13 Backyard Birthday Party Ideas For Toddlers

Backyard Birthday Party Ideas For Toddlers

What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a backyard party and we have the best backyard birthday party ideas for toddlers.

There is no denying that toddlers are active. Having a backyard party is the perfect solution. You get more room for activities, fresh air, and most importantly more room for kids to run after getting revved up on sugar. Having an outdoor party also saves you the hassle of finding a place to rent.

The backyard makes the perfect setting for your toddler and his or her friends to run and play. There is more to it than just letting the kids run free. You need to have some activities organized to keep them entertained. Luckily, there are no shortage of ideas when it comes to backyard birthday party ideas and we have some of the best for you to try. Your kids will love them, and you will too.

Outdoor Toddler Birthday Party Ideas

Throwing an outdoor birthday party is a great idea for small children. They get fresh air and have plenty of space to run off all that sugar-fueled energy. It is also easier to clean up any mess since everything is already outside the house.

The good news is that there are hundreds of outdoor party ideas. Do not let that deter you. We have put a list together of the best backyard birthday party ideas for toddler.

Our list below contains all you need to create the most amount of birthday fun for your toddler’s special day. All you must do is pick the theme your child will love most.

Backyard Birthday Party Ideas For 1 Year Old Girl

Make a Mess Party

At this age they are very creative and enjoy expressing themselves in colorful ways. Creating a party where they can be free to explore, create, and color all afternoon is a productive use of that sugar-driven energy. Just make sure all the kids bring clothes that can get messy.

Have different art projects scattered around the yard. With some non-toxic paints from Amazon, there is plenty the kids can do. 

Hang up white sheets for them to decorate or let them paint on old t-shirts. Let them use their hands or some sponges and brushes to make their artistic messes.

Lay out sheets or rolls of paper and let the kids run through paint and then onto the canvas. Drop different colors of paint into water balloons, inflate them, and let the kids throw them at a canvas. You can also throw in some slime and glitter for variety.

Bubble Party

You can keep the creativity flowing with lots of bubble play. Bubbles are fascinating and fun. Beyond getting bubbles for all the kids to play with, get a large bubble wand for the ultimate party. Fill a kiddie pool using a large bubble mix from Amazon or invest in a bubble machine.

Snacks can include popcorn and fruit balls, to keep the bubble theme going. Balloons should be everywhere or you can get neon punch balls for the kids to run around and play with. 

It will be fun to have bubbles that don’t pop. Play some bubble tag and let the kids create their own bubble art with a little dish soap and paint.

Backyard Birthday Party Ideas For 1 Year Old Boy

Water Party

Similar to a messy party, water parties are a great way for your 1 year old to have fun. Instead of paint, glitter, and slime everywhere, you need to have water. 

A slip-and-slide is always a classic go to for water parties, but we have a few other fun ideas to really entertain your 1 year old and his pals.

Water balloon pinata is easy and fun. Hang water balloons from a line and let them smash and splash. Water balloons are also great for a more fun version of dodgeball. 

Make sure you have plenty of squirt guns and a toddler pool or two. And don’t just set up a regular sprinkler, get a friendly inflatable monster from Amazon to join in the fun.

Dinosaur Party

What boy does not want to go digging for dinosaurs. Set up a sand pit with fossils you can find on Amazon. A dinosaur themed pinata or a bouncy house will add some extra excitement. 

Don’t forget to grab a decorating kit from Amazon which includes masks so every kid can be their favorite dinosaur.

Scatter inflatable dinosaurs around the yard and among the bushes. And let the kids hunt for dinosaur eggs. Games to play can include Pin the Tail on T-Rex and Dinosaur Dance, and don’t forget to serve dino nuggets. 

Break out the paint and crayons for all the boys to create their own cave paintings too.

Backyard Birthday Party Ideas For 2 Year Old Girl

Princess Party

Every little girl wants to be a princess and your backyard makes a great setting for a princess party. Give your 2 year old daughter her very own inflatable castle for all the princesses of the court to bounce in. 

As you guests arrive, walking through a regal balloon arch will make them all feel like royalty.

Every girl can be their favorite princess with masks and set up an art station for them to make their own crowns. And you can get an easy decoration setup kit from Amazon to save you time and money. 

Hanging a princess pinata is always a winner too. Games to play can include Pin the Crown on the Princess, Musical Thrones, and The Lost Slipper.

Unicorn Party

All things unicorn is the quickest way to a little girl’s heart. You can create the perfect magical wonderland in your yard full of unicorns and rainbows. 

The guests can arrive through a unicorn rainbow arch to see a world of magic. Inflatable unicorns and rainbows should be everywhere.

Have the girls sit on “pillow” clouds to eat and serve rainbow popcorn and cotton candy. Every girl can be a unicorn with their own tiara and can play games like Unicorn Ring Toss, and Paint Me a Rainbow. Break out some glue and glitter and let the girls make their own magical art.

Backyard Birthday Party Ideas For 2 Year Old Boy

Superheroes Party

As sure as girls love princesses and fairy tales, boys love superheroes. Plan the perfect superhero party for your 2-year-old and all his pals so they can fight crime together. 

