of the best soccer shin guards are from unknown brands but still have the best overall protection and comfort. DashSport, ActionEliters, and Franklin are not names to ignore as you will see in the product reviews later on.

Types of Shin Guards

There are four main types of shin guard you can get:

  • Slip-In Shin Guards: These guards are lightweight shields that are placed under the sock. They typically have a compression sleeve to keep them in place. Slip-in shin guards are basic and there are no straps. You may need to use some tape to keep them in place, but these guards give you the most mobility. These are ideal for advanced soccer players.
  • Ankle Shin Guards: These shin guards also give ankle protection. There is padding to the side of each foot to protect against kicks and sprains and it can be removed and attached as needed. These ankle shin guards are ideal for youth and intermediate level players.
  • Strap Shin Guards: Strap shin guards provide the toughest protection. Some have removable ankle protection and others do not. These are strapped to the leg and fit under a sock. Many professional players wear this type of shin guard.
  • Sleeve Shin Guards: The protective guard on these is built into the sleeve. The sleeve slides over your leg and under your socks. They do not usually have ankle protection and they do not have the same bulky feel of traditional shin guards. 


The size of shin guards you will need is based on your height. Standard sizes run from X-small to X-large. X-small is typically for younger players that are under 4’6” and small is for youth players between 4’7” and 5’3” in height. 

Medium through x-large sizes have a great deal of variation across brands, so you will need to refer to sizing guides for the best fit. There is a more comprehensive sizing chart further down in this guide for you to reference.

A correctly sized shin guard will protect the area from just below your knee to just above your ankle bend. The sizing guides are designed to offer a starting point, so remember that not every player will fit perfectly into the standardized sizes. You need to find the shin guard that best fits you.


Shin guards come in one of three designs:

  • Shields: Shields are the most common and are designed with a hard-outer layer covering a number of inner layers. Shields are ideal for deflecting direct hits to the shin. The overall protective effectiveness of shields will depend on the materials used and quality of construction.
  • Wand System: Wand systems are a more traditional design, featuring solid and hollow wands that run along the length of the shin. These deflect kick impact away from your leg preventing any direct contact with the shin bone. Wand systems will usually have foam or fabric for cushioning too.
  • OSi: OSi guards are the most common among professional soccer players as they are custom designed. Each guard molds to a player’s shin which also means these guards cost more. OSi guards are typically made from fiberglass and the more layers they have, the better protection a player will have.


The sole purpose for wearing shin guards is protection, so the best soccer shin guard will be evaluated by its ability to protect a player’s shin. 

The most protective guards will be made from high-quality materials, and sometimes these can be placed in layers. You also want to look for a strong outer layer and cushioning to protect against heavy impact. 

The more layers a shin guard has, the better your protection will be. However, take care because too many layers can be bulky and will interfere with mobility.


The average soccer game can last up to 2 hours, so this means you will have your shin guards on for a while. You will want them to be comfortable to wear. 

Comfort is just as important as protection. Wearing guards adds weight to your leg, so it feels different when kicking. 

You need to get used to playing with them. Look for foam or fabric padding to help increase comfort.


Shin guards can be made from several different materials including, foam, plastic, fiberglass, rubber, and polyurethane. The material you pick will influence the amount of protection you will get and also affects the cost, comfort, durability, weight, and flexibility of the guards. 

The most commonly used materials are:

  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass is tough, durable, and also lightweight. This is an ideal combination for protection and support, so player’s do not have to worry about injuries on the field. Fiberglass is also the most expensive material and does not provide much in terms of flexibility.
  • Polyurethane: Polyurethane makes some of the heaviest shin guards. These will be the most rigid guards you can get, and they will offer the most protection. Many players report that they are also the most uncomfortable to wear.
  • Foam Rubber: Foam rubber guards are more lightweight than fiberglass and allow for much easier movement. You get more comfort but not as much protection. Foam rubber is also more likely to wear down quickly. They are also the most affordable shin guards available.
  • Plastic: Plastic guards provide more protection than foam, but they are not as comfortable. Plastic is also very cheap, and these guards will not stand up against heavy impact the way fiberglass guards can.


The most annoying thing a soccer player will have to do during a match is stop and pull their shin guards up. Guards that do not fit or are made from low-quality materials can slip during activity. 

