Best Disc Golf Basket Under 150: Top 10 (Buyers Guide)

Best Disc Golf Basket Under 150

How do you find the best disc golf basket under 150? It must be made of quality materials that are durable and strong, with useful features that make it a good value for the cost, and it has a stable base.

There is a lot more that goes into knowing which is the best option. Our guide points out the key features to look for and how they will benefit you. 

This is followed by a review of the top 10 models with details about what makes each stand out in their class. 

We discuss what we like about them and what we don’t in order to give you as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision.

Disc Golf Basket Buyers Guide

This buyer’s guide is intended to let you know how to choose the best disc golf basket under 150. We go over the most important things to consider before making your final decision.


The first consideration is your budget. Determine how much you are willing to spend and limit your choices to those that fall within your budget. 

It’s useful to compare several models within your price range to find the most suitable basket with the most useful features for the least amount.


The best baskets are made of metal for durability. The more chains the better because they help to prevent the disc from getting spit out or bounced back against the post. 

Galvanized chains are resistant to corrosion. Also, look for baskets that are easy to assemble and take down. The baskets that come with flags are easier to see which makes the game easier to play.


Some brands are known for their high quality while others are preferred for their affordability. Find out what materials the basket and chains are made of, going with the strongest and most durable you can afford. 

Some baskets are wide, and some are narrow. The wider baskets give you better odds of scoring, but the narrower ones help you build your skills.


Consider the gauge of the materials. Some baskets come with light-duty chains that are lighter in weight but are not as strong. 

Others feature heavy-duty chains and although they are stronger and more durable, if it’s a portable unit, it will be heavier to carry. 

If you’re interested in a portable disc golf basket, make sure that the legs are foldable so it will be easier to transport.

Top 10 Best Disc Golf Baskets Under $150

Here is our review of the 10 best disc golf baskets under 150 for your considerations. You’ll find a discussion of the features that make each stand out from the others. 

We provide a thorough discussion of what makes the basket special and what we liked about it as well as what we didn’t like. We also assign a ranking that is based on popular opinion about the benefits and the drawbacks if any.

1. Axiom Discs Lite Disc Golf Basket – Best Permanent Disc Golf Basket

Axiom Discs Lite Disc Golf Basket on Amazon is our choice for the best permanent disc golf basket because of its high ratings. It gets a high rating for its affordable price and the high quality of the basket.

This disc golf basket is easy to assemble and you can set it up in less than a minute. It is constructed of all-metal material for strength and durability. 

It’s equipped with 12 inner chains and 12 outer chains that are placed at equal distances for the elimination of weak pockets. This lessens the chance of pole bounces and cut throughs.

What I like:

  • This basket weighs just 26 pounds for a lightweight yet stable basket
  • It’s ideal for practice in the back yard
  • The assembly is easy, and it goes together fast

What I don’t like:

  • Some users reported that the top falls off, but this was a small percentage

Overall, this is the best disc golf basket for permanent use. If the need arises, it’s easy to disassemble and it goes together without any tools needed. It’s ideal for home practice to improve your game.

2. Innova Discatcher Traveler Target – Best Travel Disc Golf Basket

Innova Discatcher Traveler Target on Amazon is one of the best portable disc golf baskets for traveling. We love its lightweight and portable design. 

The legs fold up into a compact size to make it easy and light to carry. The basket is an extra-wide size, but it is made of light yet durable mesh fabric, so it compacts into a small size.

This basket gets a great rating for its portability, high quality, and reasonable price. The base is solid with 5 legs and anchor rings to add stability.

What I like:

  • Super lightweight and small when it’s folded up
  • The five-leg construction makes it extra stable
  • The mesh dries quickly during a rainstorm so it’s great even in a rainstorm
  • You can set it up quickly

What I don’t like:

  • The chains are a bit light for holding down the basket at first

This is one of the best traveling disc golf baskets in the portable category. We love the fact that it’s easy to set up for play anywhere including campsites, the beach, a park, or your own backyard. It’s light and small when folded up, and it also comes with a handy carrying bag.

3. MVP Black Hole Practice 24-Chain Portable Disc Golf Basket Target – Best At Home Disc Golf Basket

MVP Black Hole Practice 24-Chain Portable Disc Golf Basket on Amazon is our choice for the best disc golf basket to use at home. It has a nearly perfect rating for its quality and value. 

This is a 24-chain model that reduces the chance of bounce offs and cut-throughs. It’s available for a moderate price.

It’s ideal for disc golfers who prefer a portable unit that also conforms to PDGA regulations for size and height. It is the most useful for practice when preparing for tournament play.

