7 Reasons Why Electric Grills Are Worth It

Are Electric Grills Worth It

Electric grills are among the best and most convenient ways of grilling your foods. Anytime you want to eat your food, you need to consider whether it is healthy, and this starts with the cooking method used and how the food is served on your plate.

Electric grills are a safe and healthy food preparation method. There are numerous ways we can benefit from electric grilling. These appliances are better compared to gas and charcoal grills.

Electric grills are worth it because they are affordable, portable, easy to maintain, and the healthiest way to cook outdoors. Their temperature control is simple which gives you consistent results. They can be used for indoor and outdoor grilling and don’t require users to buy or store combustible fuel. Electric grills are cheaper to run and maintain than a standard grill.

Are Electric Grills Worth It

Electric grills are among the most favored methods of grilling food. Electric grills may be suitable for you if you live in a limited space and are worried about health problems associated with propane and charcoal grills.

Let’s look at what these appliances have to offer.

1 – Are Electric Grills Healthy

Yes. Electric grilling is a healthy way of cooking for various reasons. One is that electric grilling reduces the fat and oils in the food.

How? Grilling applies heat to the food surface. Thus, you use minimal oil, and it also melts fat from fatty foods like meat.

Cooking using electric grills uses small amounts of oil compared to deep frying. Consuming too much oil, especially trans fats and saturated ones, has been linked to obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases.

Additionally, electric grills don’t produce carbon dioxide and soot. If you’ve used propane or charcoal grills before, you are familiar with the soot these appliances make.

Thankfully, electric grills produce little or no smoke.

Remember that smoke is not suitable for your health as it contains carbon dioxide (CO2).

Inhaling large amounts of CO2 is said to cause irritability, headaches, shortness of breath and drowsiness. Carbon dioxide poisoning usually occurs when using a charcoal grill in a minimally ventilated area.

But since electric grills produce less smoke, they won’t increase your risk, and you can safely use them inside.

Lastly, electric grills don’t produce carcinogens that have been linked to cancer. Therefore, if you’re mainly concerned with health, opt for electric grills.

2 – Are Electric Grills Safe

Safety is one of those factors you cannot overlook when purchasing a cooking grill. Research says that more than 10000 fires occur annually from home grills.

So, it would be best to analyze the risks a cooking grill poses to you, the surrounding environment and the food you’ll cook.

Thankfully, electric grills are safe for both indoor and outdoor use. The grills do not produce flames and carbon dioxide.

Remember that open flame can become a fire hazard when poorly managed. Also, carbon dioxide has adverse health effects when inhaled.

Additionally, electric grills have heat control options. Therefore, you can regulate the temperature quickly, and it is unlikely that you will burn your food.

Also, note that these grills don’t produce harmful gasses like carcinogens that put your health at risk when you eat grilled food.

It is why individuals worried about their health are turning to electric grills.

We should also mention that since they use electricity, there isn’t any chance of gas leakage or fumes coming from your charcoal grill.

Generally, electric grills have almost no fire and health hazards with proper use.

3 – Do Electric Grills Use a lot of Electricity

No. Well, they draw so much power when turned on, approximately 700 to 2000 watts.

However, the electricity they use is not a lot since they are not for everyday use. Most people do a lot of grilling during summer.

In these times, the electricity consumption can be higher by some margin. However, the total energy used by an electric grill is not as much as other appliances like AC.

An electric grill can use an average of 1.5 kilowatts per hour when turned on to the highest temperature.

So, for a person using it for three hours per week, it means that they use it for 12 hours every month.

In that case, they use 18 kilowatts per month. However, please remember that these figures are simply an estimation.

They may be more or less depending on the grill’s wattage, efficiency and capacity, among other factors.

4 – Do Electric Grills Take Longer to Cook

No. electric grills tend to heat up faster and more efficiently. Therefore, you will take less time preparing food which means a fast cooking time.

Also, since the food grills lightly, it can ensure that your food doesn’t lose nutrients. Therefore, you can expect healthier foods.

The grilling time for steaks with 1-inch thickness ranges from 5-11 minutes, depending on how well you want it to be cooked.

And grilling chicken breast can take 12-15 minutes. So as you can see, the grills take a short time.

5 – How to Make Electric Grill Taste Like Charcoal

Another advantage of electric grills is that you can make your food have a smoky charcoal flavor, especially steaks.

Note that many people find smoked foods tastier than other foods. However, you need to use a charcoal grill to get such food.

But an electric grill will do the magic if you don’t have one by your side.

Several methods can help you achieve a charcoal flavor on your food using electric grills. You can use wood or charcoal chips on an electric grill.

These are readily available, so you can easily find them in places that sell wood.

Remember that they come from different trees like cider, maple and hickory, and each type gives a different smokiness and aroma levels.

Another method is using a smoker box. This small container holds wood on your electric grill, increasing the amount of smoke produced.

Please remember to set the highest temperatures to allow the smoker box to absorb the heat quickly.

You can reduce the temperature after the chips have ignited. If the chips catch fire, use a spray bottle to put them off.

6 – Do Electric Grills Give Smoke Flavor

Electric grills allow you to grill anytime. However, this convenience sacrifices the smoky flavor in your meat.

But, as we have seen, you can smoke food using an electric grill. Please bear in mind that smoking and grilling are not the same things.

Smoking takes quite some time to allow flavor to get into your meat.

If you want to smoke food using an electric grill, you can use a smoker box or wood chips, as mentioned above. You can also use liquid smoke.

You only need to mix it with other ingredients when preparing. Most times, it’s included in the marinade or wet rub.

Then, you can marinate your food and cook it on the electric grill.

7 – Can an Electric Grill Catch Fire

Electric grills are the safest because they don’t emit flames or gas leaks. However, they can pose a fire risk if you outdoors use the wrong extension cord.

Please ensure that you use the right extension cord and avoid immersing it in water or other liquids.

Additionally, regularly wipe your grilling pan since oil and fat can build up on it, increasing the fire risk.

Helpful Tips to Know About If Electric Grills Are Worth It

Electric grills are today more popular than ever. They are easy to use and don’t harm the ecosystem. Here are the main reasons why electric grills are worth it:

  • They run quickly and need less preparation time.
  • They can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • They are cost-efficient as they consume less fuel and don’t need high maintenance.

Final Thoughts

Electric grills are a worthwhile investment. They let users cook smartly and healthy using a short time.

Plus, since they are mobile, you can always position your cooking in various places, meaning that you can use them during picnics, at a campsite, a tailgate party or a beach house.

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