You need to find guards that will not slip so you do not have to sacrifice playtime for readjusting them. Slipping guards also put you more at risk for injury. Always look for guards that do not slip and properly fit your leg.


Shin guards are only effective if they can withstand the abuse thrown their way. Durable shin guards can take heavy impact without breaking or warping. 

A broken shin guard leaves you unprotected, and it can leave pieces of material to pierce your skin. The most durable shin guards will be made from high-quality materials.

Machine Washable

You will generate a lot of sweat playing soccer, so you want shin guards that can be washed frequently without wear. Frequent washing will prevent your guards from getting stinky and free of bacteria and fungi. 

You will likely not feel like scrubbing your shin guards all the time, so find a pair that can be machine washed to save time.

Player Position

The different positions on the soccer field can benefit from different types of shin guards. Each position requires a specific fit and level of protection.

  • Forwards: Forwards need lightweight guards so they can easily sprint. The guards should also be small to allow for maximum mobility. Forwards also typically prefer ankle protection and support.
  • Midfielders: Midfielders also benefit from lighter shin guards so they can move more freely on the field. They do not usually require long shin guards or ankle support.
  • Defenders: Defenders need a bulkier shin guard for maximum protection. They will face a lot of action and have hard shots coming towards them. Maximum protection, a strong and heavy material, and extra ankle support are essential for defenders.
  • Goalkeepers: A lighter and smaller shin guard is suitable for goalkeepers. They do not need as much protection as those on the field. A good fit is important because goalies need to be focused on the ball at all times and not worrying about their guards slipping. 

NOCSAE Approved Shin Guards

The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment needs to approve all shin guards used in schools. 

For youth players, you always want to look for the NOCSAE stamp or seal on the shin guard. The approval will be clearly identifiable on the guard itself, packaging, or tag.

Soccer Shin Guard Sizing

Shin guard sizes are typically determined by height. It is important to have the right fit for the best protection. The guards need to cover most of the area between your ankle and your knee. 

They will fit snugly 2 inches below the knee and stop just above the bend in your ankle. Bigger shin guard sizes will be wider and longer to cover larger leg diameters.

Sizes are fairly standard but there can be slight differences across the brands. The shin guard size chart below will help you determine which size you need, whether you are a youth or adult player, and depending on which brand you have.

**Please note that all brand sizing is different, so the chart is to show average or standard sizing only**

Adult Soccer Shin Guard Sizing Chart



4’7″ – 4’11”3’11” – 4’6″3’4″ – 3’11”4’6″ – 4’11”


4’11” – 5’3″4’7″ – 5’2″4’0″ – 4’7″4’12” – 5’4″


5’3″ – 5’7″5’3″ – 5’9″4’8″ – 5’3″5’5″ – 5’10”


5’7″ – 5’11”5’10” – 6’1″5’4″ – 5’11”5’10” – 6’1″


5’11” – 6’7″6’2″ – 6’5″6’0″ and up6’2″ – 6’5″

Youth Soccer Shin Guard Sizing Chart



3’11” – 4’3″2’6″ – 3’3″2’7″ – 3’3″3’11” – 4’3″


4’3″ – 4’7″3’3″ – 3’11”3’3″ – 3’11”4’4″ – 4’9″


4’7″ – 4’11”3’11” – 4’7″3’11” – 4’7″4’10” – 5’1″


N/A4’7″ – 5’3″N/AN/A

Top 12 Best Soccer Shin Guards

Now that you know what to look for to get the best soccer shin guards for you, it is time to go shopping. Before you head out, I have put together this review guide of the top 12 shin guards available. 

The top two recommendations and highly rated products are listed for several categories. This is the place to start to narrow down your search for your next pair of shin guards.

1. Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guards – Best Overall Adult Soccer Shin Guards

Nike Mercurial Lite brings you one of the highest-rated pairs of slip-in shin guards in the game. Nike is a name you can count on for sports and these shin guards are tough but lightweight. 

Less material is used but this does not compromise the durability and the mesh-like EVA foam maintains optimal comfort due to enhanced breathability.

These guards will not slide as you move. The contoured fit and compression sleeve make sure it stays snug to your leg even during the most intense action. 

Made from Nike’s proprietary K-Resin, these guards are stronger and more lightweight than standard polypropylene guards. The compression sleeve is also breathable, so you never have to worry about sweat slowing you down.