What I like:

  • The basket is strong and sturdy with all-metal construction
  • It goes up in less than a minute and it’s just as easy to disassemble
  • Great for backyard practice with reliability and stability

What I don’t like:

  • Some of the chains move in position but zip ties solve the problem

This is one of the best quality disc golf baskets you can find for home use for less than $150. It’s made of strong and durable materials and the design helps to prevent frustrating spit outs and bounce offs. 

It’s regulation in size and height which makes it ideal for practicing for a tournament.

4. Driftsun Sports Portable Disc Golf Basket Goal – Best Backyard Disc Golf Basket

We chose the Driftsun Sports Portable Disc Golf Basket on Amazon for the best disc golf basket for backyard use because it represents excellent value with regulation size design for practicing for tournament games or for beginners to sharpen their skills. 

It’s portable and lightweight and it goes up quickly and comes apart just as fast if you need to store or move the basket.

This is ideal for anyone who enjoys playing disc golf in the backyard regardless of the skill level. It gets a good rating for quality materials and construction and for its reasonable price.

What I like:

  • The chains are heavyweight and catch the discs well
  • Can be used for permanent or portable set up
  • Regulation size and height

What I don’t like:

  • A bit lightweight for more expert practice
  • Some welds are weak

Overall, this is an excellent choice for backyard practice and play. It’s well-build of metal construction that is resistant to weather damage for long life. It’s regulation size and it’s a good value for the cost.

5. Best Choice Products Portable Disc Golf Basket – Best Portable Disc Golf Basket

Best Choice Products Portable Disc Golf Basket on Amazon is the best portable disc golf basket with great ratings because of its high-quality materials and the double chain system that allows for fewer spit outs and bounce offs.

This is ideal for anyone who enjoys disc golf and for those who like to take their game on the road. It’s portable and light for easy transport from one place to another. It’s reasonably priced and it’s valued for its high performance catching thanks to the heavy-gauge chains.

What I like:

  • Sturdy chains for excellent catches
  • It goes up fast with easy assembly without the need for tools
  • It breaks down and packs up quickly for transport from one place to another
  • High-quality

What I don’t like:

  • May rust if left outside for extended periods

6. Yaheetech Pro Disc Golf Basket Target – Best Pro Disc Golf Basket

Yaheetech Pro Disc Golf Basket on Amazon is the best Pro disc golf basket for practicing in preparation for tournament play in your back yard. 

It’s a 24-chain model that does a great job of catching the discs with minimal bounce off and cut-throughs. It’s designed for beginners who want to sharpen their skills through experts who are preparing for a tournament match.

This disc golf basket gets a good rating for a reasonable price, high-quality construction and high-performance in a professional level target. It’s standard-sized with a powdered covered metal frame along with galvanized chains for weather-resistance.

What I like:

  • It’s built in accordance with PDGA standards for regulation height and size
  • The basket and chains are rust-resistant for years of fun and games
  • It’s stable and sturdy and works very well even in the wind
  • This is a portable basket that breaks down quickly for easy storage. It also comes with a storage bag.

What I don’t like:

  • Could be improved with 2 sets of chains
  • Hard to fit the pieces in the carrying case for some users

This is a professional regulation size disc golf basket that is suitable for professional practice in preparation for tournament level play. 

Although some users remarked that it could be improved with 2 sets of chains, the majority found it to be a high-performing basket with few bounce offs or spit outs.

7. Innova Champion Discs Discmania Lite Disc Golf Basket – Best Disc Golf Basket Under 100

It’s hard to find good disc golf baskets for under $100 but the Innova Discmania Lite on Amazon fits the bill. It gets a good rating for its quality construction. 

The chain configuration is designed to prevent disc slide throughs. It’s ideal for disc golfers who are looking for an affordable yet quality basket that is lightweight and has a good track record for disc catches.

What I like:

  • It’s light and easy to carry when you want to move it from one spot to another
  • This basket goes up fast without the need for tools. You can set it up anywhere
  • It comes with a good storage package to keep everything together when it’s not in use

What I don’t like:

  • The chains don’t always catch the disc

This is a great value for the cost because of its low cost and great basic features. It’s portable and easy to move and it only takes a few minutes to assemble or to disassemble.

8. MVP Disc Sports Black Hole Mini Disc Golf Basket – Best Budget Disc Golf Basket

Our choice for the best budget disc golf basket is the MVP Disc Sports Black Hole Mini on Amazon. It’s small and compact in size and you can use it in your back yard or take it with you camping, to parks, or other places. 

It’s great for beginners who don’t want to make a big investment yet at a low price. This disc golf basket is rated average rating.

What I like:

  • It has a 24-chain design that lessens bounces off the pole and cut-throughs
  • It’s a mini disc golf set that is also great for mini putting practice
  • The basket is compact and lightweight for easy transport and storage

What I don’t like:

  • The top canopy is not straight due to manufacturing errors in some units

This is one of the best basic practice sets on the market today. It’s one of the most affordable units available and it is well-built for the beginner or enthusiast who just wants to practice with a basket that goes up fast and can be taken down quickly.

