3 Best Brush Cutter Blades For Thick Grass

Best Brush Cutter Blades For Thick Grass

The first brush cutter was invented and produced by a Japanese company called Echo in 1960, an entire decade before string trimmers existed.

The revolutionary combination of a handheld saw, and a mower quickly became an agricultural staple. I use my brush cutter several times a season, and I recently spent some time testing out different blades for thick grass.

The results were enlightening, and I’ll share what I learned along the way.

Why You Need The Best Brush Cutter Blades For Thick Grass

A lawnmower is a lawnmower, and it might also mulch, but a brush cutter handles everything from light grass to brambles and saplings.

Because it’s a specialty tool, not all the blades are made to handle the same job. As a result, finding the best brush cutter blades for thick grass is essential.

If you are a hardcore lawnmower fan, then you may be wondering why I don’t recommend ‘just mowing’ the yard or tackling it with a string trimmer.

While a mower is excellent for maintenance on landscaped yards, a brush cutter can tackle huge stands of unwanted ornamental grasses.

Plus, when an area is really out of control, it’s hard to see whether there are obstacles that could wreck your lawnmower, so a handheld brush cutter is a smarter option.

String trimmers are great for edging manicured garden beds. However, they fall short when it comes time to dive into an overgrown acre with dense natural grasses.

Those little plastic strings may surprise you, but they won’t take down six feet of ornamental grass quickly or efficiently, if at all.

Best Brush Cutter Blades For Thick Grass

When I discovered a patch of incredibly thick grass at the back of my property, I realized it was the perfect opportunity to run a little test using my brush cutter.

Finding the ideal blades to cut grass gave me the chance to write a great article and cut down on my yard maintenance time in the future. I tested a dozen different styles and shapes.

Below are the 3 best brush cutter blades for thick grass:

1 – Renegade Red Razor Hybrid – Professional Blades

Renegade Blade 5pk-10-80t - Renegade Razor/Hybrid - Combo Specialty Carbide Brush Cutter Weed Eater Blades, 254mm
  • Pack of {5} -- 10"-80 teeth Red RAZOR -- COMBO Hybrid Specialty - Carbide Tipped Trimmer Brush cutter Blades, by RENEGADE BLADE
  • BLADE ATTACHMENT PARTS: Our blades are "Universal Fit" provided you FIRST acquire "Blade Kit" parts for your Trimmer model, (we don't sell these parts). IMPORTANT>> A blade does {NOT} fit directly on the tiny 5/16" axle that the "String Spool" screws onto, ALL string trimmers require some type of blade mounting parts (normally 2 small discs, nut, and cotter pin) to run a blade (YouTube can show this). We offer TWO arbor sizes: 25.4mm (same as 1") & also 20.0mm with reducer washer.
  • CARBIDE -- is estimated to last 10x longer than plain steel but does not cost 10x more creating incredible value. The CARBIDE MIX in our teeth is proprietary and 2nd to none.
  • SIX BLADE TYPES -- All 6 specialty types of blades we offer are as follows: (1) Silver RSB. thick tree limbs thick brush: 8-80t, 9-100t, 10-120t... (2) Yellow TALON Hybrid, thick tree limbs & hard brush: 8-72t, 9-84t, 10-96t... (3) Red RAZOR Hybrid, medium limbs & thick bushes: 8-56t, 9-68t, 10-80t... (4) Green VIPER Hybrid, small limbs - brush & brambles: 8-44t, 9-48t, 10-52t... (5) Silver RSB, brush & brambles: 8-32t, 9-36t, 10-40t... (6) Blue HAWK Hybrid, brush only: 8-20t, 9-20t,10-20t.
  • RENEGADE BLADE is the ONLY Carbide Brush Blade BRAND on Amazon that has a {REPORT} from the foremost Testing Laboratory: UL, LLC.

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The Renegade Razor Hybrid blades from Amazon are fantastic for going from dense grass to brush and saplings all in one.

These eighty-toothed blades look like the wicked cousin of a saw blade. Better still, carbide steel is durable. It can last ten times more than regular steel blades, and Renegade blades have a proprietary carbide blend.

Sharpened U grooves help catch larger diameter stems and slice them off evenly. More importantly, the universal fit of the blades makes them useful for brush cutters, two-in-ones, and string trimmers with appropriate adapters.

Blade kit parts are readily available for all styles and brands, so there’s no concern about getting blades that don’t fit.