The top features of the Nike Mercurial Lite Soccer Shin Guards include:

  • Made from proprietary K-Resin
  • Left/right specific contoured fit
  • Includes Dri-FIT compression sleeve
  • Increased breathability

Picking your size is easy as they range from X-small to X-large. Pick your favorite color from black, white, green, yellow, orange, magenta, and others. These shin guards are NOCSAE approved so they can be used by high school players and they do not come any tougher.

What I like:

  • The shin guard has an anatomical design.
  • Available in 23 different styles.
  • Quickly wicks away sweat.
  • Low-profile shin guard

What I don’t like:

  • Minimal protection to the ankles.

2. Diadora Uragano Shin Guards – Runner Up Adult Soccer Shin Guards

Not a name that many may recognize, but the Diadora Uragano are definitely shin guards you should give attention to. The outer goes beyond fiberglass and also contains Kevlar. 

The combination of these materials within 7 layers gives you the best protection. There will be no cracking under colder weather or serious impacts. Don’t worry about those layers being heavy, the Cool Max lining enhances breathability

This brand has a place in soccer history, made specifically for Italian National player, Francesco Totti. They are frequently featured in the World cup and are hailed for their optimal protection. 

These shin guards wrap around the leg to provide additional protection for playing in all positions. This also ensures the guards stay in place when you move.

The top features of the Diadora Uragano shin guards include:

  • Made from layers of fiberglass and Kevlar
  • Anatomical polypropylene shell with EVA shaped backing
  • Promotes optimal performance
  • Low profile

The compression sleeve adds to security and gives a snug fit. It also enhances comfort and breathability. The Diadora shin guards come in three sizes and unisex colors to choose from including white and royal black, bright yellow and royal black, or yellow and white.

What I like:

  • Self-wrapping design
  • Lightweight
  • 7 layers for optimal protection

What I don’t like:

  • No ankle protection.

3. Vizari Malaga Shin Guards – Best Overall Girls Soccer Shin Guards

The soccer shin guard from Vizari is designed for comfort and convenience. The hard-polypropylene shell is lightweight but durable to protect you from serious impact. 

The interior is lined with foam padding for comfort and to absorb the shock from any blows coming your way. These are a top choice for youth shin guards and seem to be favored by girls.

Unlike other shin guards that feature Velcro, the Vizari provides a strap that closes at the front of the shin guard. This front strapping makes it quick and easy to adjust the shin guard should it ever slip out of place. 

This is not usually the case as this shin guard is designed to stay in place as you move. Serious tackles may knock it loose, but if this happens, you are covered.

The top features of the Vizari Malaga shin guards include:

  • Front strap closure system
  • Lightweight and durable shell
  • Available in 9 different styles
  • Protects both shin and ankle

There are 5 different sizes available designed to fit youth players and moderately sized adults too. That being said, young girls should not get sizes larger than the small. 

You can also choose between a variety of colors such as black, pink, blue, green, gray, and orange, so you can match with your uniform or just pick your favorite.

What I like:

  • Affordable
  • Foam padding for comfort
  • There are 5 different sizes available.
  • Convenient to adjust

What I don’t like:

  • Not very flexible
  • Sizes run small

4. Nike Youth Charge 2.0 – Runner Up Girls Soccer Shin Guards

Another great product from Nike is the Youth Charge 2.0 shin guards. These are a popular choice for all kids, but girls really seem to love the color choices. 

Made from a durable and lightweight polypropylene shell, these guards are comfortable but strong. The molded EVA padding adds extra comfort and protects the skin from any rubbing or irritation.

The Youth Charge shin guards protect both shin and ankle and are easy to put on thanks to the Velcro enclosure. This easy-to-use feature makes it a great product for younger girls especially. 

The guards are designed with a contour fit so it will hug the leg tightly and stay in place during play.

The top features of the Nike Youth Charge 2.0 include:

  • Ankle and shin protection
  • Unique easy-to-use Velcro strap
  • Contoured comfort
  • Exterior grooves for extra flexibility

Parents love that these shin guards provide a large area of coverage for their kids. Despite the large area, these maintain a light weight and do not interfere with mobility or comfort. 

It is also reported to be one of the best shin guards to get for beginner players as they offer the most comfort and are easy to put on.

