Best Snowmobile Helmet For Big Head: (Top 5)

Best Snowmobile Helmet For Big Head

The best snowmobile helmet for big-head riders fits snugly yet comfortably. The challenge is finding the best style to fit the size and shape of the head for maximum protection. It takes measurement and comparison of head dimensions vs. helmet dimensions to get the best fit.

I prepared the best snowmobile helmet for an extensive head guide to show you everything you need to know for a perfect fit, with the five top picks.

The 509 Altitude 2.0 Carbon Fiber 3K Helmet ECE Hi-Flow Storm Chaser from 2021 is the best snowmobile helmet for a big head. It’s available in sizes to fit all head sizes with premium carbon fiber materials for maximum head protection and longevity. It’s DOT approved with the highest consumer ratings at a mid-range price that offers exceptional value.

What Is The Biggest Size Snowmobile Helmet

An enormous size snowmobile helmet is a 5XL. Dimensions depend on the manufacturer.

If you know your hat size, you’re partway there, but the shape and configurations of each helmet style differ from one brand and model to another.

It’s essential to measure the head and compare it with the dimensions provided by the helmet manufacturer for each size.

Top 5 Best Snowmobile Helmets For Large Head

1 – Typhoon Helmets Adult Full Face Snowmobile Helmet With Heated Shield DOT

Typhoon Helmets Adult Full Face Snowmobile Helmet with Heated Shield DOT (Matte Green, 4XL)
  • Full face snowmobile helmet with a dual lens heated shield, removable chin skirt, durable matte finish. The heated shield is designed to be used with a snowmobile and with the power cord provided. If you are planning to modify the cord or use the helmet and shield in a application other than a snowmobile please understand that they warranty on the shield and cord will be voided.
  • Please take just a few minutes to measure for size before you place your order and use our size chart to order. Please do not select your size with our helmets based upon the size you have now or worn before. No two helmet brands fit the same so the best way to get the right size is to measure and select your size from our size chart. Head shapes can affect how a helmet fits. If you are over the top of any size by even a small amount then the helmet will most likely be tight on you.
  • Size Chart (Circumference of the largest part of your head, usually just above the eyebrows) in inches XXXL: 24 to 24 ½ – XXXXL: 24 ½ to 25. . Leave the measuring tape loose a bit, don’t pull it too tight. Loose like a hat would fit. The size chart is meant to be a starting point.
  • Meets the DOT standard (FMVSS218); We ensure that the helmets we sell meet the DOT standard by having them tested regularly at an independent test facility. Typhoon Helmets is an American owned business that has been providing high quality certified helmets for more that 10 years.
  • Please note, any product that is returned for a refund will be refunded less the cost you paid for us to send the order to you and the cost of the return label if you were provided one by Amazon.

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The Typhoon Adult Full-Face Snowmobile helmet is DOT approved for your safety with comfort, and convenience features make it an exceptional choice for snowmobilers requiring larger sizes.

It’s available in sizes from small to 4XL to equip everyone in the family with quality safety gear.

Outstanding Features

  • DOT Approved – This helmet meets stringent Department of Transportation standard FMVSS218 to protect against crash injuries.
  • Durable Materials – The outer shell is made of solid polycarbonate material for shatter and cracks resistance for rider safety.
  • Aerodynamic Shell – The helmet features an attractive sculpted aesthetic that provides aerodynamics for less wind resistance.
  • Heated Shield – The heated shield in this helmet features double panes with a coating of anti-fog technology.
  • Quick Release Strap – The micro-ratcheting strap holds the helmet firmly in place. It comes equipped with a quick release function for fast removal of the helmet with ease.
  • Adjustable Chin Skirt And Breath Box – The breath box keeps exhaled air away from the goggle area with a chin skirt to prevent cold air from entering the face area.
  • Air Ventilation System – Chimney vents are dual and adjustable on the upper helmet with open and close features on the lower air intake ventilation rail for optimal airflow.
  • Removable Liner – The padded liner wicks moisture away from the skin for comfort. It’s removable and washable for enhanced hygiene.

User Experience

The Typhoon helmet with heat shield received an overall rating of 3.7 out of 5 in consumer satisfaction from 4 customers who bought and used it.

56% gave it a perfect 5-star rating for quality, convenience, and satisfaction.

A few consumers lowered their ratings because you need to buy a 12-volt connector to use the heat shield, and some didn’t like the amount of outside noise you hear when riding.

Overall, the majority recommend this helmet to others and give it a thumbs up.

