Are Smoker Thermometers Accurate: (2 Ways To Check)

Are Smoker Thermometers Accurate

Are you among those who keep asking, are smoker thermometers accurate? If you are, you have come to the right place. Whether you are smoking barbecue ribs or chicken, you will want an idea of your smoker’s temperature.

Most smoker thermometers come with a margin of error of +/-2 degrees Fahrenheit. Brands such as ThermoPro, Weber, Fireboard and Thermoworks make higher quality smoker thermometers that are more accurate with a margin of error between 0- and 1-degree Fahrenheit.

From dome temperature to grill temperature, you will always need the most accurate thermometer. It is in this accuracy that you will comfortably master temperature control.

However, the biggest concern would be whether these smoker thermometers are indeed accurate. Various tests have been conducted on smoker thermometers. 

Unfortunately, they are not the most precise options you have at hand. However, they will provide you with enough insights that can guide you in the best estimation process. But why is this so?

Getting the most out of your smoker thermometer is a goal you can’t overlook. While these thermometers will not give you the best results, the margin of error is relatively small. 

For this reason, it will be fair to say they are worth relying on at any time. Here are a few invaluable pointers that you might want to keep in mind.

How Accurate Are Smoker Thermometers

Indeed, cooking is an enjoyable experience that you will not want to keep worrying about the temperature. Smoker thermometers will be the one to monitor the ambient temperature of your smoker grill. 

However, while you will get reliable estimates, the smoker thermometers might not provide you with the most accurate readings.

These thermometers often come with a margin of error that lies between 0- and 1-degree Fahrenheit. However, you will find those with +/-2 degrees Fahrenheit margin of error in a lot of thermometers. 

Perhaps, a look at the best five smoker thermometer brands will give you an idea of what to expect. They will include the following:


This brand boasts of an incredible dual-probe technology design, which ensures that you easily can estimate the temperature of two separate lumps of meat. 

Whether these portions of beef are put along the grill or smoker, you will be confident of getting enhanced accuracy. Their margin error is less than one-degree Fahrenheit.

This brand also gives you a remote receiver, which allows you to monitor your food from a distance. With such flexibility, you will be free to indulge in other meaningful chores as your food gets ready.

One thing you will love about these thermometers is the impressive warranty they come with. Usually, the warranty lasts for three years, highlighting the confidence you should have in their performance.


You can’t ignore the superiority of this brand in the industry. While their products could be a little pricier, you will be sure of the value for your money in the long run.

In most cases, they come with relatively large LCD screens, which give you an easier time whenever monitoring temperatures. 

As if that is not enough, the screens light up at night, ensuring that reading in the dark is much easier on your eyes.

You will love their high level of accuracy and even speed. Remember, their margin of error is approximately +/- 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Reading the temperature is also instant. Above all, you will have an easy time operating models from this brand, as the button setup is readily accessible.


Besides making some of the best grills, Weber also makes impressive smoker thermometers. For instance, you will love the Weber iGrill 2 Bluetooth BBQ thermometer, among other models.

Ideally, the Bluetooth technology used by most models produced by Weber easily pairs the thermometer with your smartphone. The range provided for Bluetooth connection is relatively reliable, as it is about 150 feet.

With a four-probe capacity, you will appreciate how flexible models from this brand are. This flexibility ensures that you measure multiple areas of the meat at the same time.


The high cost of products from this brand could scare away some people. Despite this, choosing this brand will assure you of not only reliability, but also a durable smoker thermometer. It has many features that you will love.

This brand gives you cloud connection, which means that you can connect to Bluetooth or WiFi. You will be free to set up your connection from a remote place, and still be sure of impressive results.

The most exciting thing about this brand is the enhanced accuracy you get. Usually, you will be sure of a relatively small error margin, which is less than 1-degree Fahrenheit. However, be ready to rely on its app for multiple features.


From enhanced accuracy to improved technology, Meater is a brand you don’t want to overlook. This brand relies on the use of Bluetooth, with its range being around 10 feet. 

There is no denying that this range is relatively limited, which means you cannot control anything whenever you move further than this distance.

