7 Best Snowmobile Knee Pads: (Buyers Guide)

Best Snowmobile Knee Pads

Tired of banging your knees on a snowmobile console? Eliminate the pain and discomfort with knee pads. It’s essential safety gear that can solve the problem. The best snowmobile knee pads provide comfort and protection without cramping or pinching.

This guide shows you how to determine which pads will work best for you and gives you detailed information on the 7 best in the industry today.

The Skinz Protective Gear Pro-Series Console Knee Pad is the best snowmobile knee pad. It’s constructed of quality Neoprene, Nylon, and rubber materials for strong and soft knee protection. These pads eliminate knee impacts on the console and tank. It’s best for people with knee conditions.

Top 7 Best Snowmobile Knee Pads

1 – Leatt Knee Pads

Leatt 3DF Hybrid Knee Guard
  • Plastic reinforced 3DF soft protection
  • Hybrid combination, Soft and comfortable, 3DF foam Deflecting Hard Shell
  • Moisture Cool wicking fabric
  • Silicone lamination to keep protector in place
  • CE certified for impact protection EN1621-1

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Leatt is a high-end brand that provides trusted knee protection devices and pads for all power sports riders.

The 3DF Hybrid Knee Guard is the ultimate in knee and shin protection, especially for riders with impairments or knee/shin conditions aggravated by impacts.

Outstanding Features

  • Premium Materials – High-quality and innovative plastic and silicone materials provide firm yet soft support. The plastic components are shatter-resistant. The ideal combination of stiff support and soft padding is ideal for optimal knee and shin protection with 3DF technology.
  • Hybrid Technology – The hard shell provides knee and shin protection and support with 3D foam for a hybrid system that is both soft and comfortable.
  • Moisture Wicking – The fabric of the pads wicks moisture away from the body for a drier and more comfortable riding experience.
  • Stays In Place – The design of the guard and pads features a silicone laminate. It holds the protector firmly in place for no slipping or sliding.
  • Maximum Impact Protection – This product is CE certified to provide impact protection aligned with standard EN 1621-1.
  • Choice of Colors – This device is available in blue, green, or white colors.

User Experience

41 consumers bought, used, and gave their opinions on the quality of the Leatt 3DF Hybrid Knee Guard.

The overall score is 4.5 out of 5. 68% gave it a perfect 5-star rating for the high-end quality, commenting they’re well-built and comfortable for hours of use.

18% gave it 4 stars. Users also liked the breathable design, the versatility for all-purpose protection, knee protection, ease of cleaning, and compatibility with all activity types.

Price Comparison

The price of Leatt’s Hybrid Knee Guard is $94.90. It’s more expensive than most comparable brands because of the trusted name for medical support in all types of sports, exceptional designs, and premium quality materials.

What I Like

  • Optimal protection for the knees
  • Versatile applications
  • Premium quality materials
  • Comfort and unique design. The style eliminates the need to match it with a specific type of snowmobile

What I Dislike

  • It’s expensive

Product Updates

This product became available on November 27, 2014. The manufacturer issued no product updates.

2 – Skinz Knee Pads

Skinz Protective Gear Pro-Series Console Knee Pads
  • Skinz Protective Gear Pro-Series Console Knee Pads

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Skinz is a trusted brand in protective gear for power sports. The Pro-Series Console Knee Pads are durable for longevity during frequent use.

The signature Neoprene and Nylon fabrics are soft and flexible to protect the knees from sustaining an injury from contact with the console or tank.

Outstanding Features

  • Quality Materials – The materials feature innovative Neoprene, Nylon, and Synthetic Rubber. They’re durable with soft yet firm protection for the knees.
  • Trusted Brand – Skinz is a trusted brand in protective gear. The products are high performance, durability, and long life.
  • Full Coverage – These pads wrap around the area where the knees most often come into contact with the snowmobile. They wrap around the machine from the console to the tank to reduce impacts. Dimensions are 12.7 x 12.7 x 1.7 inches.

User Experience

7 people gave honest opinions of this product’s quality, based on their experience.

The overall rating is a perfect 5 out of 5 stars, with 100% giving it their highest recommendations.

The pads eliminate knee impacts on the tank and console. One consumer recommends it for anyone with scar tissue, surgeries, or knee conditions.

Price Comparison

The Skiz Pro-Series Console Knee Pads cost $87.77. They’re about third on our list for most expensive but land in the mid-range for cost.

