Best Baseball Tee For Toddlers (Top 3)

Best Baseball Tee For Toddlers

Tee Ball was developed in the early 1950s to make baseball more accessible. This was forward-thinking and decades ahead of its time. Unsurprisingly, toddlers and kids have a much easier time hitting the ball off of the stationary tee as they develop dexterity.

Learning to aim and bat without added complications can help your future sports star reach their goals. What’s the best baseball tee for toddlers?

What Is The Best Baseball Tee For Toddlers

The best baseball tee for toddlers is durable and adjustable so that it can grow with them.

By using a tee, you can help your little one learn to play baseball and softball while also making it more accessible than trying to hit a pitch right away.

More importantly, using a tee gives toddlers a chance to start playing baseball early.

Best Overall – Tanner Baseball Tee For Toddlers & Youth

The adjustable Tanner Tee from Amazon is outstanding for toddlers, and it can grow with them.

The patented, hand-rolled flexible rubber ball rest holds the ball secure and lets the hitter feel that ball instead of the post as they swing. Adjustable from 26 to 43 inches, this is best for late toddlers and taller little ones.

They’ll love this pro-style batting tee. Plus, the tops are handmade in Sarasota, Florida, so you can feel good about supporting the national economy and providing jobs.

TANNER TEE the ORIGINAL | Premium Batting Tee w/ Tanner Original Base
  • The Original pro-style Tanner batting tee that started it all. Trusted by more travel ball, youth, college and professional players than any other baseball tee or softball tee.
  • Hand rolled flexible rubber cone and Flextop. Rolled in Sarasota, FL. Ensures ball stability without interfering with your swing. Feel the ball, not the batting tee when hitting.
  • Premium steel shaft, flexible rolled rubber cone and composite base deliver maximum performance and durability with heavy use. Family owned business where we still hand-assemble every ee.
  • One hand height adjustment - Quickly adjust height from 26-43” with one hand. Unscrew stem from base to fit in most bat bags. Perfect choice for baseball or softball hitting tee
  • Weather resistant composite base provides ample stability at bat without sacrificing portability or swing feedback when the hitter strikes the cone vs the ball.

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Runner Up – Goplus Baseball Batting Tee For Toddlers & Youth

A heavy-duty Goplus Batting Tee from Amazon is ideal for active toddlers.

Adjustable from 25 to 36 inches, this model is almost as adaptable as the Tanner Tee. You’ll appreciate how quick and easy this model is to assemble and how portable it is when taken apart.

Since it’s made from tough rubber and solid PP, the GoPlus is great for any weather, and it won’t rust like knockoffs often do.

Goplus Batting Tee
  • 【Durable Frame】This batting tee possesses a high-quality rubber topper and solid PP base plate which ensures a long-term batting training. The solid base adds stability and makes the batting tee is not easy to fall over.
  • 【Adjustable Height】The height of this batting tee can be adjusted from 25" to 36" to accommodate any strike zone.
  • 【Easy to Assemble】This batting tee can be quickly folded out for easy setup in the backyard or other practice areas, there is no need for screws or other tools.
  • 【All-purpose Batting Tee】This heavy duty batting tee is perfect for all ages of training player who practice T ball, softball, baseball and other balls.
  • 【All Weather Suitable】The tough rubber and solid PP material is suitable for all weather conditions, rainy, windy and sunny, won't get rust. Besides, the special material also allows easy to clean up.

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Best Budget – Franklin Sports Baseball Tee For Toddlers & Youth

When you need a high-quality, durable tee, but you also don’t want to break the bank, I recommend the Franklin Sports Kids Teeball Batting Tee from Amazon.

This cost-effective tee is made of flexible PVC. It adjusts from 20 to 32 inches, so it’s great for the smaller toddlers, and it comes with an easy snap and twist assembly.

