Are Backyard Ziplines Safe

Are Backyard Ziplines Safe

Ziplines are a wildly popular form of outdoor entertainment that has become a relatively low-risk, high-fun trend. You can now zip over zoos, mountains, and scenic vacation destinations like Hawaii or set up in your own yard. Plus, this fantastic activity is sporty without being physically taxing.

Are backyard ziplines safe? Read on, and I’ll teach you all about this exhilarating outdoor activity and explain the safety concerns and precautions, so you understand the risk.

When built and used correctly, backyard ziplines are safe and fun. It is essential to check that a backyard zipline is in a safe, clear area and rated for the weight of the people using it, as kids-only ziplines generally won’t hold adults safely. Follow the manufacturer’s specifications, dress appropriately, and use the line only as it is intended.

How Dangerous Are Backyard Ziplines

Backyard ziplines are surprisingly safe. This is not to say that you should never worry or that you can throw caution to the wind, but they are safe when used properly.

Only about 11 out of every 1,000,000 people are injured on ziplines. Mostly this is due to improper use.

Playground injuries are more common.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission states that “Forty-one percent (3,390) of the estimated injuries involved public playground equipment and 33 percent (2,730) involved home use equipment. Additionally, 26 percent (2,120) of the injuries involved equipment that was not specified as either public or home playground equipment.”

By comparison, trampolines cause over 100,000 accidents per year. That’s roughly a 1/100 chance of a significant accident.

Meanwhile, around 4,200 people each year are hurt at water parks. In short, ziplines are a relatively safe way to play outside.

Are Ziplines Safe To Put In Your Backyard

Ziplines are safe to put in your backyard. However, you will need ample enough space to set up the zipline you choose safely.

Additionally, ziplines are safer in enclosed backyards with fences and lockable gates. Keep trespassers and unsupervised children out of your zipline area.

So long as you have appropriate anchor points and a large enough space, you need only one other thing.

It is vital to have a clear area on h ground and overhead to avoid accidental problems like kicking something on the ground or getting whipped by a tree branch.

How Do I Make My Backyard Zipline Safe

Making your backyard zipline safe is easy. Make certain no one zips alone, and use a harness-style zipline that holds you while you fly.

Below are several ways for safer backyard ziplines.

  • Installation – You need a specific amount of space for a zipline. It’s not usually safe to shorten or lengthen a premade zipline to fit your yard.
  • Maintenance – Always check over the entire zipline before anyone uses it. Replace broken, cracked, or worn parts immediately, and don’t ride until the new pieces are installed.
  • Weight Rating – This is simple. Make sure you buy a zipline that can handle the weight of the riders.
  • Manufacturer Recommendations – Always read the directions and follow all manufacturer recommendations.
  • Clearance – Keep the area around your zipline, above, below, and to both sides clear. Make sure no one walks in front of or under a rider.

Are Backyard Ziplines Safe For Kids

Backyard ziplines are safe for kids. Although there are relatively few zipline accidents overall, roughly half of these happen to children under 10 years old.

Misusing a zipline and letting kids use them unsupervised can always cause problems.

Below are a few easy tips to follow to help keep your kids safe when operating a backyard zipline.

  • Supervision – Never allow children, especially under 10, to zip unsupervised. Treat it like a swimming pool, and don’t risk leaving them alone.
  • Attire – Make sure the kids are appropriately attired. Loose-fitting clothing can get caught and cause a snag that leads to a fall.
  • Containment – Enclose your zipline area. If you have a fence with a lock around the space where kids use the zipline, they are less likely to sneak in zip time when you aren’t looking.
  • Education – Talk to your kids about proper zipline safety and technique. A little learning can go a long way.

How Often Do Ziplines Break

Ziplines can break, but it happens so rarely there are no statistics on the topic. A zipline is typically made from steel wires.

While these can corrode over time, the chances of a catastrophic failure are slim.

Fortunately, there’s little risk here as long as you check and maintain your zipline.

Is There An Age Limit For Zip Lining

There is no age limit for ziplining. While it is exciting, going for a zip is not very physically taxing.

So long as you can reach the top, you can zip down again. However, people with anxiety, heart conditions, or other serious concerns should talk to their physician before installing or riding a zipline.

How Likely Are Zipline Accidents

Zipline accidents are unlikely at best. You only have about 11/1,000,000 of a chance of getting injured on a zipline.

Notably, the number of zipline injuries has gone up in recent years. However, the increase in injuries directly correlates with how many more people are going ziplining.

