10 Best Snowmobiles Of All Time

Best Snowmobiles Of All Time

The Best snowmobiles in the industry’s history were models that set precedents for the years to come. Engineers continually advanced the technologies from the early foundations laid.

Here are the most significant models from vintage to present.

The 1972 Ski-Doo T’NT 440 is the best snowmobile ever made. The most significant early model from the current brand leader set the stage for future innovations. It transformed the landscape of snowmobile design and technologies with its fresh new sizing and redesign of engine placement and tech advances.

10 Top Rated Snowmobiles

Here is the list of 10 best snowmobiles of all time:

1 – Best Snowmobile Ever Made – (1972 Ski-Doo TNT 440)


Ski-Doo’s T’NT 440 model was in its 3rd production year. Originating in 1968/69, it was a breakthrough in snowmobile technology that changed the landscape for riders.

Breakthrough Technologies

The TNT’s reduction in size and shape revolutionized the stylization and engineering standards.

The sporty version featured a complete redesign with two available engines, including a 399cc and a 699cc.

In 1971, engines were available in a range from 292 to 777cc. The new slide rail suspension enhanced maneuverability and rider comfort.

The front engine design was also a revolutionary innovation the brand built on for future tech breakthroughs.

Outstanding Features

  • Slide Rail Suspension Option – The new slide rail was an outstanding feature pioneered by Ski-Doo.
  • Streamlined Performance – Reducing the size and narrowing the shape of the TNT gave riders more control and better comfort over the clunky versions of the past.
  • Choice Of Variants – The Ski-Doo TNT came in a choice of styles featuring a Blizzard inspiration in 1971 and the Nordic with its 18″ track. The Silver Bullet was available in 1973.

Sales Record

Although commercial success for the TNT was reported high, specific statistics are not available for the vintage model.

It’s hard to find the 1969 model year, but the 1970s versions are comparable in design and technology.


Ski-Doo’s T’NT 440 model was in its 3rd production year. Originating in 1968/69, it was a breakthrough in snowmobile technology that changed the landscape for riders.

The TNT designation is for track and trail. It was a smaller version that came in lighter and more powerful than previous clunky models.

It was the beginning of the streamlining process for sleds. Ski-Doo is the current leader in the industry, and it owes its success to the early innovations that laid the foundation for the brand to build on.

2 – Best Snowmobile For The Money – (2023 Yamaha Transporter Lite)


The newest edition of Yamaha’s Transporter Lite model has 2 things going for it. It’s the most affordable, and it provides the best maneuverability.

It’s a utility trail sled with outstanding reliability. It’s the most affordable model with all the features to make riding fun and easy at a base price of $9,499, brand spanking new from the dealership.

Breakthrough Technologies

  • New Windscreen Technology – The new windscreen features a full-size 15.5-inch deflector with a new sculpted turn-out shape for maximum rider protection.
  • Computerized Fuel-Injection – The computerized electronic fuel injection offers precision and efficient fuel delivery. It delivers the maximum response and torque with reliability in all weather and low exhaust emissions.

Outstanding Features

  • High and Low Handlebar – The high and low handlebar is complete with thumb warmers as standard fare with a throttle lever.
  • 146-inch Utility Suspension – The rear suspension features a spring-loaded hinged tail section with 12.5-inch travel for better handling in rough terrain. Articulation features assist in reverse with a track guide to the top of the snow, preventing dig-in. Maximum traction helps when pulling heavy loads.
  • Flip-Up Rails – Rail extensions engage with a push pin to keep skis down when towing.

Sales Record

Sales records are unavailable for this model.


The most affordable model was available from the most reliable brand today.

Yamaha is not the leader in global sales, but it is the most highly rated for dependability and retention of value.

3 – Best Selling Snowmobile Of All Time – (Ski-Doo Summit X 850 Turbo 175)


The Summit X 850 Turbo 175 is Ski-Doo’s best machine for deep snow. Its powerful Rotax engine delivers immediate power for pushing through drifts and slush.

It’s a versatile sled with the option of multiple track lengths from 146″ to 175″.

They designed it for rider comfort, convenience, and safety, with new technologies that push it to the top of the list.

Breakthrough Technologies

  • SHOT Start – The SHOT Start technology uses an ultracapacitor to turn the magneto for fast and reliable ignition without a starter or battery. It weighs 20 lbs less than electric starter systems.
  • Rotax E-Tec Engine – The turbo 2-stroke Rotax 850 Turbo E-Tec engine delivers 165 horsepower. It’s also available in a brand new Rotax 600R option with 125 horsepower. It’s the first factors 20stroke turbo engine.

