Are Electric Grills Safe

Are Electric Grills Safe

Most people who are considering using electric grills wonder about their safety. Well, as a responsible person, it’s only natural to question the safety of this appliance before purchasing or using it.

Electric grills are safe compared to grills that use charcoal and gas as they don’t easily catch carcinogenic compounds, making them a healthy method of food preparation but you need to take several steps to maximize the safety of your grill.

Electric grills are generally safer to use than charcoal or propane grills when used indoors because they aren’t as prone to developing carcinogens and other cancer-causing compounds in food. They have heat control options that let users control the heat amount during cooking, and they don’t emit dangerous gasses like charcoal grills.

Is It Safe to Cook On An Electric Grill

Yes. It is safe to cook on electric grills. According to the Grandview Research’s report in 2018, the electric market stood at 3.68 billion dollars.

Now, as per these figures, many people are using electric grills. So, we can generally conclude that it is a safe way to cook your meals.

But while electric grills are safe to use, it’s always advisable you take safety precautions to get the most out of your appliance.

For example, you need to clean the drip tray frequently. Remember that grease can make its way into this tray.

But since it is a heating element, it can catch and start a fire. It’s also wise not to expose the electric cord to the water. And when cleaning, please do remember to unplug it from power first.

A common concern when using indoor electric grills is that they emit smoke. While this is true, the amount emitted is very little to damage your furniture, curtains, or other household items with soot.

But we cannot overlook the fact that smoke contains carbon dioxide, which is harmful to your health when produced in poorly ventilated areas.

However, since electric grills release little or no smoke, they are generally safe to use indoors.

Are Electric Grills Safer Than Propane Grills

Yes. Electric grills are generally safer compared to propane and charcoal grills. That is because they emit less smoke and do not produce flames.

So, they can be the best choice if you live in an apartment that doesn’t have enough space to put an outdoor grill.

The issue with propane grills is the gas leaks, which could cause an explosion. When you leave the gas tank valve open, gas will leak and build up.

The gas leaks can be inside the grill and occur when you leave your burner knob on.

If you light your grill after a short while, you could have a buildup of propane inside your grill. So this could cause a massive explosion.

Additionally, your propane gas could explode if you leave the tank exposed to heat for a long time.

In this case, the propane starts to boil, and since there is no space for the steam to escape, it creates pressure. As the pressure continues to build up, it results in the tank failing, which causes an explosion.

A report by indicates that more than 7000 fires occur yearly from gas grills and can cause severe injuries to people standing by.

But as much as electric grills are safe, they can also be a fire risk. However, this only happens when using the wrong extension cord outdoors.

Please ensure you don’t expose the cord, plug, or heating element to water when using your grill. Other than that, these grills are safe provided that you handle everything else correctly.

What Happens If You Leave an Electric Grill On

Ideally, you shouldn’t leave your electric grill on if not using it. After using your grill, you need to power it off and unplug it.

Then once the grate surface is cool, clean thoroughly and store it. But what happens if you forget to turn your grill off? Well, this depends on the grill type you are using.

Some grills come with a shut-off timer and thus will turn off after the set period. However, some don’t have this feature, which may be dangerous.

Well, leaving the grill on doesn’t pose a danger by itself. But the problem results if food is inside or the burner is close to an object that can catch fire. In this case, the risk of fire increases.

Are Electric Grills A Fire Hazard

Electric grills are the safest among the different types of grills. However, they still pose some degree of fire risk.

The Consumer Council says that more than 60% of electric grills pose safety risks and one with a potential fire hazard.

Electric grills can catch fire if you don’t manage and use them effectively. But this rarely happens.

The grills don’t produce smoke or fumes, making them safe for indoor use. However, using the extension cord designed for indoor use outside can cause a fire.

Additionally, a fire can start due to the buildup of oil and fat in your grill pans. For this reason, cleaning your grill pan after use is advisable.

Are Electric Grills Safe On Balconies

Yes. You can use electric grills on balconies. Several reasons make people use these appliances on a balcony.

For example, property owners or local governments tend to limit grilling in rental apartments.

However, they allow the use of electric models. So, in this case, you can consider using yours on the balcony.

Also, perfect grilling needs space. That is why most grilling happens outside, mostly in the backyard.

But you don’t have a backyard when living in an apartment or condominium. A balcony thus presents an excellent alternative.

Helpful Tips To Know About If Electric Grills Are Safe

Electric grills are a worthwhile investment. They are generally safer compared to propane and charcoal grills.

Plus, they provide a healthy cooking method. However, to ensure that you remain safe while using them, you need to follow various tips. These include;

  • Always wash your grilling pan after using it to prevent fat and oil from building up, which can increase the fire risk.
  • Always attend to your cooking.
  • Always inspect the power cord, plug, and heating element before you plug it in.
  • Please do not immerse the cord in water or liquids
  • When using an indoor grill, make sure that the room is well ventilated
  • Turn off the electric grill and unplug from the power source when not using
  • Ensure that you keep flammable items far from the grills and hobs.

Final Thoughts

Electric grills are safe for both indoor and outdoor use. But remember that any grill type poses some risk.

Therefore, please follow the above tips to get the most from your grill. Also, we have to mention that these grills aren’t prone to capture cancer-causing compounds in your food.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your food’s health.

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