Price Comparison

The Typhoon Adult helmet with a heated shield costs $159.22. The Ski-Doo Oxygen model costs $649.99, and the Vega Helmet is $199.99.

It’s an excellent mid-range price for a premium snowmobile helmet for large heads that offers a budget solution while maintaining its quality.

It’s the cheapest large snowmobile helmet on the list.

What I Like

  • The helmet comes with two face shields made of impact-resistant material.
  • Detailed measuring instructions for sizes x-small through 4XL for all head sizes.
  • Premium materials for comfort and longevity.
  • Lightweight.

What I Dislike

  • Must buy a 12-volt connector to use the heat shield.
  • Some users complain about the lack of outside noise dampening.

Product Updates

This helmet became available on March 4, 2021. It’s a new model that is not yet updated.

2 – Ski-Doo 2021 Oxygen Helmet Black XXXL

Ski-Doo New OEM, Heated Oxygen Helmet (DOT) 3XL, 9290191690
  • Lightweight M-FORGE Composite shell – 20% lighter than the BV2S helmet and 16% lighter than the Modular helmet.
  • Sun visor heated chamber. Amplified heated visor with pivot contact system. Retractable amber sun visor.
  • Prescription eyeglasses friendly. Adjustable humidity extractor vents. Unobstructed panoramic field of vision for incredible mask-less riding experience.
  • Durable anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings. Optional front LED utility light.
  • NCS System: Reduces noise up to 2 times more than the BV2S helmet and up to 3 times more than the Modular helmet.

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Ski-Doo’s Oxygen Helmet comes in a range of sizes up to XXXL. It’s light for rider comfort with customizable features for total comfort and riding protection.

Noise reduction is at a premium with a clear visual range and room for eyeglasses.

Outstanding Features

  • Premium Shell Material – The shell is an M-Forge Composite material that is light and strong for optimal protection and rider comfort.
  • Heated Sun Visor – the sun visor has a heated chamber with a pivot contact system that heats the air to reduce fogging. The sun visor is an amber color and retractable.
  • Anti-Fog – Anti-Fog technology provides a clear and fog-free view of your surroundings. You can control the temperature with remote control.
  • Excellent Ventilation – The ventilation system offers riders manual adjustability of the airflow without the need for a breath mask.
  • LED Utility Light – A handy LED utility light is available as an option for the front of the helmet.
  • Quiet Ride – This helmet comes equipped with Ski-Doo’s NCS system, which reduces noise by 2 to 3 times that of comparable helmets.
  • Eyeglass-Friendly – The design of this helmet easily accommodates prescription eyeglasses.

User Experience

Consumers who purchased this helmet gave it an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 for quality and satisfaction.

90 reviewers contributed their experiences, with 76% giving sit a perfect 5-star rating.

Some comments include “awesome helmet” and discuss that it fits well and promotes an excellent field of vision.

It’s warm and quiet and offers premium quality that’s hard to beat.

Price Comparison

This helmet costs $649.99. It’s the most expensive on our list of the top 5 with premium materials, construction, quality, and features. Most owners find it a good value for the cost.

What I Like

  • It comes in a range of sizes for riders with large heads.
  • Trusted brand with premium materials and design for longevity and maximum protection.
  • Adjustable ventilation system for maximum comfort.
  • Wide field of vision with anti-fog features.

What I Dislike

  • It’s expensive.

Product Updates

This product became available on July 21, 2019. The company has not released any information about updates yet.

3 – 509 Altitude 2.0 Carbon Fiber 3K Helmet (ECE) Hi-Flow (Storm Chaser)

509 Altitude 2.0 Carbon Fiber 3K Helmet (ECE) Hi-Flow (Storm Chaser)
  • Hand lay-up carbon fiber composite construction
  • Upper vents for airflow control
  • Go-Pro mounting capability, improved design
  • Fidlock chinstrap strap closure for easy in and out
  • DOT approved. Meets the FMVSS 218 Standard

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The 509 Altitude 2.0 is a premium quality helmet with an updated carbon fiber composite material for maximum head protection and longevity.

It provides ventilation for rider comfort with an easy removal system that keeps the helmet firmly in place until it’s time to take it off.

Outstanding Features

  • New and Innovative Material – The shell is a carbon fiber composite constructed through hand lay-up for maximum quality and toughness.
  • Adjustable Ventilation – The upper vents on this helmet are fully adjustable by the rider to control the airflow and ventilation.
  • New Go-Pro Mounts – The helmet design is improved over previous models for enhanced Go-Pro mounting capability to record riding events.
  • Quick-Release Chinstrap – The Fidlock chinstrap keeps the helmet securely in place until you’re ready to take it off. It’s easy to release for fast removal.
  • Approved by Safety Standards – This helmet is approved as safe by the Department of Transportation with MVSS 218 Standard safety certification.