And of course, have fun. Break out the capes for all the little heroes and have a bounce house on hand for all their epic battles.

Games like Catch the Villain, Spiderman’s Obstacle Course, and Xray Vision are great for a superhero party. Find a great kit with all supplies at Amazon and set up games to keep the boys active. 

Super punch hero balloons will be a guaranteed winner and a talent show for all the guests to share their superpowers is the best way to get the party started.

Camping Party

2-year old’s are all about exploration and adventure. They are sponges just looking to take in new experiences. There is no greater adventure and experience than camping. 

Bring the great outdoors to your backyard for a fun camping party for your 2-year-old boy. Set up your yard like a campground, complete with tents. Lunch needs to be grilled and s’mores should be a must.

A scavenger hunt is perfect for a camping party as is a bow and arrow contest. Set up a kiddie pool to be a small lake, complete with toy fish. Let the kids go fishing for their dinner. 

Have the kids make their own party favors by bringing out glue, paint and glitter and some pinecones. Table decorations are easy for this theme as you only need a red checkered tablecloth.

Backyard Birthday Party Ideas For 3 Year Old Girl

Fairy Garden Tea Party

Glitter and wings and all pretty things. The perfect ingredients for a fairy garden party. Decorate with real flowers and mason jars, as well as let each child create their own glass garden using sticks, glitter, ribbons, and flowers, everyone can also make their own wands. You can provide the fairy wings.

Rock painting, bubbles, and a tea party will create a perfect magical setting. Make sure every child leaves with their own jar of pixie dust which they can create with their own choice of glitter. 

They can also decorate their own cookies with sprinkles and glitter. Cookies cutters in the shape of butterflies, flowers will work both for the cookies and for some play dough fun the kids can have too.

Backyard Birthday Party Ideas For 3 Year Old Boy

Lawn Game Party

Turn your backyard into a field of games with all sorts of activities for the kids. You can make your own giant lawn games or buy them from Amazon.

You can make your own Twister or Tic Tac Toe boards with some spray paint while bean bag toss sets are affordable and easy to find. Sack races, whiffle ball, horseshoes, and bowling. 

There are so many games you can play. For giant size versions of your favorite games, Amazon has everything you need. Don’t forget to give out medals to all the participants.

Circus Party

What kid doesn’t like the circus? This is great for boys or girls age. Acrobatics, animals, fun, and laughs. Let your 3-year-old be the ringmaster of their very own birthday circus with a circus themed backyard party. 

The main feature needs to be a circus tent or two, and of course carnival games. Bag toss, water balloons, and hula hoop obstacle courses.

Kids can make their own ice cream cone clowns, play musical circus rings, and feed the animals. Using a cut out drawing of circus animals throw popcorn or marshmallow through the holes. 

Have adults and kids take part in a circus themed sack race and you can even have a popcorn and cotton candy machine.

Summer Backyard Birthday Party For Toddlers

Beach Party

You don’t need to have an ocean to have a beach party. You can turn your backyard into a beach giving your toddler all the sun, sea, and sand they can handle. 

You will need a few kiddie pools, some with water and some with sand. That way all the elements of the beach are there. Inflatable beach balls can be all around and leave towels around for sitting, rather than having tables and chairs.

Scatter shells in the sandbox or pool with sand so the kids can collect their own shells. Play balloon volleyball, decorate surfboards, and make starfish from salt dough. 

Have a jellyfish pinata, play musical towels, and have sand toys and water toys for the kiddie pools. Using crepe paper is an easy way to decorate with “seaweed” and you can make sure every kid has their own pair of sunglasses.

Winter Backyard Birthday Party Ideas For Toddlers

Eskimo Party

Don’t let the winter weather spoil birthday fun. In fact, a snowy backyard is a great setting for an eskimo birthday party that every toddler will love. 

Turn the kiddie pool into an ice-fishing pond. Adding ice cubes will give it the icy feel and kids can fish for floating toys. You also want to have a campfire for s/mores and hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Kids can play Pass the Penguin and decorate their own igloos. Let the kids decorate snow with food coloring and organize a scavenger hunt and snowman bowling. 

If you have plenty of snow, a snowman competition is a must. If you need to add some fake snow for effect, the best artificial snow is on Amazon.

Helpful Tips To Have The Best Backyard Birthday Party For Toddlers

With any of these ideas your toddler will have the best birthday. Once you have a theme in mind, all you need to do is get games, food, and party supplies to match. But before you get started, there are a few helpful tips to remember.

  • Remember to keep it simple.
  • Organize age-appropriate games and activities
  • Plan activities based on the number of kids attending the party
  • Choose themes your child likes. Go with their favorite colors and characters to add to the themes.
  • Include healthy snacks and food options to balance all the candy, cake, and ice cream.

Final Thoughts

A handful of excited toddlers at a party can be a lot, but with these ideas the kids will have plenty to do. And most importantly they will have nothing but fun. 

With our list of the best backyard birthday party ideas for toddlers, your toddler’s birthday will definitely be a day to remember.

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