5 Best Grease For Snowmobiles: (Buyers Guide)

Best Grease For Snowmobiles

Are you putting your snowmobile at risk for damage by using the wrong suspension grease? The best grease for snowmobiles is low temp, water and ice resistant, and adheres to the moving components with film strength for protection from wear and failure.

This essential guide to the 5 best greases for snowmobiles explains the best solutions to protect your sled for optimal performance and longevity.

Arctic Cat New OEM Grease A/C All Temp is the best grease for snowmobiles because of its premium quality compared to other brands. This grease has the widest temperature rating from -40F to 302F. It’s the most expensive, but it has the highest consumer ratings with 89% of reviewers recommending it to others as the best.

What Is The Best Grease For Cold Weather

Two types of snowmobile grease exist, but there are variations within the OEM and non-OEM.

All snowmobile manufacturers offering OEM grease options formulate them to include additives that provide superior performance in low temperatures and against ice, water, snow, and extremely cold temperatures.

The best grease for cold weather is low-temp grease with superior ratings for frigid temperatures.

How Often Should I Grease My Snowmobile

Snowmobile performance and longevity depend on the smooth operation of all its working components.

The quality of the grease impacts the required frequency of greasing. High-quality synthetic grease lasts longer than cheaper brands, but hard riding distributes the grease and can cause deficiencies.

Some riders grease the suspension pre-season and post-season, but most seasoned riders recommend first, referring to the owners’ manual that comes with the machine.

It will give you recommendations to follow for the brand and model. Some grease every other ride, to maintain optimal performance, but you can gauge the need by how the suspension is performing.

If it feels sluggish or non-responsive before the scheduled maintenance, it’s probably time for another application of grease.

Top 5 Best Snowmobile Grease

1 – Best Suspension Grease

Arctic Cat New OEM Grease A/C All Temp 1-14 Oz, 7639-517
  • OEM Arctic Cat Part Number: 7639-517
  • Premium synthetic base makes Arctic Cat LowTemp Grease perform in extreme winter conditions, -40F to 300F.
  • Keeps contaminants from entering and damaging suspension components.
  • Exceptional cold temp bearing and pivot point performance.

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Multi-purpose grease is designed to maintain its integrity in hot and frigid temperatures.

Lubricant does not thicken or thin with temperature extremes, preventing contaminants from affecting internal components for protection and longevity.


  • Extreme Temperature Range – One of the best ranges of extreme heat and cold resistance. This grease does not change its consistency for reliable protection and high performance Its rating is from -40F to 302 F.
  • Premium Quality – Arctic Cat grease is a premium OEM grease from a trusted name in snowmobiles and other equipment.
  • Multi-Purpose – Grease may be used for multiple purposes from suspension lubrication to bearings and other applications. This formulation is water-resistant and weather resistant to prevent oxidization and corrosion.

User Experience

Consumers rate this product with an overall score of 4.9 out of 5. 89% of the 18 global reviews rank it at a perfect score of 5 out of 5 for performance, quality, and value.

Price Comparison

The price of this product is $44.89 for a 1.3-pound tube.

It’s nearly twice as expensive as most other name-brand products, but it represents a premium product that is recommended by the manufacturer of Arctic Cat machines.

What I Like

  • High-quality synthetic blend for maximum protection
  • Maintains integrity for high-performance
  • Highly recommended with exceptional reviews

What I Dislike

  • Expensive


No known updates or upgrades for this product.

2 – Low Temp Grease For Snowmobiles

BRP Ski-Doo XPS New OEM Suspension Grease 14 OZ Tube, 779163
  • Brand new, genuine BRP Ski-Doo XPS Suspension Grease 14 OZ Tube
  • The XPS Suspension Grease is designed to work specifically with the components found in Ski-Doo snowmobile suspensions
  • It is highly stable and offers optimal lubrication at both extreme cold and high temperatures while protecting suspension components from dirt and moisture, as well as corrosion under extreme washout conditions
  • Replaces prior part# 293550033
  • This is a factory original lubricant, not an aftermarket

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OEM Suspension grease works on Ski-Doo brand machines, and other brands for reliability, high-performance, and protective lubrication.

Price Comparison

The price for a 14-ounce tube is $18.84. It’s more expensive than most other name-brand petroleum products but comparable with Polaris brand grease in quality and value.

What I Like

  • OEM product, recommended by the manufacturer.
  • High-quality formula and ingredients for reliability and performance.
  • Works in high and low-temperature situations.

What I Dislike

  • More expensive than some comparable brands.


No known updates to this product.