What I like:

  • Great protection coverage
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Optimal flexibility

What I don’t like:

  • Velcro strap can cause irritation for some kids

5. Adidas Ghost Pro Shin Guards – Best Overall Boys Soccer Shin Guards

It should come as no surprise that Adidas offers up a great pair of soccer shin guards with the Ghost Pro. They are a top name in sports and these shin guards are a top pick for boys. 

Made from polypropylene and TPU-injection molded plastic, the outer shell is as tough as they come. It is also flexible and will mold to your shin for a perfect fit.

Inside this shell a dense foam delivers comfort while protecting your shin from serious blows. Made from EVA foam, there is no chance of irritation and limited sweating. 

The Ghost Pro shin guards have an anatomical fit and the compression sleeve ensures snugness without any unwanted bulk. These guards are also taller than most on the market, giving a large area of protection.

The top features of the Adidas Ghost Pro shin guards include:

  • Combination of TPU injection-molded plastic and polypropylene
  • Taller than standard shin guards
  • Grooves on padding line up with grooves on shell
  • Snug fitting adjustable elastic sleeve

These are well suited for both beginners and advanced soccer players. You can choose from all the standard sizes and there are multiple color patterns. Match to your uniform colors or just pick the ones that make you stand out on the field.

One of the biggest concerns with the Ghost Pro is that there is no Velcro or strap for securing the guards to your leg. The compression sleeves are such that they provide a snug fit without restricting circulation. 

The sleeves surprise many, including myself in that they keep the shin guards in place, even with intense activity.

What I like:

  • 3 layers for protection
  • East to put on
  • Available in 21-different styles
  • Great for all level of players

What I don’t like:

  • Sizes run small
  • No ankle protection

6. DashSport Soccer Shin Guards – Runner Up Boys Soccer Shin Guards

The second best choice for boys soccer shin guards are from DashSport. They are designed to give that extra support that younger players need. 

The guard provides maximum protection for the shin and ankle, so even the hardest tackles will not result in injury. The Velcro closure makes the shin guards easy to put on and secure.

The durable outer shell is made from polypropylene and the guards are lined with foam for comfort and added protection. The sock-like strap at the bottom of the shin guard goes over your foot for extra security. 

This also gives additional ankle support. Choose from 4 colors to best match your uniform: black, pink, red, and white.

The top features of the DashSport shin guards include:

  • Highly flexible to work with multiple leg sizes
  • Hard polypropylene outer shell
  • Ankle support
  • Foam cushioning for comfort and shock absorption

While these are designed to be unisex, they seem to be featured mostly on male players and this is possibly due to the slightly larger sizing. 

Most Dash Sport shin guards measure slightly larger than the standard sizes but with the right fit, you will get a snug and secure shin guard. It is important to try the sizes first.

What I like:

  • No hassle one-year warranty
  • Affordable
  • Available in 3 different sizes

What I don’t like:

  • Ankle strap is not very durable
  • Finding the right size can be a challenge as they run large

7. Franklin Sports Superlight – Best Overall Kids Soccer Shin Guards

Franklin is a great name in sports and the Sports Superlight soccer shin guards are a top pick for your youth kids soccer. They are lightweight so will not weight them down or interfere with running. 

They only come in black and white so will go with any uniform and the distinctive chrome design fits with most people’s taste.

Two layers of protection keep shins safe during play and the dent and abrasion resistant shield is made from high-density material for added protection. 

The inner layer of foam absorbs shock and adds just the right amount of comfort to the shin guards. The foam specifically works to spread out the impact which reduces feelings of pain.

The top features of the Franklin Superlight shin guards include:

  • Hard, plastic shell
  • High density foam layer for added protection
  • Distinctive design
  • Customizable to your size
  • Suitable for kids of all ages and heights

One of the best and most highly rated features of the Franklin Superlight shin guards is that they can be customized for a better fit. The double Velcro adjustable straps allow these shin pads to be fit snugly to any size leg. 

Just take care you do not pull them too tightly. The straps are thin to maximize comfort but if worn too tight, they can wear quickly.

What I like:

  • Puncture and cut-resistant
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Adjustable strap for better fit
  • Affordable

What I don’t like:

  • Poor breathability

8. ActionEliters Youth Soccer Shin Guards – Runner Up Kids Soccer Shin Guards

ActionEliters offers another great option for shin guards for kids. Perfect for boys and girls aged 5 through 12, these are available in unisex colors and sizes. 