They’re an exceptional value for the cost, with the highest consumer ratings.

What I Like

  • Perfect ratings from consumer reviews
  • Premium product with quality materials
  • Comfort for the knees in a product with offers protection for riders with knee impairments or injuries

What I Dislike

  • Consumers supplied no negative feedback for this product

Product Updates

This product became available on June 4, 2012. No known updates are published.

3 – Polaris Snowmobile Knee Pads

Polaris Snowmobile Knee Pads
  • One (1) Pair of Knee Pads
  • Provides protection to knees from bumps against the console
  • High quality, durable foam construction for lasting quality
  • 1-Year Warranty from Date of Purchase

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Enjoy the comfort and protection of Genuine Polaris snowmobile knee pads. It’s a genuine product that comes in a set of 2 pads to guard against injuries from impacts against the console.

Outstanding Features

  • Foam Construction – These knee pads provide simple foam protection for riders who prefer a soft landing against the console.
  • Universal Fit – The dimensions of each pad are 00.63 x 0.63. You can mount them at the ideal spot on the sled for perfect protection from console contact.
  • Premium Quality Materials – The unique foam formulation is of premium quality and durable for ultimate knee protection and longevity.

User Experience

1 person bought, used, and gave their opinion on Polaris Knee pads. A perfect score of 5 out of 5 makes this one of the top 2 products in my reviews.

Price Comparison

The price of this product is $54.99. It’s the second least expensive on my list while retaining quality.

What I Like

  • Simple design with soft yet durable foam
  • Perfect consumer ratings
  • Premium Materials
  • Trusted Polaris brand and a genuine accessory from the brand’s factory
  • Affordable price for a premium product

What I Dislike

  • Only 1 consumer rating available

Product Updates

This product became available on January 1, 2015, with no known updates.

4 – Snowmobile Console Knee Pads

Ski-Doo Manual Reverse Knee Pads (REV Gen4 (Wide) with manual reverse)
  • Provides comfort, impact protection, and extra grip
  • Easy install with peel-off adhesive
  • Injected molded soft material
  • REV Gen4 (Wide) 16″ with manual reverse
  • This is a factory original equipment item, not an aftermarket

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Ski-Doo’s genuine accessory is a trusted product. Unlike many other brands and models, the Manual Reverse Knee Pads fit wide 16″ machines with manual reverse.

Maintain control of your machine with comfort and knee protection with the REV Gen 4 premium console pad set

Outstanding Features

  • Factory Original – This product is a premium factory original product from the trusted Ski-Doo brand. It’s not an aftermarket product.
  • Wide REV Gen 4 Compatibility – These console pads are compatible with various REV Gen4 platform snowmobiles with manual reverse and 16″ wide. The dimensions of the pads are 20x6x6 inches.
  • Injected Molding Technology – The innovative injected molded pads feature soft yet durable material for ultimate comfort and protection.
  • User Control – The design of the pads gives riders extra knee grip without cramping or pinching for more sled and body control.
  • Easy To Install – These pads come with a peel-off adhesive feature for fast and easy installation.

User Experience

4 users rated these pads with an overall score of 3.5 out of 5. It’s above average in ratings, with 48% giving a perfect score of 5.

Price Comparison

The price of the Ski-Doo console pads is$109.99. It’s the most expensive compared to this review’s other 6 knee pad options.

What I Like

  • Easy to install
  • Premium brand-name product
  • Positive user comments about comfort and performance
  • Trusted Brand/not aftermarket

What I Dislike

  • Consumer ratings are not as high as other products. However, they are still above average.

Product Updates

August 20, 2019

5 – Ski-Doo XS Knee Pads


This kneepad set is a trademarked Sletred product. It’s compatibility-specific with Ski-Doo models from 2013 through 2019 with the electric start feature on an XS chassis.

Compatible with Summits, Renegades, and possibly other models.

Outstanding Features

  • Thick Comfortable Padding – The pads are thick with 14.5 mm depth for ultimate protection from impacts on the console.
  • Easy To Install – These pads adhere to the machine with 3M brand adhesive backing. Peel to reveal the adhesive for fast and easy installation.
  • Longevity – 3M is the strongest adhesive on the market for maximum sticking power.

User Experience

Few user reviews are available on the internet. A social media site indicated a perfect 5-star review for quality and performance.