As zipping becomes more popular, more people do it, which means more accidents, even though they are rare.

How High Should A Backyard Zipline Be

You need a 12-foot anchor for 100 feet of zipline. You can start higher if you plan to build a raised landing area or have enough space for a much longer zipline.

It is essential to create a safe, not-too-steep zipline so you don’t make a dangerous stop that causes unnecessary injuries.

Some ziplines are as high as 150 feet in the air, but most backyard versions are no more than 20 feet up to start.

Safest Backyard Zipline

TT TRSMIMA 98ft Backyard Zipline Kit
  • 【Safety First】Safe strap + Adjustable Safety Belt + Seat + Reliable Braking System for Maximum Security. Our 60mm swing seats are more sturdy and thicker than other 38 mm swings,which can hold up to 330 lbs. The length is adjustable from 3.6ft to 6.5ft by adjusting buckle, so it will suitabale for kids of different ages and sizes. Our zipline kit with harness has much more safety than the zipline kit with seat.You will never need to worried about falling when having fun!
  • 【High Quality Steel Cable】Trsmima Ziplines for Backyards is designed with your children’s safety top of mind .Our 100FT high-altitude zipline is made ultra-strong, galvanized aircraft stainless steel cable,. With durability and weather resistance, Sling Cable comes with zipline tree protect tube to avoid any hurting to your trees. It can easily support 330 pounds! The service life is up to several years!
  • 【Non-slippery Rubber Grips, Super Smooth Zipline Trolley】 The zip-line pulley is made of double stainless steel, with super-slip, sealed ball bearings, long wear-resistant alloy pulleys, steel side plates and soft grips. Just open from the bottom, it can be firmly fixed to the strop, and can be installed from any part of the cable. When you finish the game to take home, you can easily remove it.
  • 【6.5FT SUS304 Stainless Steel Spring Brake System】 Unlike other ordinary springs on the market, our springs are made of heat-treated stainless steel spring steel, which is not easy to rust. Our rubber plug has a built-in high-quality iron tube, which can prevent the cable from rubbing the plug for a long time, which will cause the plug to break, so the zip line kit will not suddenly stop! Spring brakes can effectively ensure a safe distance between your child and the trees to ensure security!
  • 【Allow You To Spend A Happy Time!】Designed by TRSMIMA, the sturdy and sturdy zipline suit is a good partner for children to grow up. This interesting item will definitely make you very satisfied! However, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the heavy-duty Zip Line Kit for Kids, you can refund the full refund at any time within 30 days! If you encounter any problems, please contact us first, we will try our best to help solve! Please rest assured to buy!

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When looking for the safest backyard zipline, I recommend the TT TRSMIMA Backyard Zipline Kit from Amazon.

Not only does this kit come complete with everything you need to set up the line, but it works for people of all ages.

The TRSMIMA Backyard Zipline holds up to 330 lbs. The adjustable length seat can go from 3.6ft to 6.5ft long to accommodate kids and adults of different sizes more safely and efficiently.

The heat-treated stainless-steel spring-steel springs are incredibly durable, and the rubbery grips help you hold on.

More importantly, this zipline comes with a harness, so you can play without worrying anyone will fall.

You can get this incredible kit by clicking right here.

Helpful Tips To Know About If Backyard Ziplines Are Safe

Backyard ziplines are safe when built to the manufacturer’s specifications. Racing through the air in a harness attached to a wire might seem risky, but it’s not.

Here are more helpful tips to know about if backyard ziplines are safe.

  • A good rule of thumb for backyard ziplines is a 3-foot drop for every 100 feet if you are using a backstop. However, you can double that and have up to a 6% or 6-foot drop for every 100 feet when using bungee brakes.
  • Like all energetic and movement-based activities, zipline users have accidents, but not many. According to Robson Forensic, “According to a 2015 study by the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, the number of zip line injuries in the United States reached 3,600 in 2012, 11.64 per 1 million population. This compares with 0.0127 / 1 million population for amusement park rides (2015).”
  • Of the few zipline injuries that occur, less than half, about 46%, result in broken bones.

Final Thoughts

Despite the recent rise in popularity and prevalence of ziplines in homes and at tourist attractions, these fun, fast rides remain safe.

Although something can always go wrong, there’s no need to worry excessively. Compared to other outdoor activities, zipping has one of the lowest incidences of injury.

Backyard ziplines are safe if you build, use and maintain them properly.

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