7 Best Nerf Gun Targets

Best Nerf Gun Targets

Ever since the first Nerf dart blaster, the Nerf Sharpshooter, came out in 1992, kids and adults have been shooting targets with their Nerf guns. People had to hit homemade targets back then, but things have come a long way in the last thirty years.

Now you can easily find a high-quality Nerf target, but what is the best Nerf gun target?

The best nerf gun target is the Fibevon Electric Shooting Target because it has 5 targets to aim at, digital scorekeeping, and comes with 3 training modes which include Solo Mode, Timing Drill Train Mode and Multiplayer Mode to help beginners through advanced users. This target is portable, has sound effects and resets on its own when all 5 targets are knocked down.

Top 7 Best Nerf Gun Targets

Finding the best Nerf gun target can be difficult. There are so many options out there, and many of them seem similar on the surface, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Lookalikes and cheap, less functional models abound.

Fortunately, I have done all the footwork and scoped out hundreds of different models. I checked stats and reviews and tested some of the top contenders at home.

Then I narrowed them down to this simple, curated list of the top seven best Nerf gun targets. These are all excellent for different reasons, and I’ve covered multiple styles for every Nerf lover regardless of skill level.

1 – Fibevon Electric Shooting Target – Best Overall

Anyone can shoot a basic target on a wall, but the Fibevon Electric Shooting Target offers more. Not only are the marks smaller, but it keeps score as you fire.

Once you have knocked all five targets down, it resets within three seconds, so there’s no running back and forth, except to collect your darts.

Better still, the targets make noise when you knock them over, and there’s a victory tune when you win. A simple on/off switch and three different modes make this target fun and easy to operate. Plus, the LED screen is easy to read.

Fibevon Targets for Nerf Gun - Electric Shooting Target With Auto Reset
  • 👍 【New Version Target】Updated Design, The shooting target have 5 targets, It is very easy to put together and easy for kids to operate. Fun target practice and more challenges, Perfect Digital targets for Nerf N-strike Elite Series, Nerf Mega Series, and Nerf Rival Series guns.
  • 👍 【Electonic Auto Reset Target System】 When all 5 targets are pushed down, the electronic shooting target will automatically spring up within 3 seconds. And score one point when one targets is hit,which increases children's shooting cofidence. When all 5 targets fall down it comes with a sound of encouragement to inspire children.The reset target will attract the children to continue shooting towards the targets and keep shooting game fun.
  • 👍 【Provide the Perfect Combat Feeling】The target for nerf practice are responsive to each hit. The target is good for daily personal target practice and played against the players to see who scores the most. Kids will take turns to competing for a high score. Even adults will want to get involved for fun.
  • 👍 【Fun for kids】 Digital scoring target has flashing light accompanied by simulated gunshots and Encourage to use audio instead of noisy sounds. Enrich kids' comfidence. Whether solo or team game, automatic self-standing target is the exciting challenge for athlete of all skill levels! Great for Parent-chirden Game
  • 👍 【Fun Family Nerf Gun Party Game】The Target toys for boys and girls aged 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 years old .Great to use in indoor or outoor!! You can get more for some other family members for the holidays.Super fun birthday gift, Christmas present! Enjoy it a lot! If quality problems are found, we provide a free replacement or full refund.

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2 – RONSTONE Zombie Shooting Target with Storage Net – Runner Up

The Ronstone Zombie Shooting Target is fantastic for indoor and outdoor shooting. The convenient net allows for fast and easy dart storage when you’re done, and the zombie makes it fun to shoot at.

This standing target is over forty-seven inches high and has loops so you can stake it down for windproof outdoor play.

Not only is this target easy to clean, but the company also provides excellent after-sale service.

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3 – NERF Elite Hovering Target

A Nerf Elite Hovering Target is one of the most fun to look at and challenging stationary targets around. Using air pressure, the hovering target floats a set of ping-pong-style balls.

These are among the smallest targets you can find on any commercial toy, but the size helps you quickly improve your skills.

My favorite feature is the net that catches the balls when you make the shot. Not having to chase ping pong balls around to set up again is nice, and it reduces the chances of losing a target.