It’s the most affordable set of pads without dropping the quality.

Price Comparison

The price of this product is $49.99.

What I Like

  • Quality materials
  • Easy to install
  • High consumer reveiws
  • Most affordable price

What I Dislike

  • It’s an aftermarket product.
  • Limited verifiable reviews available.

Product Updates

No information about the release date or updates for this item is available.

6 – Ski-Doo Gen 4 Knee Pads

Ski-Doo New OEM Knee Pads
  • Designed for a perfect fit on REV Gen4 Ergo-step side panels to allow an easy transition to both stages of the panel.
  • Provide comfort and impact absorption and extra knee grip.
  • Injected molded soft material.
  • Easy install with peel off adhesive.
  • Compatibility: REV Gen4, MXZ and Renegade, REV Gen4 (wide) without mechanical reverse

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Ski-Doo quality in easy-to-install knee pads that mount quickly onto the side panels.

They provide exceptional knee protection from bumps in the road and other impacts.

Designed for compatibility with REV Gen 4 machines without mechanical reverse, including MXZ and Renegade.

Outstanding Features

  • REV Gen-4 Specific – The design eliminates the guesswork when shopping for console knee pads for the Rev Gen4 Ski-Doo models with Ergo-step side panels.
  • Premium Materials – The injected molded pads feature soft material that absorbs shocks and impacts with softness against the knees.
  • Extra Knee Grip – The pads help riders maintain superior control of the machine during bumps and jostles. The design promotes an extra knee grip.
  • Easy To Install – Installation couldn’t be easier with the peel-off adhesive. You can install it in seconds with no tools or other adhesives required.

User Experience

12 users bought, used, and gave their opinions on the quality and performance of this product.

The overall rating is above average, with a 3.5 out of 5 score. 39% of consumers gave it a perfect 5-star rating.

27% gave it a 4-star rating. Some were not impressed with the ultra-light padding as they expected the pads to feature higher thickness.

Price Comparison

The cost of this product is $84.64. It’s in the mid-range in pricing, comparable with the cost of other Ski-Doo knee pads, but less expensive than the Leatt brand. Polaris knee pads are less expensive.

What I Like

  • Moderate pricing
  • Ultra-lightweight protection for riders who prefer a thinner pad
  • Ski-Doo’s trusted reputation and wide range of product choices
  • Easy to install

What I Dislike

  • Some users were not aware of its ultra-light padding and complained
  • Consumer ratings slightly above average

Product Updates

This product became available on March 31, 2016. Although advertised as “New,” the manufacturer provides no details on updates.

7 – Ski-Doo 850 Knee Pads

Ski-Doo New OEM Ergo Knee Pads, 860201917 860201363
  • Designed for a perfect fit on REV Gen4 Summit side panels.
  • Provide comfort, impact absorption and extra knee grip.
  • Injected molded soft material.
  • Easy install with peel-off adhesive.
  • Compatibility: REV Gen4 (Narrow) Summit, Backcountry, Freeride, XS, XM with electric start

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Genuine Ski-Doo brand New OEM Knee pads with easy installation feature.

Sold in pairs with a perfect fit for Summit side panels on REV 4th generation platform.

Comfort, protection from impacts, and extra knee grip.

Outstanding Features

  • Peel-Off Adhesive Installation – Installation couldn’t be easier with the peel-off feature that vies you the convenience of a pre-glued surface for fast and efficient mounting in seconds. Just position the pads before applying them, as the glue is strong.
  • Injected Molding – The injected molding and soft materials provide exceptional protection and comfort to the knees from bumps against the console. Premium-quality design and materials hold up for years when properly installed.
  • Summit 4th Generation-Specific – These pads are guaranteed to fit if you have a Ski-Doo Summit machine in a 4th-generation platform. The dimensions are 17x8x8 inches, with compatibility for some other machines with a similar design. They’re also compatible with Backcountry, Freeride, SM, and XM with electric start.
  • Exceptional Knee Protection – The innovative materials of the pads absorb impacts to lessen jolting while providing extra knee grip for better control of the machine without interruption.

User Experience

9 consumers who purchased and used the pads gave it an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5.

77% gave it perfect 5-star ratings. Some reviewers confirmed that the pads are comfortable, attractive, and perform well.

Some buyers were confused about the self-adhesive. They gave it low marks for poor instructions for choosing the right adhesive.