The models come with stainless steel construction, which makes it easier for you to clean it. Besides, it is not only waterproof, but also significantly durable.

The margin error you get will often be between 2- and 5-degrees Fahrenheit, making it less ideal for short cooks. The reason for this significant margin is that almost everything will have to be controlled from within the grill.

Types Of Smoker Thermometers

  • Thermocouple Probes: These thermometers are not only fast but also the most accurate. It comes with two fine wires, and they do not need calibration to remain precise. This way, you will be sure of their reliability at all times.
  • NTC Thermistors: This thermometer will give you temperature readings depending on the resistance changes in meat or protein. An increase in temperature highlights a decrease in resistance and vice versa. The readings provided by these thermistors are not fast and with a small margin of error.
  • Resistance Temperature Detector: While this option is pricey, it assures you of unmatched precision. It reads temperatures by detecting the resistance levels of the film around ceramic.
  • Semiconductor Based Sensors: This thermometer will display the average temperature picked along the bimetallic coil. The readout will take no more than 20 seconds to come out.

How Do I Know My Thermometer Is Accurate

The accuracy of your thermometer is so essential that you will need to check it often. Ideally, the goal is to ensure that the readings are within a small range of error. The best margin, as said earlier, would be below two degrees Fahrenheit. 

Usually, you can determine the smoker thermometer’s accuracy in two ways, the boiling water test and the ice bath test.

  • Ice Bath: This method involves dipping the smoker thermometer in ice cubes. The thermometer probe should be at least two centimeters into the pool of water or crushed ice cubes. Leave it for about 15 minutes before taking the readings. The right reading needs to be 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Boiling Water: Here, you will have to put the smoker thermometer into boiling water for around 10 seconds. Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, and so should your thermometer readings be. However, if you are using hard water, the boiling point could be between 1- and 20-degrees Fahrenheit above the 212-mark.

How Do You Calibrate A Smokers Thermometer

Calibration will always come in handy for inaccurate thermometers. It should be mentioned that you can only calibrate some thermometers. Other thermometers, especially the expensive models, will need to be sent to the manufacturers for calibration.

The first step would be to confirm the specifications provided by the manufacturer. From here, you will choose to calibrate your thermometer either by boiling water or ice bath.

  • Boiling Water: This process involves dipping the thermometer in boiling water until the reading stabilizes. Upon stabilization, turn the Thermapen to access calibration screws. Adjust the span setting to read 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Ice Bath: Once you dip the thermometer into crushed ice and the readings stabilize, take the time to access the calibration screws. Then adjust the zero-calibration screw until it reads 32 degrees Fahrenheit. You will be good to go.

Where To Place Thermometer In Smoker To Be Most Accurate

Understanding where to place your smoker thermometer will always make a significant difference in your results. You shouldn’t place your thermometer toward the upper part of your smoker. 

This is because the temperature is at its strongest while here. Usually, it is best to place it around 7.5cm above the grate for better precision levels.

What Is The Best Smoker Thermometer

Are you looking for the ultimate smoker thermometer? You can never go wrong with ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Remote Meat Thermometer

From its dual-probe technology design to its impressive remote receiver, you will love this device. This thermometer guarantees enhanced accuracy levels, with an almost negligible margin of error.

This thermometer allows you to monitor the progress of your cooking while you are 300 feet away. Thanks to the hands-free monitor, you will enjoy improved flexibility and convenience. It is easy to setup and easy to use.

What I like:

  • Impressive wireless transmitter
  • Unrivaled accuracy levels
  • USDA preset temperature settings
  • Unmatched durability

Helpful Tips To Confirm Are Smoker Thermometers Accurate

Any time is a good time to confirm how accurate your thermometer is. The two ultimate tips to consider will always include the following.

  • Dipping the thermometer in ice cubes, where it should read 32 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Dip it in boiling water, where it should read 232 degrees Fahrenheit

Final Thoughts

Whether you need to monitor your food or get the ideal temperature for your grilled steak, you cannot overlook the smoker thermometers’ essence. As long as you understand how to use them and which one is ideal for you, you will have no reason to worry.

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