Best Grill For The Beach: (Top 3)

Best Grill For The Beach

An incredible 75% of adult Americans use grills, and many of them take their barbecue parties to the beach in the summer. It’s a tradition to cook out while enjoying the waves and hot weather. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong grill can ruin your good time or cancel it altogether.

What is the best grill for the beach? I will share everything I know about picking the perfect beach grill for this summer.

The best grill for the beach is the Coleman RoadTrip 285 Gas Grill because it is durable and easy to use. The improved burner technology makes cooking a cinch. Meanwhile, the 285 sq. in. grilling area with 20,000 BTUs of heat and an integrated thermometer can cook anything, and there’s no messy charcoal to clean up afterward.

What Is A Good Grill For The Beach

A portable gas grill is good for the beach. Propane is safe, and the heating elements tend to cool down fairly quickly when you’re done cooking.

Despite the added weight of bringing a propane tank, there’s no chance a hot ember from your fire will burn anyone because there’s no fire left once you turn it off.

According to Parker Gas, “Propane is naturally odorless, but propane manufacturers add a chemical to it to give propane a distinct odor so that it smells like rotten eggs. That smell is there to make detecting a propane leak easier.”

Propane is also naturally flavorless.

Can You Bring A Grill To The Beach

You can bring a grill to the beach. However, each city and state has its own rules regarding what is allowed.

Most portable charcoal and propane grills are permitted, but the lifeguards may be entitled to veto your cookout if they deem the grill too large.

All beaches in the US have rules, regulations, and laws that govern what is allowed. Contact the city or county if you are concerned about what exactly your local beach permits.

Most have websites, and they almost always have information regarding rules and laws on public land.

However, if you plan to visit a private beach with your grill, you must first contact the property owner to ask permission for your outdoor grilling.

Can You Use A Gas Grill At The Beach

You can use a gas grill at the beach. There are rules governing how tall your grill must be in many places, but it’s generally only 18 inches off the sand.

A grill that is too close to the sand can cause unexpected heat transfer, which might result in someone burning themselves as they walk over your former grill location.

Since that is a safety hazard, it’s typically frowned on.

Can You Use Propane Grill At Beach

You can use a propane grill at the beach. However, it’s worth noting that larger propane grills are not a good choice.

First, big propane grills are heavy and difficult to maneuver, and sand is not great for wheels even if you have them.

Second, lifeguards can still refuse to allow large grills in most places.

Top 3 Best Grills For The Beach

Picking the ideal grill for the beach means considering many different issues.

The minimum height requirements, how much space you need to cook for everyone in your party, and whether the grill is good quality are just a few examples.

Fortunately, I can help take the guesswork out of beach grilling.

Here are the top 3 best grills for the beach:

1 – Best Portable Grill For The Beach

Cuisinart Roll Away CGG-240 All Foods Grill with Cover
  • Product 1: IDEAL PORTABLE GAS GRILL: The built in stand makes it easy to take anywhere. Gives you the capacity of a large grill in a portable size. It can be used to grill any food, from fresh vegetables to bread and pizza, meats, seafood, and more.
  • Product 1: 240-SQUARE-INCH CAST-IRON GRILL SURFACE: The with 240-square-inch surface and the double-wall stainless steel cover distributes heat evenly to give outstanding results.
  • Product 1: 15, 000 BTU STAINLESS-STEEL LOOP BURNER: Features a 15, 000 BTU burner, a panel that distributes heat evenly, and a porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grate. Control temperature with easy-to-use Twist Start electric ignition; signature temperature gauge.
  • Product 1: COMPACT MEASUREMENTS FOR EASY SETUP AND TRANSPORT: The grill measures 44 x 23 x 21 inches when folded, 41 x 23 x 36 inches fully open. Ideal for decks, patios and balconies, camping, tailgating and more.
  • Product 2: Water-resistant grill cover offers protection against the elements

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The best portable grill for the beach is the Cuisinart Roll Away CGG-240 All Foods Grill from Amazon.

This fantastic propane grill comes from a well-respected and trusted brand in kitchen equipment.

It is tall enough to meet any off-the-sand height requirements and incredibly portable at just 45 lbs.

You will love the wheels when navigating a parking lot or putting your grill away when you get home.

The folding shelves and 15,000 BTUs of power offer plenty of heat and space for cooking.

Learn all about this great grill right here.

2 – Best Charcoal Grill For The Beach

Uten Kabob Grill
  • If you love a smoky grilled flavor in meats, vegetables, etc., this simple lightweight BBQ charcoal grill will allow you to savor delicious foods ANYWHERE & ANYTIME!! Get together with friends and/or family for outdoor smoker cooking, BBQs, picnics, tailgating, camping or a night on the patio, parties, park, beach, etc.
  • Foldable and portable. The BBQ Grills folding legs are designed for easy transportation and storage. Its comfortable lifting handles allow you to carry with ease.
  • Made of 430 rust-resistant stainless steel. Heat-resistant and not deformable. Its air ventilation vent design on both ends of the grill is to maintain an even distribution of heat and airflow. Non-slip rubber feet make the grill stable Included with the grill is a set of tongs, plus small and large barbecue wire mesh panels.
  • The Grill comes with an easy-to-follow instruction guide for stress-free assembly without tools.