Franklin Sports Kids Teeball Batting Tee
  • Designed to deflect the momentum of the bat to prevent the tee from tipping
  • Adjusts from 23" to 31" in height
  • Flexible PVC ball holder for better ball contact
  • Patented spring mechanism provides a no-hassle continuous practice
  • Easy snap and twist assembly. A great tee to improve their confidence, swing mechanics, and body positioning

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What To Look For In Baseball Tee For Toddlers

People of any age enjoy Tee Ball, but it was first intended for children ages four to eight. The adult tees are modified versions of the equipment created to help children learn to aim and swing better.

Numerous modifications and changes have been made to this basic ball holder over the seven decades since it was first used, so it’s important to know what to look for in a baseball tee for toddlers.

Tees may appear similar, but there are a lot of differences depending on which company makes them. For example, the bases can be a single-pole or tripod setup.

I will walk you through some of the essential elements to be sure to find the right baseball tee for your toddler.

How High Should Batting Tee Be

When setting up your batting tee, it is essential to set it correctly. The ideal height for the ball should be roughly the same as it would be (on average) when you swing at a moving baseball.

In short, just above waist level. You may need to set the tee proportionally higher for the smallest toddlers as your only other option is getting a smaller toy version. Regrettably, these miniature plastic models are more breakable.

If possible, set the tee almost exactly at your child’s belt line (waist). The top of the stand should be level with the top of their belt. Otherwise, opt for the lowest available setting.

What Makes Batting Tee Durable

Batting tees come in a wide variety of materials. You can find them in plastics, which won’t last, aluminum, and various alloy metals. The tips are usually plastic or rubber.

You want to look for baseball tees made of alloys or composites that will be weather-resistant and impact-resistant.

The baseball tee should also come with a holding cone made of a flexible material, like rubber, that won’t damage your bat.

If you’re concerned about the tip of the tee, some modern versions offer an end with an electric air blower. Instead of being flexible, these tee-tops suspend the ball above the body of the tee.

What Is The Use Of A Batting Tee

The earliest use of a baseball tee was meant to teach the sport to children. However, this unique tool has become more widely used because all people can benefit from it.

By setting the ball in a stationary position, the batter trains to hit a specific location rather than swinging all over the place.

By changing the height, distance from your body, and location of a baseball tee, you can learn to hit regardless of where the pitch comes from.

In addition to their use as a training tool, baseball tees are used for practicing softball and playing tee-ball. In tee-ball, people (usually kids) always hit a ball on a tee.

The lightweight balls are made for a baseball-light variation of the sport where it’s much harder to get injured.

Are Batting Tees Worth It

Getting a high-quality batting tee is well worth it. As I mentioned, changing the settings and position can help toddlers and people of all ages learn more precise bat placement.

Like a punching bag teaches you to place a punch, this smart and accessible tool is superb for skill improvement. Plus, you can play tee-ball, which is a fun way to get some exercise and have fun with your toddler.

Helpful Tips To Know About Baseball Tee For Toddlers

If your toddler is interested in sports, an accessible choice like tee-ball is a fantastic way to support their love of athletics. Moreover, getting outside and batting a ball around is a great way to burn off some of that youthful energy.

Here are more helpful tips to know about baseball tees for toddlers.

  • If you don’t have a measuring tape or yardstick to determine how tall your toddler is, you can use a piece of twine to help measure how high to set the tee. All you need to do is stretch it from their toes to their waistline and then cut the cord. You can use this nonstandard measurement to set up the height of your tee.
  • Many major league players use baseball tees to practice daily. If these seasoned pros get significant benefits from hitting a stationary ball, you can bet your toddler will as well.
  • Some people mistakenly assume the tee will stop you from learning to hit home runs. However, you can work on every type of swing with this one simple tool.

Final Thoughts

Getting kids interested in sports when they’re small is a great way to foster teamwork and lifelong healthy habits. Tee-ball is perfect for little ones who have trouble swinging at moving objects.

By getting your little one the best baseball tee when they’re a toddler, you can help them with coordination and confidence. Plus, tee ball is a lot of fun at any age.

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