Outstanding Features

  • Exclusive Range Of Models – Ski-Doo released the 2022 Summit in a choice of exclusive models, including the Expert, the X, and the Freeride, for a wider range of features.
  • Short Tunnel – The short tunnel evacuates snow faster for less drag, more speed, and better maneuverability.
  • New Hood Design – The revamped hood design features one-piece construction with lightweight polypropylene, dropping the weight, optimizing ventilation, and reducing noise.

Sales Record

All production models of the 2022 Ski-Doo Summit sold out at Ski-Doo. Some smaller dealerships and private sellers offer them for sale. It’s one of Ski-Doo’s best-selling for 2022.


Ski-Doo’s Summit features the 800R E-Tec, the industry’s most powerful 2-stroke engine with the ultimate in responsiveness, a new pDrive primary clutch, and a 30% faster response time.

Ski-Doo constantly tunes and refines its engineering for a continual cycle of improvement.

4 – Best Trail Snowmobile Of All Time – (2019 Polaris 600 Rush Pro)


The Polaris 600 Rush Pro is the most responsive trail sled offered by the brand.

The 2019 version has an immediate power surge for fast starts and power bursts to avoid bog-down for fast action when needed.

The light sled floats over trails with agile handling. It’s an evolved model since the original, with its most significant updates in 2013, with the R designation to follow.

The 2019 version is an enhanced version of the groundbreaking original with even more outstanding features.

Breakthrough Technologies

  • Pro-Steer Ski – The new skis for 2013 delivered improved steering and handling with less effort.
  • Softer Seat – The addition of the Adventure, which is a softer seat, enhanced rider comfort.
  • Handlebar Innovations – The one-piece handlebar with heated hooks warms the pinkies and improves grip and maneuverability for greater control of the sled.
  • Revised Engine – Polaris moved the engine setup from a 4-injector to a 2-injector.
  • AXYS Chassis – The patented AXYS chassis is another new technology that enhances control for rider balance, improved acceleration, and greater rider comfort.

Outstanding Features

  • Powerful Engine – The 599cc liquid-cooled 2-stroke twin engine is enhanced with Cleanfire semi-direct injection technology to deliver ample power.
  • Pro-Ride Suspension – The dual A-arm front suspension features Walker Evans piggyback shocks with 9-inches of travel and 14 inches of travel in the rear.
  • Lightweight – The 464 pounds dry weight allows the sled to glide over trails for exceptional floatation for trail riding.
  • Push-Button Reverse – The push-button reverse has been a convenient feature on the Rush Pro since 2013.

Sales Record

Polaris posts a disclaimer on the website that informs us their inventories and sales records are undergoing work.

Current data is inaccurate, so the sales and marketing information is currently unavailable.

They confirm that the sales volume spike is to blame for the inaccuracies. It’s a positive indication that sales are at an all-time high after a slump during the pandemic.


Polaris enhanced rider comfort and controls with the 2013 version that featured new skis, a new front suspension, and enhanced throttle responsiveness. The Rush is a discontinued model.

5 – Best Utility Snowmobile Of All Time – (2020 Ski-Doo Expedition Xtreme)


The Expedition Xtreme features the REV Gen4 platform for work and play. Its new high-low-neutral easy-shifting transmission has a push-button reverse.

Breakthrough Technologies

  • REV Gen 4 Platform – Enhanced handling through the new Gen4 Platform with updates in a 4-year process of refinements to improve weight carrying, floatation, towing, and performance. The platform transformed the Expedition into a more rugged utility sled.
  • Reverse Gear Convenience – The new High-low-neutral easy shifting transmission offers a push-button reverse gear.
  • Multi-LinQ Plate and LinQ Accessories – These technologies increase the cargo-hauling and towing capacity of the Expedition in the Expedition Extreme model.

Outstanding Features

  • Decreased Vibration – Engineers addressed multiple areas in the engine, gearbox, track, and surrounding components to decrease vibration factors, resulting in a smoother and quieter ride for the Expedition Extreme.
  • Quiet Operation – The new transmission in the Expedition Extreme reduces noise by 50% over previous versions.
  • Pilot 7.4 Skis – The new ski technology with enhanced angling improves reverse capability and provides better floatation and trail cornering.

Sales Record

Pandemic impacts created a slowing in snowmobile sales in 2020. Ski-Doo has not yet released official sales data for this period.