Not only did these cut smoothly, but they came in a five-pack. No one wants to get partway through a big job and discover they have to wait a week for replacement blades.

Plus, with the longevity of the carbide blades, I know this pack will last through any project on my property. Grab a pack for yourself.

2 – Husqvarna 255-4t Grass Blade – My Favorite

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Out of all the blades, I tried the Husqvarna 255-4t Grass Blade from Amazon was my favorite. Husqvarna is a well-known and trusted brand in outdoor tools with an incredibly long history.

The Husqvarna Group was founded in 1689, and after more than three and a half centuries, they know how to make a quality product that lasts.

Unlike most brush cutter blades, this is the only dedicated option for thick grasses. The downside is that you can’t transition to chopping through bamboo and saplings if you have this blade equipped.

Luckily, I was only dealing with grass. Additionally, the universal attachment style also works on adaptable string trimmers.

With a maximum rpm rate of eleven thousand, this blade can take the heat. It works excellent on brush and weeds as well.

Most small-ish silica-based stems are like moving a hot knife through butter. Moreover, this blade was fast. If you need to handle a lot of dense grass and you don’t want to waste any time, get a Husqvarna 255-4t Grass Blade.

3 – CZS Carbide Tip Brush Cutter Trimmer Blades – Value Option

CZS 2 Pack 10inch x 80T Carbide Tip Brush Cutter Trimmer Blades
  • Brush cutter blade diameter is 10 inch. Arbor Bore Size is 1 inch. Fit most brush cutter or weed eater.
  • These brush blades are Made from Premium Stainless Steel. Carbide tip is estimated to last about 10 times longer than plain steel.
  • The weed eater blades is designed with more teeth to make work more efficiency, save time and save energy.
  • Two Pack Different Adapter Kit: Adapter Kit - 1 x Thrust washer (10 teeth)/ 1 x Rider plate/ 2 x Collar nut; Universal Adapter Kit - 1 x Thrust plate guard washer (6 teeth)/ 1 x Thrust washer/ 1 x Rider plate/ 1 x Collar nut/ 1 x Allen Wrench
  • Our Brush cutter blades are great at cutting and pruning. Suitable for weed, brush, brambles and shrub.

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If you need an economical option that works almost as well as the Renegade Razors, I suggest a pair of CZS Carbide Tip Brush Cutter Trimmer Blades.

This style is suitable for brush, brambles, weeds, grass, and shrubs. Best of all, the CZS blades are easy to install.

While the CZS wasn’t as smooth or quick as Husqvarna, it’s hard to beat three and a half centuries of constant innovation.

Still, these value blades did an excellent job. You can get a set from Amazon.

Helpful Tips To Know About Brush Cutter Blades For Thick Grass

Once you have the best brush cutter blades for thick grasses, you’ll find it’s much simpler to handle overgrown areas. Don’t risk clogging a good mower.

Here are more helpful tips to know about brush cutter blades for thick grass.

  • Grass is made chiefly of silica, which is why most animals with just one stomach can’t eat it. Silica fibers are incredibly durable and difficult to break down. A maintained yard has short grass that is kept stunted for visual appeal. A big stand of natural or ornamental grass is a lot harder to cut.
  • Don’t cut grass in the morning or after it rains. The excess moisture will make your brush cutter blades develop rust faster. Instead, opt for the afternoon or early evening on a dry day whenever possible. Otherwise, remove and completely dry your blade when you’re done, and the engine is off.
  • Weed eaters can be compatible with brush cutter blades. However, you’ll need a different style if you have a standard (not two-in-one) trimmer. Always go with the manufacturer’s recommendation for your brand of tool.
  • Brush cutter blades spin counterclockwise. Ensure you work from left to right as you cut. Although the grass is thinner than most of the vegetation you can use a brush cutter to remove, it will still cause the machine to jump if you try to work against the direction of the spin.

Final Thoughts

You don’t want to clog and damage a good mower with thick, overgrown grass. Using the right tool for every job is essential, and dense grasses need a brush cutter.

However, having the best brush cutter blades for thick grasses is equally vital. It would be best if you had the right combination of speed and durable cutting surface to plow through those tough silica stalks.

Whether you’re a pro with a lawn care business or a homeowner with unwanted, overgrown ornamental grasses, grab a brush cutter to handle the job, and you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches and repairs.

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