It’s already on the pads if you just peel the covering.

Price Comparison

The price of these console pads is $81.99 for a pair. They’re less expensive than the high-end Leatt brace-based pads and most other models.

Because of the high quality and performance, and wide range of machine compatibility, they’re a great value for the price.

What I Like

  • High consumer ratings
  • Easy installation
  • Trusted brand name
  • Light-duty comfort for the knees

What I Dislike

  • Consumers were confused about the adhesive/peel and stick feature. Better information for instructions would be helpful

Product Updates

This product became available on March 31, 2016. No known updates from the manufacturer.

How To Choose The Best Snowmobile Knee Pads

1 – Mobility Is Essential

Snowmobile knee pads come in various styles and designs. Everyone has a different leg length, width, and body style.

Choose pads that provide ample protection for the knees without limiting your mobility.

The right pads are flexible in all the right places and allow you to move all leg parts without restricting your movement or causing friction or cramping, which works for one person and many for another.

You can learn more about the model by reading the full product description and referring to consumer reviews to hear about other riders’ experiences.

If you see multiple complaints about pinching or inflexibility, it’s best to continue looking at other brands/models.

2 – Quality Of Materials

It’s best to choose snowmobile knee pads made of premium materials versus cheaper versions that are less durable.

The quality and durability depend on the strength and performance of each material used in its construction.

For example, Neoprene offers comfort and stretch. Some better materials include thick EVA foam for flexibility and softness with injected molded plastic for support.

The elastic must be durable with the strength and memory to return to its original shape to fit snugly yet comfortably against the legs.

3 – Get The Best Fit

Check the sizing specifications of the knee pads before you buy. Snowmobile knee pads should be compatible with the dimensions of your leg in length, the knee section, the diameter around the knee, and the upper and lower calf.

Measure your legs in these areas, then choose a size compatible with your body type.

Snowmobile knee pads have stretchy bands that hold them securely to different parts of your leg with a solid front.

The front part protects your knees from jarring and prevents injury to your knees and bumps against the console.

The front must be the best size to protect the knees without pinching or cramping behind the leg or inhibiting your mobility.

The wrong size that’s too tight can be uncomfortable, causing pinching and cramping.

If the pads are too large, they may turn from one side to the other, causing more discomfort and distraction.

4 – Choose The Best Level Of Padding

Snowmobile knee pads come in different degrees of padding.

While the padding thickness can make them more comfortable and give various levels of protection, you should choose the thickness by the thickness per the type of riding conditions.

Extreme snowmobilers with aggressive riding styles over rough terrain could benefit from thicker padding for extra protection from hard bumps.

Easy trail riders can usually get by with thinner padding. Groomed trail riders may benefit from the light-duty pads because they’re less heavy and more comfortable. They’re also less restrictive.

Console pads offer knee protection from rubbing and banging against the console. They come in various sizes, some universal, and others are model-specific.

5 – Consider Relevant Features

Some snowmobile knee pads have a basic construction, more like a brace. Others offer features that provide shin and ankle protection.

Shin guards are available, but some riders don’t use them. The choice is yours.

Consider your safety needs and opt for the knee pad features and styling that most closely satisfy your preferences for body protection.

Riders with injuries or medical conditions affecting the joints may benefit from full protection.

Helpful Tips To Know About The Best Snowmobile Knee Pads

  • Measure your leg length and diameter at key points to find the best size to fit your body.
  • Read consumer reviews to learn more about the experience of other riders. A few negative comments are fine, but if half are on the fence, the quality or performance could also become an issue for you.
  • Compare several brands/models to determine the best choice for you.
  • Find the best value for the cost. Comparing models that will fit your leg and provide the preferred level of protection and comfort can help you find the more affordable model. The most are not always the best, nor is the cheapest always the worst.

Final Thoughts

Snowmobile knee pads come in two types. The most popular is the console type, which sticks directly to the snowmobile.

The other is a body device that straps to the legs. People with knee or shin discomfort issues find the strap-on or pull-on body pads the most protective for injured legs, knees, shins, or ankles.

When deciding on the best option, ensure that the leg-worn pads fit your body comfortably. Never sacrifice quality and useful features for a cheaper price.

Knee pads are ultimately for protection and comfort on your ride. I’ve provided the 7 top-rated models in varying styles and brands to help narrow your choices.

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