However, reports show that sales are on the uptick for Bombardier (Ski-Doo) in Canada.

The Expedition Extreme is among the brand’s top-selling models in the utility snowmobile category.


BRP, Quebec, Canada, and other manufacturing locations worldwide produce Ski-Doo sleds.

The Expedition Extreme in its Gen4 platform signaled an improvement in utility sled performance.

The new generation platform enhanced performance and was the first to introduce a sled with a rider-forward position.

6 – Best Snowmobile Racer Of All Time – (Ski-Doo MXZ X 850 E-Tec)


The Ski-Doo MXZ X 850 E-Tec is the fastest production snowmobile made. The top speed is 128 mph from the factory.

While it can’t come close to the 320 mph speed record of the Yamaha G-Force One of 2008, we’re focusing on production models versus one-off customizations.

The MXZ X 850 E-Tec is designed with racing cues to maximize the power of its Rotax engine, known for power and speed.

Breakthrough Technologies

  • New Revised Gen 5 Platform – The Gen5 Platform enhances cornering and handling ability for premium ride quality with improved deep snow capabilities. Updated technologies provide a customizable Bluetooth touchscreen display for connectivity with other riders with BRP Go! Compatibility for ride tracking, maps, planning, and sharing.
  • Smart Shox Technology – The Smart Shox Technology enhances the ride for comfort while helping to improve handling ease for better cornering and maneuverability.

Outstanding Features

  • Rotax 850 E-Tec Engine – The Rotax Engine is a fuel-injected 849 cc 2-stroke engine that cranks 165 horsepower with a top speed of 128 mph. It’s the fastest production sled on the market today.
  • Brembo Racing Brake – The MXZ X 850 E-Tec is a trail sled, but it has the revered Brembo racing brake in a continuum of features inspired by racing power sports.
  • KYB Pro Shock Package – The KYB Pro shock package is an advanced technology that provides a smooth ride over bumpy terrain with high-performance Pro shock protection.
  • Stunning Aesthetics – The new version of the sled features a narrow hood profile with a tunnel design, side panel, new tracks, and more horsepower. It’s more attractive than previous models.
  • Refined Rear Suspension – Ski-Doo refined the suspension with RASTM X on the front and the precision-tuned rMotion TM X in the rear, improving the handling, performance, and appearance.

Sales Record

Ski-Doo has not provided information on its market share or the specific production numbers of the model.

Although specifics are unavailable, the entire production runs for 2022 have sold out for the season.


The 2016 Ski-Doo MXZ X 850 E Tec won the top spot for Snowmobile of the Year by Snow Goer Magazine.

They earned recognition for Ski-Doo’s innovative engineering, such as engine reverse, anti-theft systems, adjustable carbide runners, and cleaner operating engines.

The 2017 edition featured bold new design features making it the best of all time.

The 2023 model is an example of the continuous improvements of the brand, but it’s essential to give the 2017 model its due as a trailblazer.

7 – Best Yamaha Snowmobile Ever Made – (1997 Vmax 700)


The 1992-2002 Yamaha Vmax-4 (700) variants were among the best Yamaha snowmobiles ever made.

It broke new ground in 1997 with its high-displacement four-cylinder engine. It was a breakthrough in engine technology that pioneered the muscle sled niche in the snowmobile industry.

This model won victories on the racetracks and countless awards from the press within the industry in 1992.

By 1997, the Vmax 4 evolved into one of the best snowmobiles with its unique technologies and capabilities.

In snowmobile forum polls, the Yamaha brand of snowmobiles received the most votes as the best snowmobile in production today. The Yamaha

Breakthrough Technologies

The 1997 Yamaha Vmax-4, with its innovative and game-changing technologies, was knowns for its razor-sharp handling thanks to its new trailing arm design.

The powerful triple-cylinder engine was an industry first. It delivered a high performance with quick-revving power that was an instant success.

The Pro Action suspension and lightweight chassis took it to the top of its class. It was the lightest sled for the model year, displacing the popular Polaris in tech.

It was the first production sled to feature digital CDI. To reduce vibration, Yamaha reduced its design to revise the engine from the crankshaft center.

The result: enhanced durability and ride smoothness.