NERF Elite Hovering Target
  • Improve accuracy and up your game with the Nerf Elite hovering target!
  • Target focuses on accuracy skills with 4 balls that float and weave on air jets
  • Fan-powered air jets provide continual air flow & air control knobs allow easy adjustment of each Ball’s height
  • Includes target arena, 2 poles, 1 net, and 4 foam balls
  • Measures 9.5" Tall x 12" Wide

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4 – NERF Elite Digital Target

Interactive yet classic, the Nerf Elite Digital Target is one of the most versatile on this list. Not only does this model have three built-in games to play with the light-up targets, but it also offers solo and team playing options.

Better still, it’s incredibly portable so that you can take this target anywhere you want to play.

You’ll appreciate the adjustable kickstand and wall mount options. Plus, the interactive light and sound combo makes this target tons of fun alone or with friends.

NERF Elite Digital Target
  • Keep your aim sharp with the Nerf Elite digital target!.Ideal for ages:8 years and up
  • 9.25" Lcd interactive lights & sounds target with 3 built-in interactive skill-building game play modes
  • Digital scoreboard features solo and team game play scoring
  • Stand alone or wall mount (tools and hardware not included); Includes instruction manual
  • Measures 9.25" Tall x 11.75" Wide

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5 – SWEMNED Electronic Scoring Digital Moving Target

Nerf lovers looking for a serious challenge need the SWEMNED Electronic Scoring Digital Moving Target. This target is serious. You can set it for static mode, but it also has fast and slow-motion options for an enjoyable challenge.

There are multiplayer modes for practice with friends, but you can also go solo if you want to get better on your own.

With this target, you’ll get multiple sound effects and indicator lights to add to the enjoyment. Plus, the LCD screen will keep score as you fire at the targets.

SWEMNED Running Shooting Targets for Nerf Gun Practice
  • 【2021 Amazing Running Shooting Target Combination】:You can quickly take action shooting party when you get our product. Accessories include 1 Electric Digital Target ,1 Movement Base, 6 Splicing Tracks(total 39 Inches),1 Foam Dart Toy Gun &1 Dart Clip, 1 Hand Wrist Bands, 100pcs EVA Foam Darts,1 Tactical Mask, 1 Protective Glass, 10pcs Extra Target Cards,1 Storage Bag,and 1 Screwdriver. Compatible with Nerf Mega/ N-strike Elite/ Nerf Rival Series Guns, &other brands’ blaster.
  • 【Unparalleled Design 5 Target Auto Reset & 3 LCD Screens Electronic Scoring】: ✔ Equipped with 5 Target While Others are Only 3/4 Targets in the Current Market. When all Five targets fell, With encourage sounds-good/very good and flashing lights inspiring children, the strong electrical chance drove all targets automatic rebound into position after 3 seconds. ✔Used 3 LCD Screens to Display the Rounds of Game, Scores & Countdown,Compared with Only One Single Score Display.
  • 【Upgrade Design with 3 Game Mode】:✔Press Mode1 Button to Enter the SOLO PLAY-the 999 Secs countdown starts.✔Press Mode 2 to Enter MULTI PLAY1-the 10 rounds countdown starts (All five targets are knocked down called one round )✔Press Mode 3 to Enter MULTI PLAY 2--the 120 Secs countdown starts, After all 3 Rounds Finished(360 seconds over), the Scores on the Screen is Player's Final Scores. Press the "Multi" mode Again, Start Game for the Player B,The Higher Scores will Be the Winner.
  • 【Creative Design Moving Targets &Surprising Sound& Light Effect Design】:New Design,Three Running Play-Modes, left and right 39.37 inch moving distance, Which allows the targets moving in high/ low speed or stay static to add difficulty and fun during playing. The target is very easy to put together and simple for kids to operate.It will emit explosions or glass breaking sound effect accompanied flashing lights by when you hit down each target in passionate shooting games.
  • 【Perfect Birthday and Christmas Gift For Kids】: This Electronic Shooting Target Promotes Parent-child Communication and Exercise Children's hands-on ability and hand-eye coordination. A good choice as boys, kids, girls. Fun Target are Ideal for Nerf Themed Birthday Parties, Family Gatherings or Outdoor Entertainment with Parents. We Confident to Promise 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for All Customers.If quality problems are found, We provide a free replacement or full refund.

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6 – UWANTME Electronic Shooting Target

The electronic shooting target is such a fantastic design that I included two versions because they sell out quickly.

