Best Snowmobile For Tall Rider: (Top 3)

Best Snowmobile For Tall Rider

Tall snowmobile riders require a riding position that is comfortable to prevent the knees from banging into the console.

The rise of the machine, the seat height, and the riding position are considerations for finding the best snowmobile for a tall rider.

The best snowmobile for a tall rider is the 850 Pro RMK QD2 174 3″. This sled is customizable through Polaris dealerships for the ultimate fit and comfort. It’s powerful, has a heavy-duty construction, and has a comfortable unisex seat.

What Type Of Snowmobile Is Best For Tall Riders

A snowmobile with an adjustable front suspension, a taller seat, and a higher rise of 6 to 8 inches is best for tall riders.

It’s essential to get the proper seat height and riding position for leg comfort. A longer track of 136 to 144 inches is also desirable for weight distribution.

Top 3 Best Snowmobiles For Tall Riders

1 – Best Snowmobile For Big Guy – (Arctic Cat M 8000 Hardcore Alpha One)

The Arctic Cat M8000 Hardcore Alpha One is a competitive snowmobile with heavy-duty suspension.

A lighter build keeps it on top of the snow, with a unique design to prevent snow accumulation.

Enhanced maneuverability makes mountain sledding more fun and easier.


  • Single Beam Rear Suspension – The Alpha One single beam rear suspension is a revolutionary design that prevents snow from being trapped in the moving parts and lower portions of the snowmobile. It reduces bog down and keeps the sled light and agile to move across the trails faster, with less effort. It enhances maneuverability and control for faster treks up steep mountain trails.
  • 8000 Series C-Tec2 Engine – The trademarked C-Tec2 engine is a twin-cylinder engine with 165 horsepower with the power to make steep climbs and punch through drifts and hilly terrain.
  • Arctic Mountain Suspension Front Suspension – Push through deep snow with the AMS that features lightweight spindles with the ideal geometry engineering for mountain riding in deep snow.
  • FOX Shocks – The Fox 1.5 Zero AS3 shocks are coil-over skis with three compression settings for adjustability. Ease the jolt of rough terrain and bumps with customized adjustments for a smoother ride with better control of the sled. Fox Float shocks are available from the factory upon specification with the order.
  • Adapt CVT System – The CVT system is complete with a self-adjusting clutch with a narrow and light design for enhanced belt life and performance, with improved throttle response and outstanding delivery of power.

User Experience

Users like the lightweight design of the Hardcore 8000 M Alpha One, with its ability to move through deep snow and climb steep trails.

It’s a heavy-duty sled that is ideal for larger riders. Its ample power punches through areas that have the potential to bog down.

The skid-frame is over 4 pounds lighter than comparable model frame lengths for greater agility and better handling.

What I Like

  • Available in lengths between 154 to 165 inches for taller/bigger riders
  • Adjustable shocks for smoother ride and body positioning on the sled
  • Customizable from the factory to accommodate rider’s personal needs and preferences

What I Dislike

  • The rise is just over 4 inches. May need adjustment for larger/taller riders.

Product Updates

Arctic Cat upgrades its clutching and suspension every 2 years. The Adapt CVT System is a new advanced feature for 2022.

2- Most Comfortable Snowmobile – (Ski-Doo Renegade)

The Ski-Doo Renegade comes in a choice of power levels in its Rotax engine options.

The tracks are longer for exceptional grip and rider comfort. The Renegade is a trail-riding sled, built tough to handle smooth or bumpy conditions with frequent use.


  • Longer Tracks – The tracks are 136 x 15 inches providing comfort for tall riders
  • Heated Grips – The heated throttle lever and grips are standard to keep hands warm and fingers agile
  • REV Gen4 Frame – The Rev Gen4 chassis provides comfortable rider positioning for all-day rides with body support and stability. The sled achieves perfect balance and better handling, planted cornering, and rider confidence.
  • Narrow Body Design – The narrow body design is more aerodynamic to cut through drifts and narrow trails more easily. It also enhances the handling and maneuverability of the sled.

User Experience

The RevGen 4 frame supports a more comfortable ride to help prevent stiffness and soreness.

Users report that they’re impressed with the front suspension for its stability in turns and the overall comfort of the seat and riding position.


The Ski-Doo Renegade starts at $9,399 for the base model. Prices go up to $15,000, depending on the model, horsepower, and add-on features chosen at the time the order is placed.

What I Like

  • Available in 600, 700, and 800 cc editions. Choose your configuration with horsepower ranging from 95 to 180.
  • Plenty of upgrades and packages offered by Ski-Doo. A 137-inch track version is available.
  • Quality materials and design for longevity and high performance.

What I Dislike

  • Supply chain shortages make the Renegade hard to find/delay new orders.

Product Updates

The addition of the Rev4Generation chassis was an update that enhances riding position and overall rider comfort.

An updated Rev5Generation platform is available in 2023 models with increased rider comfort and high reviews.

3 – Heavy Duty Snowmobile – (Polaris Industries 850 Pro RMK QD2 174 3″)

The Polaris 850 Pro RMK QD2 174 3″ is a mountain sled designed for aggressive mountain trail riding with the capability to go through the deepest snow.