Outstanding Features

  • Lightweight – Yamaha’s use of lighter materials and innovative design technologies brought the weight of this sled to a mere 400 lbs.
  • Powerful Engine – The 4-cylinder 2-stroke 743 cc engine underwent consistent tweaks to deliver maximum performance throughout its lifecycle. Revised port timing and higher compression ratios were hallmarks of the engineering tech. It was also available in a 600 edition.
  • Aluminum Skis – Yamaha equipped the 1992 Vmax-4 with new aluminum skis and plastic bottoms, giving it better traction.
  • Superior Traction Lugs – The new track for the Vmax 4 features deep grooved lugs that enhance traction above the capabilities of its competitors.
  • Wrap Around Windshield – The wrap-around windshield protects from the wind and has less drag.
  • Silent Chain – Yamaha reduced sled noise with a new chain case and a silent chain. Another convenience feature made this sled one of the best in the industry.

Sales Record

The Yamaha Vmax-4 was a big seller for the brand. In 1992 2,672 sleds were made, with 181 sleds in 1997 with sellouts.

The current vintage value of the Vmax-4 from 1997 is double that of 1992 because of its rarity.


Yamaha’s Vmax-4 is among the most significant models for the brand. The Vmax spawned a series of variants, each with unique differences in the market that set them apart.

Breakthrough technologies received recognition within the industry with numerous awards.

It was different and unique in its day. It gave riders new choices and new experiences remembered by riders from the era.

It was named “snowmobile of the year” by American Snowmobiler Magazine.

8 – Best Arctic Cat Snowmobile Ever Made – (1972 Arctic Cat Panther)


The Arctic Cat Panther was “the Cadillac of snowmobiles.” It became a best-seller from 1967 through the 1970s.

It was a cruiser that offered the most creature comforts for its era. The new design, breakthrough materials, and design features signaled a new era in snowmobile technologies.

It stands as a significant model in the history of the brand.

Breakthrough Technologies

  • New Body Materials – Arctic Cat switched from pig iron to fiberglass for the hood material for a more modern aesthetic.
  • Slide Rails – The old conveyor belt bogies got replaced with a new slide rails feature.
  • New Engine Mounting – Arctic Cat swapped the mounting position of the engine from the back of the snowmobile to the front.

Outstanding Features

  • New Aesthetics – The Arctic Cat Panther received an update in color from AC Tank Red to Black for a more refined appearance with its new fiberglass hood. It was also outfitted with shiny chrome to add visual appeal. The leopard print seat with its low windshield were all new features that made it stand out from the rest.
  • Riveted Aluminum Chassis – Arctic Cat switched from an industrial-strength steel chassis to a new aluminum chassis with rivets. It lightened the overall weight of the machine and made it easier to handle for better floatation across the snow.
  • Smooth, Quiet Operation – Engineers at Arctic Cat finely tuned the engine and exhaust system to provide riders with a smooth delivery of power with more quiet operation.
  • Flip-Up Hood – The Arctic Cat’s redesign also included a flip-up hood for user convenience.

Sales Records

Arctic Cat produced nearly 52,000 Panthers and sold them out during the 1972 snowmobiling season.

It outsold all of its competitors except for Bombardier. It emerged as the top-single season production model in 1972 that came in colors other than yellow.

What Made This The Best Arctic Cat Of All Time

No other model matched its innovative technologies. It delivered a powerful 440 engine, eye-catching aesthetics, and a revamp of its design.

New modern materials gave it an update in appearance, comfort, and performance.

The 1972 Panther was available in your choice of six engines ranging from the 451 8 horsepower Kohler 40cycle, a Sachs 303 Wankel rotary engine, the Kawasaki 440 axial fan twin, a 292 single for the cheapest price point, and a 340 and 399 axial fan two cylinders.

9 – Best Polaris Snowmobile Ever Made – (2018 Polaris Titan 800 Adventure)


The 2018 Polaris 800 Titan Adventure can power through heavy snow. It can handle all terrain types while pulling a heavy load with ample cargo space, available with a 2-seat drop.

It’s exceptional for trail riding, deep snow, or groomed trails. It’s also a racer for a versatile sled that complements multiple riding styles in a touring snowmobile class designation.

Breakthrough Technologies

  • Alpha Transmission – The all-new transmission for 2018 enhanced towing load up to 1,200 pounds with a high-low-neutral-reverse feature. It increased the capacity to pull loads through deep snow at slow speeds.
  • New Brake System – The Polaris Braking system provides instant response for reliable slows and stops. It’s in the right position to receive cooling airflow with high-durability components and an integrated brake with an integrated idler shaft.
  • Articulated Rear Suspension – Smoother ride on trails and better absorption of bumps and impacts. Easy switch between 1 and 2 riders with optimized suspension geometry.