User Experience

8 consumers purchased and used this helmet, then left their opinions of its value and quality.

They gave it a 4.8 out of 5 for satisfaction with its performance. 83%$ of reviewers gave it a perfect 5-star rating and 17% ranked it with 4 stars.

They recommend it as the lightest helmet on the market that fits nicely on the head. Some owners would like a little more venting.

Price Comparison

This helmet costs $399.95. It’s neither the most expensive nor the cheapest on our list.

The mid-range price compared to the Ski-Doo’s is $649.99, and the $159 Typhoon puts it in the middle with premium quality construction and materials for a reasonable cost.

Its outstanding feature is the lightweight comfort it offers, maximizing rider comfort.

What I Like

  • Premium materials from a trusted brand.
  • High consumer confidence and recommendations.
  • Updated materials for enhanced strength and performance.
  • Adaptable for Go-Pro use.

What I Dislike

  • It could use a few more vents

Product Updates

This product became available on June 20, 2019. It has since been updated in 2021 with a new hand lay-up carbon composite material and an improved design for mounting a Go-Pro camera.

4 – VEGA Helmets V-Star Snowmobile Helmet

VEGA Helmets V-Star Snowmobile Helmet
  • Meets or Exceeds US DOT FMVSS No.218 safety standards
  • Lightweight (only 3.6lbs) Aerodynamic Special Engineering ABS shell has 3 large adjustable air intake ports and a massive rear exhaust combined with a multichannel inner EPS for maximum Protection and air flow for your rider.
  • ELECTRIC HEATED SURE SEAL contoured and locking shield system eliminates fogging and water penetration shield comes with 9ft long silver coated heavy duty, easy to connect, 12volt fuse protected, RCA jack cord.
  • Includes breath deflector & balaclava.
  • COMFORT TECH wic dri liner system is extremely soft and very comfortable. Liner is also removable for cleaning or replacing

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Vega’s V-Star Snowmobile Helmet offers an exclusive collection of features and accessories for protection and rider comfort.

It’s available in Medium through 3X Large for riders requiring larger sizes.

Outstanding Features

  • Approved Safety Gear for Snowmobiling – This helmet exceeds US Department of Transportation FMVSS 218 safety standards for protection against head injury.
  • Removable Comfort Liner – The soft, padded liner contains materials that wick moisture away from the skin for dry comfort. It’s removable for cleaning and replacement.
  • Lightweight Construction – The materials are lightweight for a helmet that weighs an average of 3.6 pounds.
  • Electric Heated Shield – The Sure Seal locking shield system is contoured for comfort and fits with electric heating that eliminates moisture penetration and fogging.
  • Extra Accessories – Additional standard features are a breath deflector and thin balaclava.

User Experience

11 consumers purchased and rated this item from their experiences. 75% gave it a perfect score of 5 out of 5.

The overall score is 4.6 out of 5 for a nearly perfect satisfaction and performance ranking.

Price Comparison

This helmet costs $199.00 to $229, depending on the size. It’s a little more expensive than the Typhoon helmet, which is the most affordable on this list, but far cheaper than the other premium helmets for large heads.

Although the price is lower, the quality remains high as protective gear can save your life in an accident.

What I Like

  • Removable liner for hygiene.
  • Lightweight for all-day comfort.
  • High consumer ratings and recommendations from users.
  • Full featured with heated shield, breath deflector, and balaclava.

What I Dislike

  • D-Ring chinstrap is not easy to remove as with some quick-release models.

Product Updates

This product became available on January 2, 2022. It’s a new model with no current updates.

5 – Castle X EXO-CX950 Modular Snowmobile Helmet Solid Matte Black

Castle X CX950 Modular Snow Helmet (Matte Black – 2X-Large)
  • Advanced LG Polycarbonate Shell developed exclusively by Scorpion
  • EverClear Dual Pane Shield
  • EverClear SpeedView Drop-Down SunVisor
  • Communication System Speaker Pockets
  • DOT approved. Meets the FMVSS 218 Standard

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Castle’s X EXO-CX950 is a modular helmet in sizes from Medium to 3X Large.

The advanced materials are strong for durability with innovative Faceshield features, making it a dream to wear.