The long track traverses the roughest terrain while maintaining floatation and maximum traction.

The long track is ideal for tall or large riders, combined with the powerful 850 Patriot engine it can bust through difficult trails with less effort on the part of the rider.


  • 12 Volt Outlet – The 12Volt outlet and RCA is an accessory that comes standard with this model. It’s exceptional for charging accessories including warmers, and other equipment.
  • AXYS RMK React Front Suspension – The AXYS RMK React front suspension is registered to Polaris as an outstanding innovation that enhances the comfort for riders with heavy-duty reliability and the perfect balance of stiffness and flexibility for an awesome ride. The long 174-inch tracks are exceptional for plowing through deep snow without buildups and binding.
  • Standard Comfort Features – The sled features standard adjustable hand and thumb warmers to enhance rider comfort and control of the bars. A myriad of handlebar types is available including low-rise pro taper, mid-rise pro taper, and high-rise pro taper. Multiple choices of colors and graphics are options.
  • Pro Lite Seat  – Top-rated Pro Lite Seats are standard with the 850. They’re made of premium materials in a unisex design that provides full support for men and women to the pelvic region while reducing pressure for a more comfortable and enjoyable ride for male and female riders. The full-zone cutaway is the outstanding feature that makes the seat both comfortable and unisex for a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Polaris Technology – This sled is equipped with the Polaris Message Center gauge, including an interactive digital display and a tachometer to provide riders with necessary information while riding. Other features of the technology include temperature and low oil light. An optional security system is available as an add-on when ordering your new sled.

User Experience

Users give the 850 Pro RMK 5 out of 5 stars for its reliability, handling, and performance. The sled is fun to operate and it’s one of the best for handling deep snow.

Most riders find it to offer a comfortable ride with outstanding handling and maneuverability.

They recommend it to others looking for a heavy-duty mountain sled that can handle whatever mother nature dishes out.

Other comments praise this sled for its powerful acceleration. It’s a well-balanced sled that handles with precision.


The base price of the Polaris 850 Pro RMK is $16,699.00. Compared to the base model of the Ski-Doo Renegade, it is far more expensive.

Users find it to be a good value for the price because of its high-performance engine and design, and the tech features that add comfort and longevity to the attractive benefits of this Polaris model.

What I Like

  • Customizable sled through Polaris dealerships. Multiple accessories and upgrades available upon request
  • Powerful engine that exhibits high performance in deep snow and on steep mountain trails
  • Long track length that is ideal for taller riders
  • Sidehilling capability

What I Dislike

  • It is expensive.

Product Updates

No recent updates are posted for this product for 2022.

How To Choose The Best Snowmobile For Tall Rider

1 – Comfort

The shape of the seat, its height, and distance from the console impact the overall comfort of tall riders. Seat quality affects comfort.

Choose a snowmobile with a seat that fits the shape of your body best in width, contouring, and positioning.

2 – Suspension

At the front of the snowmobile, if you prefer a taller ride height, increase the front suspension shock spring preload settings.

Likewise, if you prefer your snowmobile has a lower ride height, you can decrease the front suspension shock spring preload settings.

3 – Quality

The quality of the snowmobile should always be the best that you can afford. Taller riders will appreciate sleds that come with quality materials that do not break down quickly with frequent use.

The same goes for mechanical design in the engine and its performance. Quality also extends to the suitability of the sled design and its capacity for customization.

4 – Power

Taller riders are usually heavier. Sleds with ample power are best for pulling through drifts and handling the weight of the snowmobile and the rider to power through bumps and hilly terrain.

Look for a 600 cc engine or better for the best results.

Helpful Tips To Know About The Best Snowmobile For Tall Riders

The riding position is vital to ensure a comfortable ride for tall people.

Ideally, find a snowmobile that has a perfect fit, or one that can be adjusted to fit your height and weight. The seat height is the most important factor.

Here are a few things to know about the best snowmobile for tall riders.

  • Ample Power – More powerful engines are best for tall riders as they help to manage the weight better to power through hills and powder.
  • Adjustable Suspension – Snowmobiles with an adjustable suspension allow you to increase the preload settings at the front suspension shock. It helps to increase the amount of leg room you have to reduce leg cramping while riding.
  • Comfortable Seat Position – Ensure that the seat shape and position fits your body, height, and weight for comfort while riding. Try it out before you buy, and make sure that any awkward positioning can be modified easily to create the ideal body position, considering leg space, angle of riding position, arm length to the handlebars, and weight distribution on the sled. Find a snowmobile with an adjustable riser to raise or lower the seat height to find the ideal riding position to accommodate your height.

Final Thoughts

Snowmobiles come in all sizes and power levels. The best sleds for tall and large riders are those that best fit their body styles, and that varies with each individual.

It’s essential to choose a sled that is engineered to accommodate any extra rider weight but also to provide a comfortable ride.

The suspension, seat type, seat height, and materials can impact rider comfort. Keep all of these factors in mind before purchasing a new snowmobile if you’re tall.

I recommend buying a model that can be customized through the dealership to meet your specific needs.

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