Outstanding Features

  • 14-Gallon Fuel Capacity – The average fuel tank capacity is 9.5 gallons, with longer-range sleds featuring 11-gallon tanks. Polaris took it over the top with an extremely extended range in its 14-gallon tank.
  • Lock & Ride Versa Touring Passenger Seat – The heated passenger grips and footrests give optimal rider comfort.
  • Pro-Float Skis – New skis deliver high performance in floatation on trails.
  • 24″ Windshield – The high windshield provides superior rider protection from debris and the elements.
  • Versa Storage Platform – Optimized security, convenience, and cargo carrying space up to 85 lbs.

Sales Record

No information about sales for the Polaris 800 Titan Adventure is available now.


Polaris created the 800 Titan to answer previous performance deficiencies and take performance a notch above the competition.

It’s one of the most significant crossover sleds for 2018, taking a touring model into new territory.

Its great updates and technologies created a more versatile sled across the board.

10 – Best Ski-Doo Snowmobile Ever Made –(2023 Ski-Doo Expedition)


The new 2023 Ski-Doo Expedition is the latest edition of the brand’s versatile deep snow sleds. Continual improvement makes each model year better for Ski-Doo.

Breakthrough Technologies

  • REV Gen 4 Platform – Enhanced handling through the new Gen4 Platform with updates in a 4-year process of refinements to improve weight carrying, floatation, towing, and performance. The platform transformed the Expedition into a more rugged utility sled.
  • Reverse Gear Convenience – The new High-low-neutral easy shifting transmission has a push-button reverse gear.
  • Multi-LinQ Plate and LinQ Accessories

Outstanding Features

  • RASX Front Suspension – The RASX front suspension improves handling in all conditions with an additional 10mm suspension stroke for exceptional stability and comfort.
  • Choice of 6 Rotax Engines – Riders can choose among 6 Rotax engines with horsepower ratings from 85 to 180 in 2 and 4-stroke options. Among them is the 900 ACE Turbo R, one of the most outstanding on the market for power and efficiency.
  • REV Gen 4 Platform – Enhanced maneuverability with better control with less effort.
  • Pilot 7.4 Skis – Superior floatation over deep powder.
  • 2-Person Seating – The 2-up modular seating provides exceptional comfort for 2 with under-seat storage.

Sales Record

The new 2023 edition is available for ordering. Sales records will not be available until next year.

Previous models of the Expedition have sold out at many dealers. Ski-Doo has not released specific numbers.


The 2023 Expedition is Ski-Doo’s newest crossover snowmobile. It’s leading the way into a new era of snowmobiling with state-of-the-art technologies and continual evolution in design and performance.

Helpful Tips To Know About The Best Snowmobile Of All Time

The best snowmobile of all time established a legend with breakthrough technologies and features that set it apart from the rest.

It doesn’t matter that technologies have improved. Some older sleds maintain their significance in the history of the sport with relevance that continues today.

Older models can still fulfill rider needs when looking for the best snowmobiles, as many vintage enthusiasts can support.

Here are a few helpful tips, regardless of your preferred brand or style.

Outstanding Features

Don’t skimp on features when shopping for the best snowmobile. For you as a rider, it may be a vintage sled from 20 or 30 years ago or a new and innovative model.

Look for features that make the sled stand out from the others in your mind. Don’t settle for less on the features that can enhance your enjoyment of the ride.

For example, if your goal is to find the best trail snowmobile, look for heavier models with shorter tracks that are easy to maneuver for hours of riding.

Solid Reputation Of The Brand/Model

Trusted brands and models are known for reliability and rider satisfaction. The best snowmobile of all time has a solid track record for dependability and performance.

Confirm through reviews and sales records for the model. Also, read unbiased reviews that point out advantages and disadvantages.

Compare the top models to narrow down your choice of the best.

Insist On The Best Quality Within Your Budget

It’s wise to set your budget, then look for sleds that fall within the amounts you’re willing to spend.

Find several snowmobiles that have outstanding features and technologies that make them comfortable and fun to ride.

Choose the model closest to meet every feature on your wish list within your budget.

Final Thoughts

The best snowmobiles of all time are subjective, depending on who you ask. We found the most significant models with the best sales records or notable technologies to highlight.

Each offers a unique contribution to the snowmobile industry. Most on our list are still available for purchase, either new, used, or in the collectibles segment of the market.

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