3 – Low Temp Synthetic Grease

Mobilux EP 1, EP Grease, NLGI 1, 13.7 oz
  • Price For: Each Base Oil: Mineral Specific Gravity: – Lubricant NSF Rating: Not Rated Flash Point: Not Specified Application: Centralized Lubrication Systems, Other Applications Where Low Temperature Performance is Required Item: Extreme Pressure Grease NLGI Grade: 1 Dropping Point: 190 Degrees C Series: Mobilux(R) EP 1 Max. Operating Temp.: 120 Degrees F Grease Thickener: Lithium
  • Container Size: 13.7 oz. Grease Container: Cartridge Grease Color: Tan Min. Operating Temp.: -20 Degrees F Four-Ball Wear: 0.40mm Timken OK Load: 40 lb. Country of Origin (subject to change): United States

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Mobilux EP 1, EP Grease is NLGI Grade 1 Grease for extreme pressure stability with a base of mineral oil.

It provides low-temperature performance for machines running in extremely cold temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit, to high operating temperatures up to 120 degrees.


  • Low-Temperature Formulation – Optimal performance for cold temperatures as low as -20 degrees F. Ideal for snowmobiling in cold climates without stiffening for maximum performance of the suspension.
  • Cartridge Container – This grease comes in a cartridge for loading into a grease gun for convenience.
  • Extreme Pressure Grease – This product works well under extreme pressure, dropping points of 190 degrees, and a maximum operating temperature of 120 degrees F.
  • Lithium Additive – The Lithium additive is a grease thickener that helps firmly coat inner working components to prevent metal-on-metal contact.
  • Multi-Purpose Lubricant – This lubricant is specified for applications in centralized lubrication systems for various uses. It is not specific to any one type of use and is suitable for use in most low-temperature situations as a lubricant for suspensions and other moving parts.

User Experience

Consumers give this product an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 for its performance and value for the price.

Of 91 respondents, 72% ranked this grease with a perfect 5-star rating for outstanding performance.

It’s recommended in snowmobile forums by seasoned riders for protecting the moving parts and its exceptional performance in cold and wet weather.

Price Comparison

The price of Mobilux EP, 1, EP Grease is $15.34 per 13.7-ounce cylinder.

It’s nearly twice as expensive as Valvoline and Lucas Oil’s comparable products, but it comes highly recommended as one of the best greases for snowmobiles by consumers.

What I Like

  • Quality of the product with premium ingredients
  • Low temp rating to -20 Fahrenheit, ideal for most snowmobiling situations
  • Versatile grease for performance in operating temperatures up to 120 degrees F and frigid conditions

What I Dislike

  • Packaging is soft, making it difficult to load into the grease gun


This product was first released on November 4, 2013. No known updates to the formulation are reported.

4 – Polaris Snowmobile Grease

Polaris Genuine OEM 14 oz Premium All Season Grease Tube Water Resistant Lubricant For Ranger RZR ATV Snowmobile 2871423
  • High shear stability
  • Superior adhesion
  • Multi-purpose formulation for all Polaris applications – EXCEPT U-JOINTS
  • Low temperature pliability for protection at cold start-up as well as excellent high speed and high temperature protection
  • This is a Quality Authorized OEM Product

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Polaris Grease is a genuine OEM product recommended by the manufacturer for Polaris Big Boss 250 1989, Trail Boss 250 1988-1989, and Trail Bose 250R 1988.


  • All-Season – Grease is approved by Polaris for all-season use in hot and cold temperature extremes
  • Superior Adhesion – This grease adheres to the moving parts of the suspension and other working parts, adhering firmly.
  • Long-Lasting – This product maintains its integrity with water resistance, and without stiffness or degradation due to extreme heat or frigid weather conditions.
  • OEM Authorized Product – A high-quality brand-name product is suitable for use with most Polaris applications.

User Experience

Consumers gave Polaris Grease a 5 out of 5-star rating as the perfect grease with multiple applications for all-season equipment.

Price Comparison

Polaris New OEM All Season Grease costs $18.99 for a 14-ounce container. It’s more expensive than Mobil, Lucas, or Valvoline products that are comparable in function.

What I Like

  • Genuine OEM product for specific Polaris snowmobile models.
  • High-quality product for all Polaris applications, minus U-joints.
  • Versatile for protection in low temperatures and high temperatures.

What I Dislike

  • It’s expensive


This product is a substitute or replacement for parts with the numbers 8570044, 2872187, 2871423, 2871066, 2870616-10, 2870616, and 2870577.

5 – Mystik Low Temp Grease

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This product is a multi-purpose, high / low-temperature grease for various applications in all types of weather and climates.

It maintains its original integrity for superior performance.


  • Water-Resistant – It resists oxidation and corrosion with water resistance for all-weather use.
  • Biodegradable – More eco-friendly than some other products.
  • Versatile Temperature Range – Mystic Low Temp Grease is suitable for applications for extreme heat and frigid temperatures.

User Experience

Users rate this product with a perfect 4 out of 5 for quality, performance, and value.