These are taller than other shin guards offering your kids more protection and they are easy to get on and off which is perfect for the younger players on the field.

Your kids’ shins are protected by a durable and tough polypropylene front board which is also lightweight and will not interfere with mobility. 

The guards are lined with EVA foam backing for comfort and to absorb additional shock from tackles and flying balls. There are elastic adjustable sleeves to provide a snug fit and flexibility so your kid can wear them comfortably for the whole game.

The top features of the ActionEliters shin guards include:

  • EVA lining reduces skin irritation
  • Ergonomic design to fit many sizes
  • Adjustable fit to reduce sliding during activity
  • High-strength polypropylene shell

Despite the sheep price tag, these are exceptionally durable and can handle serious impact. They are easy to wear and protect young shins from serious injury. 

Myself and other parents marvel at how effective these shin guards are and how well they reduce the impact felt on muscles and bones. The affordability also makes it easy to replace them as needed.

What I like:

  • Highly breathable
  • Ultra-soft padding for comfort
  • Great for younger players
  • Affordable

What I don’t like:

  • Runs small so may not be ideal for taller children

9. Storelli Protective Soccer Shin Guards – Best Overall Soccer Shin Guards For Defenders

Storelli is known for this revolutionary design in shin guards. They are rated by public opinion as the premium shin guards for defenders thanks to the heavy duty 3mm XRD Extreme Impact Protection padding. 

Both the leg and ankle are protected from injury and there is never a need to worry that the guards will slide out of place.

Made of durable polyurethane material, the Storelli shin guards absorb 90% of all impact and there is no compromise to comfort or performance. 

Built-in guard pockets keep them in place as you move, and the shin sock styling gives you the best fit and flexibility of any shin guard on the market.

The top features of the Storelli Protective shin guards include:

  • Maximum breathability
  • Foam padding to absorb shock
  • UV protection for your skin
  • Protection for both shin and ankle

Most worry about strong shin guards being heavy but the Storelli is made from lightweight and moisture-wicking materials. Sweat will not cause irritation. 

Even better parents love that these shin guards have antibacterial and antimicrobial treatment to protect against possible infections. You also get protection from the sun thanks to the unique Storelli UV-resistance design.

Choose from five different sizes and either black or white. There may not be a lot of color choice, but these are the basic colors that are sure to match any uniform. 

With how much protection and comfort you get from Storelli, you really won’t be upset about only having two colors to choose from.

What I like:

  • Durable polyurethane material
  • Sleek profile
  • Breathable material to wick moisture away
  • Perfect fit for all sizes

What I don’t like:

  • Pricey compared to other shin guards

10. Diadora Gamma Carbinio Shin Guards – Runner Up Soccer Shin Guards For Defenders

Defenders play the roughest part of the game and the Diadora Gamma Carbinio are the shin guards that will stand up to that play. 

The 7 layers of Kevlar and fiberglass known to the brans keep your shin protected through the toughest plays. The tough exterior keeps your shin scratch and bump free for every tackle.

Despite the strength, these shin guards are remarkably lightweight and comfortable to wear. In fact, they only weigh one fifth of a pound! 

The tough exterior is not where the quality ends as the thin Cool Max lining from Diadora wicks away sweat so no moisture gets trapped inside.

The top features of the Diadora Gamma Carbinio shin guards include:

  • Toughest Kevlar and fiberglass shell
  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Simple wrapping design

Reviews rave about the added protection of these shin guards. Offering a larger coverage than most shin guards, these will keep defenders protected from all angles. 

The frequent appearance of these guards in the World Cup and other international competitions, further emphasizes how great these are for play and protection.

What I like:

  • Low profile
  • Self-wrapping, convenient design
  • Slip-in soccer shin guards
  • 7-layer protection

What I don’t like:

  • No ankle protection

11. Under Armour Men’s Armour Flex Pro Shin Guards – Best Overall Shin Guards For Goalkeepers

The Armour Flex Pro are 100% polyester shin guards that are lightweight and perfect for goalkeepers. A goalie needs minimal protection so smaller shin guards like this are ideal. 

They also have all the style you would expect from Under Armour, a top name in sports. The sleeves are form-fitting, so you get a secure and snug fit. 

The material is also comfortable and flexible enough for a goalie to wear for any length of game.