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The best charcoal grill for the beach is an Uten Kabob Grill. These tall, wide grills offer lots of cooking space and outstanding ventilation to keep your flames hot.

You also get both fine mesh and standard grill tops.

Also known as a yakitori style grill, the Uten is a cost-effective, space-saving, folding, portable charcoal grill.

Best of all, there’s a one-year warranty so you can grill worry-free.

Learn all about this great grill right here.

3 – Best Propane Grill For The Beach

Coleman RoadTrip 285 Gas Grill
  • GRILLING POWER: Up to 20,000 total BTUs
  • 5 ADJUSTABLE BURNERS: With improved burner technology for more precise temperature control
  • LARGE GRILLING AREA: 285 sq. in.
  • EASY SETUP: Sturdy quick-fold legs and 2 wheels
  • THERMOMETER: Integrated design for accurate temperature monitoring

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If you’re looking for a propane grill that can go to the beach or anywhere else, I suggest a Coleman RoadTrip 285 Gas Grill from Amazon.

Coleman is a household name when it comes to all things outdoor-related because they make superb products.

At just 46.67 lbs, this roll-away grill is easy to maneuver and light enough to carry down the beach.

You’ll appreciate how fast and easy it is to set up the RoadTrip 285 and its fold-out side shelves.

Plus, the integrated thermometer makes it easy to know when dinner is done.

Have this reliable, easy-to-use grill delivered to your door when you click here.

Best Grill For The Beach Buyers Guide

Finding the right grill can be challenging to pinpoint because the market is saturated with options.

Some lack the qualities you need, and others are cheaply made, but what should you look for?

In this buyer’s guide, I will walk you through everything you should consider before picking the best grill for the beach.

1 – Height Matters

Most beaches want the bottom of your grill (not the feet, but the pan portion on top where you set the grill grates) to be at least 18 inches off the ground.

You need to read the product specifications carefully. An 18-inch grill is usually only 18″ from the feet to the top of the lid.

For a more comfortable grilling experience where you can stand up, shoot for at least 30″ to 40.”

A taller grill also means less chance of sand in your food.

2 – Grill Surface

Before you take yourself and your new grill all the way down to the beach, it’s essential to consider whether it will accomplish the task of cooking.

All grills heat food, but there’s a massive difference between a little grill that’s only about 16″ across and a big backyard grill with two racks and four to six square feet of cooking surface for your food.

Make sure you buy enough grill for the party you plan to cook for, whether it’s 2 people or 50.

3 – Weight

Even if you are very strong, you probably aren’t going to be lifting your grill in your arms for long.

Wheels don’t roll well over sand, so bringing a huge grill is only a good plan if it’s allowed and you have at least 1 other person to help you carry it.

Likewise, grills with attached propane tanks are a terrible idea unless they are easily detached.

Choose a lightweight grill under 50 lbs.

4 – Size

Check your trunk space before you buy a grill. Any grill you can’t take with you is the wrong choice for a beach day.

Make sure you take the time to measure the inner dimensions of your trunk’s available space.

You can skip this step if you have a truck, but make sure you have tie-downs to keep your beach grill from going overboard on the trip.

5 – Portability

Although they won’t get you across the sand, wheels will get you through the parking lot more easily, so they are a nice feature to have.

However, there is more to portability than getting the grill to your location.

A thinner grill with fewer parts will dissipate heat more quickly, so you can have a safe, cool grill to take home.

Helpful Tips To Know About The Best Grill For The Beach

Now that you know which grills are best and what qualities to seek out in a beach grill, it will be easier to find the right one. Luckily, a little bit of the right information can go a long way.

Here are more helpful tips to know about the best grill for the beach.

  • Always get the upgrade. Ignore the super cheap grills that fall apart after you cook with them a few times. Instead, spend a little more on an upgraded model or a better brand so you can keep having beach barbecues for years.
  • Durability matters, so choose a grill with an excellent all-weather coating or paint on it. Beach sand and salty wind will do a number on your grill very quickly if it doesn’t have a suitable protective outer layer.
  • Never spread your hot coals on the beach. On most beaches, it’s illegal or against the regulations to spread out hot coals when you are done cooking. Unless you bought a propane grill, plan to stay until the fire is out or have a bucket on hand so you can dump water over the flames.

Final Thoughts

Grilling at the beach is a favorite summer activity for millions, and it’s not hard to see why. Sand, sun, surf, and good food make an excellent combination.

Make sure you choose a lightweight model made from thin, durable material that cools down quickly once the coals are out.

When you have the best grill for the beach, it makes everything easier. You can relax and enjoy the views while making hotdogs, burgers, etc.

A good, high-quality portable grill will fit in your trunk easily, so you can go home when your beach bbq is done.

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