What I Like

  • High-quality synthetic blend for maximum protection
  • Maintains integrity for high-performance
  • Highly recommended with exceptional reviews

What I Dislike

  • Difficult to find at retailers, must order online.


No known updates or upgrades for this product.

How To Choose The Best Grease For Snowmobiles

The best grease for snowmobiles goes beyond general protection features.

The average all-purpose grease lacks ingredients that help it resist frigid temperatures and continuous exposure to snow, water, and ice.

However, premium grades are higher quality, such as name brand OEM products in the all-purpose category.

Grease must adhere to the internal components, preventing metal-to-metal contact, and maintain smooth performance in all weather conditions.

It must resist shear and create a protective film while maintaining its smoothness without freezing or degrading in extreme cold and heat.

1 – Low Temp vs Regular Grease

Low temp grease contains additives that help it retain its best thickness for high performance.

Regular grease operates at its peak performance at higher temperatures. They may thicken and “gunk,” causing limited responsiveness in the suspension and sluggishness.

Most regular grease products perform well at warm or hot temperatures, but the formulations do not contain ingredients that help the mixture to retain the ideal degree of thickness to move within the parts and maintain the optimum lubrication of working components.

Regular grease stiffens at low temperatures, putting your snowmobile suspension at risk for damage.

Some all-purpose products with satisfactory low-temperature ratings may work if your snowmobile doesn’t get exposed to temperatures below the rating.

2 – Brand

The top-rated brands of grease for snowmobiles and other low-temperature applications are Ski-Doo, Yamaha, Arctic Cat, Amsoil, Phillips 66, Valvoline, and Polaris.

Consumers rank them among the highest preference for personal use in their snowmobiles.

Some owners use regular all-purpose grease for cost savings, while others discourage the practice. Off-brands or non-synthetic blends can retain moisture leading to rust and corrosion.

The best choice for no-worry performance is the brand’s OEM or recommended non-OEM grease for individual snowmobiles.

It eliminates guesswork and the research necessary to find the optimal formulation in off-brands. The top consideration is compatibility with the machine and the weather conditions.

3 – Weather Rating

The weather rating for snowmobile grease tells you the highest and lowest temperatures the product can withstand and still perform reasonably.

Weather rating includes resistance to water, ice, and snow, and extreme heat and dry conditions.

For example, some snowmobile grease lists a weather rating of -30 degrees Fahrenheit. Those offering sub-zero weather ratings are the best choices.

4 – Synthetic or Non-Synthetic

Synthetic grease is rated higher in performance for snowmobile chassis.

The formulation of synthetic lubricant contains ingredients for better adhesion to metal parts, film strength to prevent metal-on-metal contact, and enhanced longevity in extremely cold temperatures.

It’s more expensive than non-synthetic or blends of the 2 types, but the benefits outweigh the cost when protecting the more expensive parts of the snowmobile chassis.

Non-synthetic grease isn’t recommended for snowmobiles because of its limited capacity to hold up under frigid temperatures.

It’s a cheaper alternative that will help, but it can’t provide long-term protection. Only use non-synthetic grease or blends if there is no other alternative.

5 – OEM vs Non-OEM

OEM snowmobile grease contains ingredients designed specifically for the brand of the machine.

In most cases, OEM is recommended by the manufacturer of the brand for optimal performance and the best results.

It’s best to opt for OEM whenever possible, vs. non-OEM, unless a suitable version of the latter is certified to provide similar results.

The label may suggest superior performance, but advertising is not always accurate.

It’s best to choose grease recommended by the manufacturer, experts in snowmobile design and repairs, and consumers who use the products and attest to their value in the field.

Helpful Tips To Know About The Best Grease For Snowmobiles

Any snowmobile grease is better than nothing, but some are better than others. The best products provide suspension protection in all temperatures.

Additives that increase the protection range are included in premium products that provide the best performance and reliability for the longest time.

The best option is OEM grease from the manufacturer of your snowmobile, but other types will suffice.

Look for outstanding features, even if you’re hunting for a bargain price.

  • Premium grease delivers protection in extreme temperature conditions vs. non-OEM products
  • Synthetic and synthetic blends maintain their integrity the best for longer performance and suspension responsiveness
  • Waterproof features help protect the parts from oxidization and corrosion.

Final Thoughts

The best snowmobile grease depends on the type of riding you do, the expected temperatures of the climate, and the brand or model of sled you ride.

OEM grease is preferred by some manufacturers as it is made specifically for some machines.

Any lubricant that has similar properties will protect your suspension, but those formulated to maintain their integrity in all temperatures are the best options.

If you grease the suspension frequently, the need to be particular about the brand is not as essential, so long as the product does not thin or thicken with temperature changes, and it is rated as a high-performance product for maximum protection.

I offer five premium-quality snowmobile greases for suspensions to show you to differences between the brands that all provide satisfactory protection.

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