Outstanding Features

  • Polycarbonate Shell – The shell is an advanced LG polycarbonate material formulated exclusively for strength and durability.
  • Exceptional Ventilation System – The dual density EPS ventilation is Aero-Tuned to allow maximum airflow to prevent sweat and fogging.
  • Anti-Fog System – The face shield is a dual-pane no fog type that prevents the development of fogging and condensation.
  • Compatible With Eyeglasses – The eyeport is oversized to provide a comprehensive field view with ample room for prescription eyeglasses.
  • Communication System Compatible – This helmet features Pockets to hold Communication system speakers.

Other Features

It has a KwickWick II comfort liner, cheek pads, a chin curtain, a breath box, and a flip-up chin bar.

User Experience

6 users reviewed this product with an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 for quality, performance, and satisfaction.

70% gave it a perfect 5-star rating. Some recommend it as the best helmet they’ve owned, with sits switchable shield for goggles and other features.

Price Comparison

This helmet costs $294.99. It’s the 3rd most expensive on the list and is the mid-range in price comparisons. It’s a good value for the cost.

What I Like

  • Drop-down sun visor is convenient.
  • Loaded with valuable features for convenience, e.g., flip-up chin bar and visor.
  • Compatible with a communications system
  • Comes in a variety of sizes through 3XL

What I Dislike

  • It’s expensive.

Product Updates

This product became available on October 14, 2016. No information about updates is available from the manufacturer.

How To Choose The Best Snowmobile Helmet For Big Head

1 – Try It On

If you’re unaccustomed to a brand’s fit, it’s best to try one before you buy. Some helmets with a size XL may not fit a rider with a big head and an XXL in another brand.

While the size indication gives you an idea of the fit, the sizing is not always accurate from one brand or model to another.

If you find a deal on a helmet online, it’s wise to go to a local brick-and-mortar retailer and try the particular brand and model on your head to ensure that the size fits your head to precision.

The differences across brands and models are significant enough to impact the fit. You may need an XL for one model and an XXL for another, so it’s best to try them out in advance to be sure.

A helmet that does not have a proper fit cannot provide the protection you need from injuries in an accident.

If you’re buying online, measure your head circumference at the brow and compare it with the specs provided by the manufacturer.

2 – Highest Safety Rating

You should only buy a snowmobile helmet approved and certified by the US Department of Transportation for durability and protection during a crash.

Unapproved helmets may not provide the construction and design that prevents severe injury or death in an accident.

3 – Choose A Lightweight Yet Sturdy Helmet

Snowmobiling helmets come in a range of different materials. The primary consideration is strength and safety, but weight is also a consideration.

Heavy materials can make the helmet uncomfortable to wear for a long.

New advanced polycarbonate and other materials are strong enough for protection but weigh less than the more outdated heavy materials, leading to neck strain and fatigue.

4 – Comfort Features

Consider the helmet’s fit along with your lifestyle to pick the one with the most beneficial features.

Check out everything from the cheek pads to the liner. Using a communication system, you’ll need a helmet to accommodate the equipment.

Other features may include:

  • Prescription eyeglass compatibility.
  • Flip-up visors.
  • Easy-release chin straps.
  • Other things that make it comfortable and convenient.

5 – Budget Alignment

A wide range of snowmobile helmets for big heads is available today. Choose a variety of premium quality helmets that fit your budget to find the best for what you have to spend.

Some mid-range options come with an expensive brand’s features for a lower price.

Helpful Tips To Know About The Best Snowmobile Helmet For Big Head

Riders with big heads require more oversized helmets for comfort and protection. When choosing the best, consider safety and comfort feature your top priority.

Here are a few more tips to consider to get the best snowmobile helmet for a large head:

  • Read consumer reviews. A helmet may sound like a good deal, but others can tell you about their experiences to help you decide if the benefits outweigh any potential disadvantages.
  • Don’t skimp on features. If there’s a slight price difference, it’s better to spend the extra money on a helmet you will be more satisfied with in the long run.
  • Choose quality over price. Not all expensive helmets are better, but some cheaper brands use inferior materials that may be uncomfortable or worn more quickly. Don’t settle for a poor-quality helmet to save money. It’s not worth the risk of injury or the expense of buying a new one if it doesn’t perform.

Final Thoughts

It’s not hard to find a snowmobile helmet for big heads if you take accurate measurements and confirm the helmet’s dimensions before buying.

I’ve provided a guide highlighting the essential things to consider before making your final choice and the five most highly recommended options for extra large-sized products.

Put safety ratings first, comfort next, and convenient features with affordability in that order, and you’ll come away with the best helmet to suit your needs as a rider.

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