Cushioned padding keeps your shins safe from rubbing and irritation. While these are not as durable as other shin guards, the Armour Flex shell provides all the protection a goalkeeper needs. 

The lightweight nature also allows a goalie to move quickly when needed and there is no extra weight on their legs.

The top features of the Under Armour Flex Pro shin guards include:

  • 100% polyester sleeve for maximum flexibility
  • Durable outer shell
  • Lightweight and small
  • Breathable materials

With cushioned padding, you can be sure that they won’t rub against your skin or feel uncomfortable during your game. 

Available in different colors, you can choose the ones you like best or go for a few of them. While they may not be the most durable pair on the market, they will provide decent use for a season or two.

What I like:

  • Popular brand
  • Stylish design
  • Lightweight and comfortable

What I don’t like:

  • Not durable for intense play or impact

12. Sportout Soccer Shin Guards – Runner Up Shin Guards For Goalkeepers

Another great pick for goalkeeper shin guards is these lightweight and low-profile guards from Sportout

The highly durable polypropylene exterior blocks impact and the EVA padding absorbs any shock. The front plates are tough but not heavy, so goalkeepers can move as they need.

The ergonomic design keeps the shin guard fit snug to the calf and there is minimal risk of sliding out of place. The last thing a goalie needs to worry about is shin guards slipping off. 

The Dri-FIT sleeves are breathable and wick moisture away, keeping your legs sweat free and comfortable through the whole game.

The top features of the Sportout shin guards include:

  • Lightweight polypropylene shell
  • Highly breathable sleeves
  • Soft padding
  • Double-tube construction

The doubt tube construction is the most unique feature to these shin guards and a top-rated feature among users. 

Two tubes are used in construction, offering two layers that act as a pocket which separates the shell from the skin. This adds a high level of comfort.

Choose from a few color options including black, black and white, blue and white, orange and black, and solid white.

What I like:

  • Low-profile and lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Easy to put on

What I don’t like:

  • Small sizing and may be tight for some adults

How To Wear Soccer Shin Guards

Shin guards are only effective if they are worn properly. While this may seem like a simple task, many have struggled with getting shin guards on properly. 

Each type of shin guard is also worn differently, so I have broken down the steps for you here to help get those shin guards on right.

Pull the shin guards up over your ankle and up to your shin. Do not put your socks on yet, as they will go over the shin guards. The shin guards need to be positioned correctly. 

They need to be centered on your shin between the top of your ankle and just below your knee. If there are ankle pads, make sure they cover both bony sections at the sides of your ankle.

Any straps need to be tightly fastened. They need to be snug enough to prevent movement but not so tight that you lose circulation. If your foot is itching or swells, then your shin guard is probably too tight. 

If there are no straps, you need to use tape to keep the guards in place. Slip-in guards and those without ankle padding often need tape to keep them securely in place.

To wear shin guards without straps, you need tape at both ends. Use athletic tape only and wrap around both the top and bottom of the guard. 

You can test their security by pushing them to make sure they do not slide down. You want to perform this test with straps too. If there is any sliding, you can add extra tape to support the straps.

Once the shin guard is securely in place, pull your sock over it. Socks also help to keep shin guards from moving around. You want socks that are snug but also do not cut off circulation. 

The socks need to be pulled all the way up. If there is extra fabric stretching past the knee, roll it down to further secure the shin guard.

Helpful Tips To Find The Best Soccer Shin Guards

With so many soccer shin guards to choose from, this guide is designed to help you narrow down your search. 

By now you should know what you are looking for and what will best suit your needs. There are also a few additional tips to remember when looking for the best soccer shin guards.

  • Buy Tape: It is useful to always have extra athletic tape on hand just in case your shin guards get loose.
  • Comfort: Get shin guards that are comfortable. The best protection and strongest materials are no good if they hurt and you take them off all the time.

Final Thoughts

Professional and competitive soccer requires the use of shin guards. It was a rule passed in 1990. While many already used these valuable pieces of equipment, it was deemed a necessity in germs of protection. 

Shin guards are vital in the prevention of serious injury for high contact sports such as soccer. Players of the game, professional or recreational, are wanting to have only the best soccer shin guards as a result. 

The best will be durable, comfortable, and provide proper protection for the position being played. This guide takes you through all the features that matter so you can find that perfect fit. 

Any of these recommendations will give you the best soccer shin guards in the game and will make sure you play to win and play safe.

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