9. Triumph Disc Golf Toss Steel Portable Target – Best Value Disc Golf Basket

Triumph Disc Golf Toss Steel Portable Target on Amazon is the best value disc golf basket because it comes with a target and three variably weighted golf discs. It gets an average rating for its low cost and the extra accessories that are included.

This set is for anyone who enjoys playing disc golf in their back yards or for those who like to take the game with them camping, to the beach, the park, or other places. It’s portable and easy to carry.

What I like:

  • The basket is sturdy and strong
  • It comes with three discs of different weighs
  • The folding legs make it fold into a compact size for easy carrying
  • It comes with instructions for playing 3 different games

What I don’t like:

  • Some units have arrived missing parts

For the low cost, this is one of the best values because it comes loaded with some great features. It’s portable, affordable and it’s easy to carry. We like the fact that it includes 3 discs that are all different weights to enhance the value for the cost.

10. Topeakmart 18-Chain Disc Golf Goal Sport Disc Basket Practice Outdoor Steel Disc Golf Disks – Best Disc Golf Practice Basket

Topeakmart 18-Chain Disc Golf Goal Sport Disc Basket on Amazon is a practice basket that has a low price and good rating for affordability, lightweight and portability. 

It goes up quickly in just a few minutes and the basket is sturdy. No tools are needed for assembly. It folds down easily into a compact size that is easy to carry and it doesn’t take up much storage space.

What I like:

  • Nice basic disc golf basket for beginners through intermediate
  • It’s easy to set up
  • The bright orange and silver colors make it visible
  • It’s small and light when it’s folded up

What I don’t like:

  • The chains would grab better with an upgrade

Although this isn’t a professional-grade disc golf basket it has a sturdy construction. It’s low price and portability, ease of setup, and sturdy construction make it an excellent value for the price.

Disc Golf Basket Brand Reviews

When reading reviews of disc golf baskets is helpful to know a little bit about the brands. Some are considered to be better than others. 

The brands that offer superior design features such as more chains to hold the disc or weather-resistant components tend to get better ratings. Some are liked better because of affordable price ranges that combine quality with affordability.

Axiom Disc Golf Basket Review

Axiom is a brand that is known for its high-quality materials and construction. The baskets are known for being durable and resistant to damage so they will last longer. 

They keep up with the competition with designs that are easy to assemble and to take apart when it’s time to store them.

Franklin Disc Golf Basket Review

Franklin is a brand that is known for affordability. Although the quality of the products is okay, they are not as high in premium materials or designs. For example, some baskets come with plastic chains that don’t function as well as metal and they don’t hold up as long over time.

Hive Disc Golf Basket Review

Hive is a manufacturer that produces moderately priced disc golf baskets. Although they’re not the cheapest, they’re not the most expensive either. 

The quality is good to excellent in their products and although there are a few flaws in production now and then, they do produce disc golf baskets that are a good value for the cost.

Prodigy Disc Golf Basket Review

Prodigy is a brand that goes the extra mile in producing the highest possible quality of disc golf baskets. They use powder-coated steel and chains dipped in a galvanizing solution to ensure that they are resistant to damage and corrosion from the elements. 

The designs are also excellent with chains that make it more fun to play with less spit out or bounce back. They are however about double the price of their competition for many comparable baskets.

Titan Disc Golf Basket Review

Titan is a brand that is known for heavy-duty construction, high-quality materials and superior designs for better catching. It’s hard to find a titan product because of issues with production currently. 

The company has not been able to keep up with consumer demand and their most popular disc golf baskets are unavailable.


What Are PDGA Approved Targets

PDGA approved targets are those which are built-in line with the regulations of height and size for official competition matches.

How To Choose A Portable Disc Golf Basket

The best portable disc golf baskets are easy to set up, easy to tear down and come with a carrying bag. They are lightweight yet stable and durable, crafted with quality materials and useful design.

Portable vs Permanent

Portable disc golf baskets are those that can be easily folded up and transported from one spot to another with relative ease. Permanent baskets are set up to stay in the same spot. They are usually left in place and should, therefore, be weather-resistant.

Helpful Tips To Find The Best Disc Golf Basket Under 150

  • Look for quality in the materials such as weather-resistant metal and galvanized chains
  • Compare prices to get the best value for the cost
  • Make sure that the basket is rated as being sturdy and stable
  • Go with the basket that features with the highest number of chains for disc retention

Final Thoughts

The best disc golf basket under 150 is not going to be a premium choice, but there are some very good and highly rated models available in this price range. 

We looked for those with the highest rating for quality in materials and weather-resistance with designs that help them to catch the discs best. 

We reviewed the 10 best including a range of features and styles to help you find the right choice for your disc golfing needs.

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