The UWANTME Electronic Shooting Target is my second choice option for this style. It shares the multiple modes and self-resetting targets. Similarly, it has solos and group options for playing.

UWANTME Electronic Shooting Target
  • 【The Most Astonishing Shooting Target in 2019】: UWANTME Always Strive to Develop More Interesting Shooting Toys as the Leading Brand of Shooting Target.Our Target is the New Released Flagship Product of UWANTME in 2019. Not only compatible with Nerf N-strike Elite,but also compatible with Nerf Mega & with Nerf Rival Series Guns and Other Brands’ Blaster.Far More Rich in Function and Play than Other Monotonous Functioned Target.
  • 【Unparalleled Design】: ✔Our Target is Equipped with 4 Target While Others are Only 3 Targets in the Current Market.the More Targets, the More Fun.✔Used 3 LCD Screens to Display the Rounds of Game, Scores & Countdown. Compared with Ordinary Target with Only One Single Score Display, This Product Has More Playing Ways. ✔Choose Solo Mode if You are Alone. If You are Playing with Your Friends or Family, You Can Choose Multi Mode. You Can Enjoy the Fun of Shooting Game No Matter Which Mode.
  • 【Solo Mode】: Switch on the Power Button and Press Solo Button to Enter the Solo-Play Mode.The max Scores is 999 in this Mode and the Four Targets will Successive Spring Up Automatically after All Hit Down. Not Only You Can Enjoy Shooting Training But Also Improve Your Shooting Skills &Shooting Accuracy. At the Same Time this Target Has Flashing Light Accompanied with Simulated Gunshots and Broken Glass Sound When They are Hit Down. Give You a Very Real Shooting Experience.
  • 【Multi Mode】: Press the Multi Button to Enter Multi Mode. You will Hear 10 Secs Countdown Which is Final Preparations for the Upcoming Game. When the Countdown is Over, Player A Starts His Game. Player A Should Play 3 Rounds in a Row, Each Round Have 120 Secs & 30 Secs Rest, the 2nd & 3rd Round are the same. After All 3 Rounds Finished, the Scores on the Screen is Player A’s Final Scores. Then Press the "Multi" Button Again, Start the Game for the Player B. The Higher Scores will Be the Winner.
  • 【Perfect Birthday and Christmas Gift 】: This Electronic Shooting Target Promotes Parent-child Communication and Exercise Children's Shooting Skills. Fun Target are Ideal for Nerf Themed Birthday Parties, Family Gatherings or Outdoor Entertainment with Parents. UWANTME Can Not Guarantee 0 Defective Rate, But We Confident to Promise 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for All Customers. For More Info. Please Refers to Our A+ Content & Video.

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7 – Quanquer Shooting Games Target

There are so many superb zombie targets I couldn’t recommend just one. This Quanquer Shooting Games Target from Amazon pictures a suit and tie-wearing zombie.

While the work-a-day humor may go over kids’ heads, their parents will get a chuckle out of the subtle implications. Plus, this is a great stand-up zombie target that isn’t too scary for the whole family to enjoy.

Quanquer Shooting Games Targets for Nerf Toy Foam Blaster
  • Compatible with various kids toy guns in the market. Perfect match and compatible with Nerf guns as a shooting games practice target. This shooting target as an indoor shooting practice target as well as outdoor backyard game. Over 4 kids running around on the grass shooting surrounding this target. Fired foam balls which hit the target will be stored inside the net.
  • Awesome Festival gifts for kids and best awards. This exquisite packaging are designed as an exciting and surprising appearance from the beginning, which would be a super big surprise to our kids when we hand over this to them on their birthday or at Christmas Day or also could be a nice award and encouragement for them getting good scores at school or behave well.
  • Portable light-weighted with big net. This net target is quite big satisfying lots of kids playing shooting games together, moreover super easy to fold it store it and take it away with us to go outside. With big storage net, can hold as much foam balls as we want in the net and no need extra walking around and collecting them.
  • Original Creative Animation Character. Quanquer have originally created and designed this brand new animation character pattern, a suit-wearing zombie pouncing towards people and therefore kids with guns responsible for saving human lives and become very heroic and brave. There are 6 scoring marks from lower to higher points on the zombie and each of them has different holes. The quantity of foam balls left in certain net stands for a different summary scores.
  • Quality Guarantee & 24/7 Customer Service. Our brand Quanquer have been dedicated to create and make nice and quality toys and gifts for kids for years. Please feel free to contact us if there’s any defects or it lacks any spare parts in the package. Our service team will reply within 24 hours.

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Best Nerf Gun Target Buyers Guide

When looking for the best Nerf Targets, you need to know what to look for. After all, not all targets are created equal. It helps to narrow it down based on your particular needs.

For example, a small child probably won’t do as well with a moving target as an experienced older Nerf blaster user because they have less dexterity.

Moreover, we all have different spaces to play in. If you only shoot down a hallway indoors, then you’re probably not looking for the same style targets as someone who is setting up Nerf targets and blasters as an activity for an outdoor zombie-themed birthday party.

The comprehensive list below covers everything you should ask before buying a new Nerf gun target. Bookmark this page for easy reference later.

1 – Skill Level

Before you look at all the fancy features, it’s essential to consider whether the person or people using the target can use them.

Are you getting a Nerf target for a kid in early elementary school? If so, you probably want to start with a stationary, larger option.

Meanwhile, an adult or teen with good reflexes will need more of a challenge. Go with smaller or moving targets for experienced Nerf blaster fans.

2 – Style of Target

A stationary target is excellent but consider your audience. Not everyone is okay with a zombie or even a clown.

Please make sure the style you choose will be well received by the person playing with it. When you’re buying for yourself, this is less of a concern.

When in doubt, always choose a neutral style target. You can find simple concentric rings or ping pong balls instead of faces. More than the play modes, style is about making sure it will actually get played with.

3 – Size of Target

Are you looking to increase an existing skill, or do you just need something to set up for a kids’ party? The size of the target will largely determine the difficulty. You can always downsize as your skills improve.

Additionally, the amount of space you have to play in matters. After all, buying a half dozen full-size stand-up targets will not fit in a small apartment.

Likewise, you might want more than a glorified dartboard if you’re going to set up in an ample outdoor space. Ensure that your Nerf Target is the correct scale for your play area.

4 – Quality & Reviews

Another essential element of shopping for your Nerf gun target is quality. The coolest-looking product in the world is worthless if it falls apart the first time you hit it with a few darts.

It’s always a good idea to go with a reputable company, like Nerf, which makes a few different targets.

When you aren’t sure if the company makes a high-quality product, check the reviews, like this one. You can also find customer reviews on the site to see how well the target worked for other people.

5 – Portability

Unless you have a dedicated Nerf blaster area, like some people have classic dartboards, you probably need a portable Nerf target.

Check the package and item weight in the description. If it’s not there, don’t hesitate to reach out to the company and ask questions. A good company will respond promptly.

If you need to fold up your targets or store them in a particular area, knowing the dimensions and features before you buy will help tremendously.

Like the zombies I included above, some targets fold up flat in their packaging. Others are relatively small and convenient.

6 – Durability

Durability is about more than quality. A paper target at a traditional shooting range can be high quality, but it’s not durable enough to go outdoors.

Colorfastness, moving parts and lights, and other factors, determine how well your Nerf target will survive in different scenarios. Don’t pick a battery-powered target if you’re going outside, primarily if it might rain.

7 – User Friendliness

Check to see if the target comes pre-assembled. If it has lots of parts, you may need to put a few on yourself, and it’s important to check that there are instructions included.

Fortunately, most Nerf targets are user-friendly and can be used right out of the box.

8 – Warranty & Customer Service

Not all targets come with a warranty, but it’s always worth checking. More important is the customer service of the company that sells your equipment.

If they don’t respond when people reach out, they likely don’t care how people feel about their targets. Pick a company that cares, and you’ll get a better product.

9 – Cleanable Surfaces

Not all targets need cleaning. However, if you are setting up Nerf gun targets for a party or younger kids, it would be best if you check to see what they’re made from.

You may need to wipe them off at some point if tiny sticky fingers get ahold of the target.

If your target isn’t cleanable, make sure you can set it up somewhere small children can’t reach it. After all, you don’t want to throw out a new target just to keep the ants out this summer.

Happily, most Nerf targets are plastic or synthetic material that can handle a wipe down, so you don’t have to worry.

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